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73. The Pharmacist’s Qualification

I couldn’t waste time thinking about Vincent, therefore I went to the magic research institute to help make holy water.


“What’s wrong, Eliane? You look gloomy.”

Robert was concerned about me.

I seemed to have let out a sigh without realizing it.

“No, it’s just that something is on my mind… I don’t know how to tell Robert about it…”

“That’s right. You can tell me if you like. Don’t hesitate to confide in me.”

With that said, Robert continued making holy water.

I exuded the atmosphere of not wanting to talk. Therefore, he didn’t ask too much. As expected of Robert.

“Besides, I have been busy lately…”

“I’m sorry about that. All I have done is make super-class potions and holy water…”

“No, no, what are you talking about? I’m talking about my business as a researcher. I just wish we could have another one of you.”

Robert said with a bitter smile.

Another me…

If so!


When I held my hand in front of me and casted magic, a white smoke appeared.

As soon as the smoke had disappeared…

“T, that’s, Lady Eliane?”

Robert seemed to be confused.

Indeed. My double had just appeared.


“It’s but a doll made of magical power. I can control it a little, but calling it ‘another me’ is still unreasonable.”

I manipulated the doll that looked a lot like me with magic…

My doll raised her right hand. She also tried to smile.

However, that was the extent.

“You can also do something like this? Is this also the feat of a healer?”

“Y, yes, it is.”

Robert glared at me skeptically.

Hmmm… recently, I felt that Robert had somehow understood I wasn’t a healer.

But, as the kind man that he was, he didn’t pursue the matter.

“Even so, the doll looks so much like you, Eliane. Even when I look closely, I can’t tell you apart.”

“No matter how much of a doll it is, it’s still embarrassing to be seen up close.”

“Forgive my uncouthness.”

Robert stopped looking at my doll.

Because he said he wanted ‘another me’, I created that doll as a joke. Still his interest seemed to be piqued.

By the way, that doll would continue to exist until I erased her, even if there was some distance between us.

It would last for half a day. However, since it couldn’t be moved easily, it could only be used as a joke item like that.

“I’m sorry, let’s continue making holy water.”

I made the doll disappear.

The white smoke rose again, and by the time it had disappeared, so had the doll.

“Eliane seems to be able to do anything. You also seem to have become accustomed to making potions and holy water.”

“Is that so?”

I felt happy when Robert praised me.

My speed at making the potions and holy water was improving. The magic required to make them had also been reduced. At that rate, I was sure I could continue making them without overworking myself.


Even though I was doing such a fine job as a pharmacist(?), Vincent still said such a thing about me!

No, I couldn’t deny my naivety. Having been locked away inside the kingdom for so long, I didn’t know much about the outside world.


I kept making potions to unleash my frustration at Vincent.

That was when I noticed a piece of paper that had been randomly placed inside the laboratory.

“A pharmacist qualification test…?”

“Eliane, are you interested in the pharmacist qualification?”

Robert looked at it.

“What’s this?”

“Originally, being a pharmacist requires a qualification. At the same time, it also isn’t a job that can be done without a qualification.”

“A qualification…”

I longed to become a pharmacist, but I didn’t know there was such a thing.

I only read about pharmacists in the book. The characters in the book didn’t have any qualifications, but, …well, that was fiction.

“If I have this qualification, then surely I’ll be more motivated… currently, I’m making potions and holy water, but I still crave more knowledge…”

“I think being able to make super class potions and holy water are already the cornerstones, but… indeed, not everything can be learned through textbooks.”

That was it!

“If I do this, maybe I can change his mind?”

Vincent said I was unworthy of being Nigel’s fiancée.

For everyone to acknowledge me, I needed to do something different.

I didn’t know if that meant acquiring the pharmacist qualification—but I was sure it’d count.

Having a visible and easy-to-understand qualification might make me more confident in myself.

“Robert, I want to acquire the pharmacist qualification.”

“L, Lady Eliane?”

Robert’s gaze turned strange.

“Is it weird?”

“No, even if you don’t have that a qualification, I think you’re one of the best in this kingdom… no, I think you have the skill necessary to compete with the best of the world… as such, I don’t think you require such a qualification. Besides, why, now?”

Ara, I mustn’t be overconfident in my own power. Besides, I’m sure lack knowledge as a pharmacist.”

“Well, Eliane having that sort of motivation is good, but will you be alright? The exam is in three days.”

…In three days!

It was unexpectedly close, I grew afraid.


“N, no problem. I’m sure I’ll pass it.”

“Well, if it’s Eliane, then she’ll surely pass. The exam acceptance period has already passed, but if I vouch for you, then you’ll surely be allowed to take it alone. I’ll be sure to inform them.”

“Thank you.”

…Well, I thought my practical skill was fine, but the problem lied on the written test.

As soon as potion making was over, I had to return to the castle and study for the exam.

Although only a short period of time had passed, I had become even busier.

Well, I was originally longing for the qualification, anyway. It was be a good opportunity.

“I shall overthrow the, ‘Duke of Ice’!”

“Overthrow…? What happened to you?”

Robert asked, but at that point my head only contained the qualification.

***T/N: If there’s anyone who won’t judge someone by their looks/ rumors surrounding them, I expect it to be someone who bears the title of the saint. Therefore why is our saint so aggressive towards someone she barely know.

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