Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

47. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (20)

Once the talk was finally settled, the levanite stone and earrings were stored in a small safe inside Gaizel’s chamber.

Being reunited after so long, the spirits enjoyed the night all by themselves.

“Good grief… what an exhausting bunch.”

“Thank you for your hard work.”

After returning to the master bedroom, Gaizel sat on the edge of the bed and relaxed his shoulders. With a brief pause, Tistye also sat down next to him.

Immediately after returning from Levaria, he worked at the royal palace until late into the night. Moreover, he also had to solve the jewel’s matter. It was no wonder that Gaizel was exhausted.

“Hopefully, this will help them mature.”

“Yes! It’s honestly great! Levi is happy, too!”

Gaizel smiled at the sight of Tistye beaming. He gently reached for her, and stroked her long hair, full of love.

“I’m sorry for frightening you.”

“Don, don’t worry, I’m truly al…right…”

At first, Tistye was shaking her head, but Gaizel’s words reminded her of what happened.

That which had occurred on top of the bed she was currently sitting on revived itself vividly inside her memories. She gradually became speechless.

N, nothing extreme happened thanks to His Majesty’s intervention…

But, at the beginning…

After being lightly kissed a couple of times by Gaizel, who had surrendered his body to the spirit, a kiss she had never experienced before came.

Unlike the usual one, where their lips just touch each other, when she opened her mouth slightly—Tistye blushed at once.

I, it seems that Levi and the other spirit were used to doing that… could it be, the kisses that real lovers do are like that…!?

She heard that in some countries, kissing someone’s cheeks was considered a form of greeting. Of course, there was also one that was only shared between a couples. Apparently, there were several types of kisses…

She was flustered for a while, but didn’t dare to ask Gaizel.

“…Uh, Lord Gaizel, I’d like to ask you about something…”

“What is it?”

“Uh, does the kiss between lovers include the insertion of the tongue?”

If Van was right there right now, he’d surely have said, “So His Majesty can make that kind of expression, too!”

After being absent-minded for a while, Gaizel closed his eyes and cleared his throat. Eventually, she heard an awkward reply. There was a brief pause separating each of his words.

“…What, are you referring to?”

“Well, uh, I thought that the kiss Levi and her partner did is the real kiss between lovers… maybe the reason Lord Gaizel refrained from doing so to me, is because I’m ignorant of such things…”

Tistye mustered her courage to say that. Gaizel lowered his head, covering his face with both hands.

Eventually, the voice of Gaizel’s heart could be heard begrudging something.

[“Those spirits… I shall annihilate them!”]

Y-Your Majesty!?

Not knowing the reason why Gaizel’s anger was reignited, Tistye broke out in sweat. Gaizel finally raised his face, and sighed as loud as he could.

“…It’s not like that. But there’s no need to rush.”

“Lord Gaizel…”

“But… if you so want it, then maybe we can proceed, little by little…”

Gaizel’s metallic blue eyes were quietly staring at Tistye. That gaze of his felt familiar. Tistye recalled Gaizel at the beginning of their marriage.

That’s right… His Majesty has been waiting for me to reciprocate his feelings…

Whether it was at their villa, or during their honeymoon, if Tistye showed any sign of being afraid, he’d stop immediately.

Even tonight, he regained his body just to protect her innocence.


Contemplating Gaizel’s words for a while, Tistye eventually opened her eyes as if she had come to a decision.

While staring straight at Gaizel, who sat beside her, she spoke in a meek manner.

“Um, Lord Gaizel, I, want to…”

“Tistye? What are you—”

“—The kiss, between lovers…”

After listening what she said, Gaizel froze like a stone statue. Tistye was wholly embarrassed, even her ears were red.

After a moment, Gaizel blinked and started to move. When she thought he was about to catch his breath, he squinted his eyes.

“…My bad.”


“…For you to say that to me, I’m going to do exactly what you said.”

Gaizel narrowed the distance between them, reaching for her slender neck. His cool, long, fingers traced Tistye’s ear, and then her chin, before he finally caressing her lips with his thumb.

The beautiful irises of Gaizel, which shone like jewels inside the moon-lit room, were the only things within her eyes.

“I want to do it, too, …is it okay?”

As Tistye nodded while still staring straight at him, Gaizel widened his eyes a little. As he squinted, Tistye closed her eyes.

At first, it was just a touch.

However, the contact was longer than usual. The kiss was repeated at different angles. Then, after a short session, Gaizel’s tongue lightly licked Tistye’s lips.

Somewhat surprised, Tistye slightly spread her lips. Gaizel seized that opportunity to slide in his tongue.

***T/N: So… instead of providing an interesting backstory or an engaging conflict, those spirits exist solely for the sake of allowing Gaizel to tongue Tistye… nothing more, nothing less… #facepalm# These two legit needs divine intervention for their relationship to work.

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