Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

39. An Allowance of 500 Yen Each

The Sapporo Maruyama Park1 is bustling with crowds of people. Due to the cherry blossom viewing in Hokkaido overlapping with Golden Week in May, the Maruyama Park is unbelievably crowded at this time.

A pair of girls with serious expressions are meeting in one section of that crowded park.

“Uruna-chan, thank you so much for agreeing to collaborate with me, desu!2
“Think nothing of it. Of course, I’ll cooperate with a request from my best friend.”

The name of the blonde girl expressing her gratitude is [Owl], a foreign exchange middle school student from England. The name of the girl she is speaking to is Uruna, Uruka’s younger sister and the sole spiritualist of the Mizukami Clan.

“If I remember correctly, we need to find the [Fairy All Seed] that was stolen from [The Order of Twilight and Dawn] that you are a part of along with the criminal who stole it, right?”
“That is correct. Due to [Guran] and [Sanda] searching, there is no mistake that they are here, desu!”

At Owl’s words, 2 spheres of light appear above her head. The sphere of pale brown light is the earth fairy, [Guran] and the sphere emitting yellow light is the thunder fairy, [Sanda]3. The 2 are Owl’s contracted spirits.

“Speaking of which, Guran and Sanda remember the [Fairy All Seed’s] presence?”
“They do, desu. These children remember the [Fairy All Seed] from when they used to play at the church it was kept in, desu.”

The [Fairy All Seed] emits a peculiar presence, one only fairies and spirits are able to perceive. It allowed Owl to determine that the thief who stole the [Fairy All Seed] is in that park.

“If the [Fairy All Seed] is nearby, then my [Dine] should also be able to perceive any abnormalities in the air. Let’s split up to improve our efficiency.”
“Understood, desu! For real, thank you, desu!”
“Don’t worry about it. Well then, let’s quickly find that thief.”
“Yes, let’s, desu!”

The 2 girls, upon exchanging those words, disappear within the crowds of people to find the criminal who stole the [Fairy All Seed].

—Diamond Wanted Poster—

“My crepe!”
Hore, hore! Roast, roast!”

Tourists are having their crepes stolen by crows, young men are singing and dancing, and ossan are having fun by raising smoke from their barbecues…
This is my first time coming here, but cherry blossom viewing in Maruyama Park is quite chaotic.

“This place is a bit scary. Let’s hurry.”

We walk towards a Shinto shrine within that chaos, then through the place with food carts, and finally reach the area where we can see cherry blossoms blooming. The number of crows flying about eyeing the food is incredible, but the cherry blossoms are very beautiful.

“No, it’s splendid. Looks like they’re already in full bloom.”
The blooming cherry blossoms and Golden Week seem to be making splendid combination this year.

“Hey, Rin should watch, too.”
Nn! French fries! Crepes! Takoyaki!”

It’s regrettable, but the cherry blossoms don’t seem to be what’s being reflecting off of Rin’s eyes. Instead, they seem to be nailed to the food stalls.

[Hou, so Shiro desires imo mochi? I myself would like a kebab.]
[Ha! That lottery stall has the latest playstation model!”

The joyful voices of Shiro, Kuro, and Near echo within my head.

I am not here viewing the cherry blossoms alone. The viewers include myself, Kuro, Shiro, Rin, Near, and— — —

[Wah—! In—credible! This place is pa—cked! I wa—nt a candy apple!]

— — —the annoying blond fairy for a total of 6.

Rin is walking beside me with her hand in mine. Since her long, white, hair is conspicuous, it’s hidden within a hat. Shiro is on standby, flying in the skies far above our heads, Kuro is inside of an eco bag hanging from my shoulder, and Near is in my chest pocket.

[The inside of this bag, it is a tad bit cramped.]
[Sorry about that but put up with it. Walking around together would be difficult inside this crowd.]
[Umu, so it cannot be helped?]
[It’s comfortable here on the he—ad!]

The fairy interrupts my conversation with Kuro. She is riding on my head, clinging to my hair as she looks around. Apparently, normal people can’t see her. As such, I placed her there.

[At any rate, for there to be such a way to use spiritual power thread.  How convenient.]

The reason we’ve been able to converse with each other despite being within such a crowd is because of the thread’s effect. By connecting everyone with one, we’ve become able to exchange words without needing to move our mouths. At the moment, I am serving as the relay center for connecting everyone to the threads. This is a welcomed feature.

[Beings can be bound by threads of spiritual power if they are of a lower rank. Another utilization includes attaching a thread to another’s shikigami to usurp control.]
[Incredible, so threads of spiritual power can also be used like that. Wait! Usurp control!? Doesn’t that mean Shiro and Rin could be manipulated, too!?]

That would be quite the trouble. There’s no surviving Rin’s cheat slash without a [substitution tag]. To begin with, if Shiro and Rin were to become enemies, there’d be nothing I can do.

