Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

74. A Small Amulet

To acquire qualification as a pharmacist…!

I withdrew to the royal castle library and decided to study there alone for a while.

…or that was how it was supposed to be.

“Big sis, do your best! Do your best, big sis!”

While I was reading a book with bloody red eyes, beside me was the first princess of the kingdom—Cecile, Nigel’s younger sister, cheering for me.

“Thank you, Cecily…”

“Yes! No problem! Big sis, who is doing her best, is very cool! Fight! Fight!”

Were the small flags that Cecily held handmade?

They suited her. She was very cute.

“It’s been a long time since I last studied hard like this, I feel tired.”

I stretched my back and rotated my shoulders.

When was the last time I had studied so hard? Right—it was when I had been appointed as the saint of the kingdom.

That was a difficult time.

Prince Claude forced me to study etiquette, “You’re very lacking in manners!” I had grown up as a commoner.

That wasn’t the extent of it.

I was made to study healing magic, barrier magic, and folklore of the kingdom, I was unable to sleep peacefully for a while.

However, this time, I was studying of my own initiative. Moreover, it was in a field of my own interest. It was fun.

“Will Cecily not be enrolling in the academy, soon? Once Cecily enters the academy, Cecily will also study a lot.”

“Cecily hates studying! I’ll just study through big sis!” Cecily spoke to me with a smile.

“That’s not how it works…”

I had also reported to Nigel regarding the qualification.

He could only ask, “Why so sudden…?” But I couldn’t tell him the real reason.

“Okay, I’m almost finished with the third chapter.”

“When you’re done, play with Cecily!”

“No, I can’t. I still have a lot of work to do. Playing with Cecily will have to wait until the exam is over.”


Cecily puffed her cheeks.

Whenever I looked at her face, I regained some energy.

There was less than three days until the exam.

I had no time to rest!


“Uh-oh, I fell asleep without realizing it.”

I opened my eyes.

The sky outside of the window had already turned completely dark. The table’s tabletop lights were illuminating my hands.

I didn’t mean to fall asleep. But, before I knew it, I had fallen flat on the table.

“I can’t fail the exam. I have to do my best. Let’s continue studying…”

I tried to look at the book. My head was still drowsy.

That was when I noticed it.

“…A blanket?”

A blanket hung from my shoulders.

Furthermore, a letter had been placed on the table.

‘To Eliane.

Overworking yourself isn’t good. A lady shouldn’t go out of her way to ruin her body like that.

However, Eliane, who is doing her best, is also beautiful. If you require anything, you only need to ask.

From Nigel.’

It was a letter from Nigel.

“Nigel seems to be concerned about me.”

I picked up the blanket and buried myself in it.

The blanket was fluffy—it was as if Nigel was nearby.

I felt at ease.

I thought I had only slept a little, but the tiredness of studying had been blown away.

“Did he not call out because I was asleep? In order to respond to Nigel’s kindness, I absolutely have to pass the exam.”


Energy restored!

I smacked both of my cheeks and tried to face the book.

However, at that time, I discovered that he had left more than a letter.

“This is… a charm?”

When I picked it up, I saw what seemed to be a necklace.

The surroundings were too dark, which was why I didn’t notice it earlier.

The necklace-like talisman had a jade crystal attached. When I squinted to see what was at the back of the crystal, I found a small piece of paper in which ‘Prayer for Passing’ was written.

By the way, it was a ‘passing prayer’. There were many other charms—such as for ‘easy delivery’, and ‘reciprocated love.’

“Nigel even went so far as to do this for me…?”

I hung the talisman around my neck.

I felt more energetic when I wore it.

When I imagined him draping the blanket over me, before leaving this letter and amulet, I naturally smiled.

“It seems that I will have to thank Nigel again.”

But as of the moment, I need to concentrate!

I rolled up my sleeves and resumed studying.

***T/N: Realistically speaking, studying for three days, and on top of that, falling asleep amidst of it, to get a medical certificate should be nigh impossible but oh who are we talking about.

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