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66. Let’s Make Holy Water

The sales of the super-class potions were immediately apparent.

The next day.

I was summoned again by Robert. Thus, I headed to the magic research institute.

“I have news regarding the super-class potions.”

Robert started talking in a heavy atmosphere.


That atmosphere… what happened?

Did it not sell, after all?

Well, the price was that expensive. No matter how effective the potion was, it couldn’t be helped.

“Robert, it’s okay. I don’t care if it doesn’t sell.”

Within my smile was a feeling of relief. ‘Yes! I’m glad I didn’t become too great!’


However, Robert stared at me and asked the following question.

“What are you talking about?”


The heavy atmosphere was dispersed immediately. With a softened expression, Robert said.

“The super-class potions are sold out!”

Sold out?

“Wait, didn’t you put five extra potions out for sale?”

“That’s right. There were some merchants who sought the super-class potions. The merchants I talked to are reliable.”

“As a result, the potions are sold out?”


My goodness!

A house could be built with the money acquired from selling one super-class potion!

In other words, five houses could be built!

That amount of money was too extravagant, I lost grip of reality!

“Is that true?!”

“Indeed. Apparently, it’s even more valuable than we thought. We have to rethink the price…” Said Robert.

Although he was the one who said that, I was still in disbelief.

However, when I thought about it—could it be, he didn’t sell it directly to the adventurers?

“Well, since they’re the merchants, they might sell them to the aristocrats… or more like, is that their intention?”

“It might be. But I heard that it’s not so—they are going to sell them to famous adventurer parties and guilds.”

“W, would it sell? A party would have a healer, right? Is there that much demand?”

“Of course, and I plan to sell them at the price stated yesterday. However, the situation seems to be a little different, now. The demand for the potions has sharply increased.”

“What happened?”

When asked, Robert begun to speak.

“Did you know that a new dungeon has appeared in Lynchgiham’s territory?”

“Yes, and because of that, Nigel’s workload increased… I heard that it’s located near the spirits’ village.”

“That’s right.”

Dungeons were places where many monsters lived. Their insides were intricate, just like a maze, and they were also full of traps.

They’re very dangerous.

On the other hand, they are also places were valuable monster materials can be collected. Discovering treasures is also possible.

Dungeons can be generated in two ways.

When monsters gather for some reason, a dungeon would gradually form. On the other hand, there were also cases where dungeons suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

There were various theories regarding the latter, but it seemed that even dungeons themselves were considered creatures—I didn’t know the details.

“Does that mean the demand for the potions increased because a dungeon has been generated, and the number of adventurers going there has risen?”

“Yes… and apparently, there are many undead in the dungeon.”

“That’s tough…”

“Are you also well informed about the undead?”

“Well, not only am I a healer, I’m also a scholar.”

The most known example of undead were skeletons, bodies that were fully consisted of bones. There were also other types such as the Death Masters who preyed upon the souls of the living. Those monsters were often powerful from the beginning.

However, their most troublesome characteristic of was the fact that they were all immune to ordinary attacks.

To deal with them, holy magic and weapons were necessary.

“They seem to be having a hard time conquering that dungeon. That doesn’t mean we should just leave the dungeon alone either. If left unattended, the number of monsters in the dungeon will increase and they might invade the nearby city.”


I understood.

It was said that there was an effective means to defeat undead monsters without holy magic or weapons—

—using potions.

Potions seemed to be natural enemies for those whom were closer to the dead than the living.

However, in the end, the effect was less than of holy magic and weapons, and only seemed to serve as a temporary relief.

I suddenly came up with an idea.

“Why don’t we make holy water using the spirit water?”

“Holy water…? It’s a fictitious item that often appears in adventure novels, isn’t it?”

“It’s basically water with holy attribute magic. With this, anyone can easily defeat the undead. Don’t you think it’s worth trying?”

“If it can be mass-produced, the dungeon capture will progress a long way. The lords of nearby cities would be delighted. Making holy water is also a long-cherished wish of us magic researchers, but…”

Robert had a bitter look.

From his expression alone, one could infer how unrealistic holy water making was.

However, at that moment in time, I already had a blueprint for the holy water in my head.


It was possible.

“Lend it to me.”

I poured my magic into the remaining spirit water.

The water then began to glow a pale green.

“I tried to add holy magic, what do you think?”

“There’s no way someone could do it that easi—what!?”

Robert picked up the beaker containing the green liquid and his eyes widened.

“This water is truly imbued with holy magic!? This seems to be effective against the undead!”

“Hence I said, it’s worth trying.”

Of course, it was merely a prototype.

However, it seemed that mass-producing holy water under any kind of circumstance was no longer a pipe dream.

“L-let me aid you! This will give rise to a revolution!”

“I will be in your care.”

Robert firmly held my hand with both of his.


We successfully developed the holy water and put it up for sale the same way as the super-class potions.


“It’s a big, big, big success!”

Robert uttered loudly in the director’s office.

It was quite unusual for him to be that excited.

“…Hence I said—”

“Indeed…! At first, I was skeptical, but we truly created holy water! Who are you—”

“—I’m just a healer you can find everywhere.”

“I’ve said this many times, but there are no other healers like you!”

Robert concluded.

Apparently, the holy water we developed were bought by the adventurers like hot cakes. It was even called an ‘the undead hunting revolution’.

The number of people who went to the dungeon and returned injured was dramatically reduced, and we were truly grateful.


I heard that the dungeon capture went smoothly and that it was only a matter of time until it’d be conquered.

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