[Be at ease. Such an outcome is nigh impossible. The technique of usurping another’s control is an advanced technique that is only theoretically possible. I have yet to witness a practitioner even invoke it. Furthermore, Shiro and Rin have established egos. Unlike shikigami without their own intentions, those with intentions shouldn’t be controllable.]
[So- so it’s like that? That scared me…]

That seriously made me nervous.
Alright, I’ll get a hold of myself and enjoy the cherry blossom viewing.

[Let me say this again. Since I’m only going to be giving an allowance of 500 yen each, think carefully of what you are going to buy.]

The maximum amount of money for this outing is 500 yen each. Something like 500 yen is an amount that will vanish instantly before the stall prices, but this is deeper than it looks. I am covering for 6, that’s a total of 3 thousand yen being distributed. That is not kind to a high school student’s wallet.

[Will it end with 1 candy apple and one skewer of fried chicken—? Maybe I could get a candy strawberry and use what’s left over for french fries—.]
[French fries! Buy!]
[Ah, right, we can share! Rin-chan, if you give me some of your french fries, I’ll also give you some of my candy apple—!]
[Candy apple!]

The fairy plays around with my hair as she and Rin consider how to use their 500 yen.

“After but a mere day, she has integrated herself well.”
“Does it bother you, Kuro?”

I reply to Kuro’s muttering with a whisper.
The fairy, busy talking with Rin and the others, doesn’t seem to be aware of our conversation here.

“I do not dislike it. Rather, being lively isn’t a bad thing.”
Ha haa, I think so too.”

Even though yesterday I was considering letting the fairy, who was just born, free in the woods, I couldn’t do it. She seems to have entered into a special contract with me upon being born. No matter how far apart we are, she will spontaneously return to my side.

In the end, Kuro, and everyone else too, came to accept the fairy. She also peacefully became part of the family. Seeing as how big we already are, accepting 1 more won’t make a difference.

“Well, for starters, crepe shop-san- Ah, excuse me.”

The moment I regain a hold of myself and go to start a food cart tour, I bump into a blond girl.
Is she a foreigner? Her face is so cute, she looks like a doll.

“No, I’m the…!!?”

The girl’s face is colored with shock the moment she sees my face. Or instead of saying my face, she’s looking at the top of my head… not good!

[Alright! As expect, if I get a candy apple… hm? What’s wrong, goshujin-sama?]
[Hide yourself! This girl, she might be looking at you!]

Usually, fairies aren’t visible. However, this may be a rare occurrence, but that might not be the case for people with the special ability to perceive that which we call spirits.
Could this girl in front of me have such an ability?

[Ah, it’s true. She’s locked on me. Got it, I’ll vanish—.]

With those words, the fairy turns into a spirit body and completely disappears. Her suddenly doing so leaves the girl staring in a daze.

“Is something… wrong?”
“N- no. It’s nothing, desu!”

Somehow, we were able to trick her… maybe? I hope we got her to think her eyes saw wrong.

“Well then,”
As being pursued for some strange reason would be troublesome, I hurry and leave that place.

—Diamonds only wanted alive—

“Pressure comparable to the Five Great Spirits… The heck was that just now, desu…?”
Owl wipes away her sweat as she mutters to herself underneath a cherry tree at the far end of a crowd. Then, upon recalling what she had just seen, she trembles once more.

“Having the form of a human should mean a spirit of a higher rank than a fairy, desu. However, Guran and Sanda are telling me that they felt the same presence as the [Fairy All Seed] from that spirit just now, desu…”

The [Fairy All Seed] brings forth fairies, and [fairies] cannot ascend into [spirits] without time and a vast amount of magical power. However, her spirits say they felt the same presence as the stolen [Fairy All Seed] from the spirit in question.

Owl is worried by the inconsistency.

“For now, I need to keep note of that person, desu.”

Even if that person isn’t be the criminal who stole the [Fairy All Seed], him having such a powerful spirit means he isn’t an ordinary person. Owl, considering such, takes out a gold nugget from her pocket.

“[Summon servant].”
At Owl’s murmur, the gold nugget takes the form of a small scarabaeid beetle.
“Fly to the gentleman I just encountered, desu.”

At Owl’s command, the scarabaeid beetle flies off in the direction the young man left.

“I have to join up with Uruna-chan soon, desu.”

The scarabaeid beetle, connected to the practitioner Owl through a magic thread, disappears within the crowd. Owl, while utilizing that thread to see through the scarabaeid beetle’s eyes, sets off to rejoin Uruna.

T/N: The exposition between Uruna and Owl was painfully cringeful to translate. On another note, that fairy was just born.  How is it already so knowledgeable about the world??  I wonder if this is a plot point about fairies, just something for convince, or a combination of both??

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  1. Maruyama Park is a park in Kyoto well known for viewing cherry blossoms.  It gets very crowded in April.
  2. She ends all of her sentences with, “no desu.” I’m carrying that over into english by just saying using, “desu.”
  3. Guran = Ground
    Sanda = Thunder