The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

111.2 The Battle Maiden is Raising a Black Dragon

Geraldo’s true love was Faelis while Jill was but a mere puppet being used to conceal his forbidden relationship.

Having been executed by Geraldo, never once have I doubted that…

Despite that, Faelis said something about her brother needing and loving Jill.

Jill got up from the bed, rubbing her drowsy eyes. The bright sun shone into the spacious, canopy, bed. It was neither her own bedroom, nor the room provided by the royal castle. The ceiling and bed belonged to a kingdom that once neighbored to her. She still wasn’t familiar with them.

With nobody else there, it was quiet. Even so, the weather was nice. When she realized she was about to let out a sigh, Jill hurriedly tapped her cheeks with her hands.

Her 11-years-old cheeks were still soft and squishy.

Jill confirmed that, took a deep breath, and exclaimed.

“I don’t care! I don’t care! I’m no longer the fiancée of His Highness Geraldo, but the Dragon Princess! The wife of Hadith Theos Rave!”

Her current location was the imperial castle of Raelm, the imperial capital that had just experienced the fake emperor mayhem. It was the emperor’s bedroom.

Neither the ‘Veilburg’s merciless purge, which accelerated the civil war’, nor the ‘false emperor’s sedition, which caused the cursed emperor to be even more feared’, that had Jill heard of occurred.

She went to wash her face and got dressed. By looking into the mirror, she was able to confirm she wasn’t wearing a black ribbon. She was also not incapable of anything.

Instead, there was a good gamecock sleeping in a basket under the bed and a cute teddy bear on the shelf. Both were given by Hadith.

“Sauté, you call yourself a chicken when you didn’t even get up in the morning?”


“You’re asking for Haddy.”

She put a fine-cloaked, crowned, teddy bear in the same basket as Sauté.

When Jill went towards the door, she hesitated a little.

I’m worried, if I’m merely deluding myself regarding His Majesty… after all, I’m inexperienced in romance…

Geraldo was an excellent crown prince. He could be said to be an almost perfect prince—if not for his overfondness for his sister. He was known as a child prodigy in both scholarly pursuits and martial arts. He was nothing like his father, the Southern King. His subordinates strongly trusted him, and the people also supported him.

Hence why, even if Jill had some complaints about him, in general, she could leave everything to him.

—compared to that.

“Oh, good morning, Jill. Are you ready for breakfast?”

As soon as she left the bedroom, she smelled something good. The scent drifted through the wide drawing room, which was integrated with a kitchen. On the table near the terrace is a plate of fried eggs, bacon fried a gentle color, and a cup of vegetable consommé made from the previous night’s leftovers. Lined in a basket at its center were rye bread and bagels that were easy be cut.

The homemade meal was prepared by the emperor—whom was wearing an apron to boot. Even now, he was dexterously pouring tomato sauce from the frying pan over the fried eggs. He probably made from tomatoes harvested from a small field in the backyard that morning.

“What’s wrong? Why are you staring off into the distance? Oh, is it because there’s strawberry milk? You don’t like that, right?”

She was aware of the circumstances—such as how the imperial castle had basically ‘stopped’ after the fake emperor mayhem. At the moment, there was no manpower in the castle. Hadith probably also thought it’d be faster to make it himself. Besides, that way, he wouldn’t run the risk of being poisoned.

“Your Majesty, you’re still the emperor, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. What could be the matter?”

“Shouldn’t you have attended a meeting this morning?”

Hadith turned around.

Even if he was donning an apron, he was the Rave Empire’s emperor, still. The reincarnation of Dragon God Rave, the Dragon Emperor. As of the moment, half of his magic was sealed, but he was still much stronger than other soldiers. He also had his training. While he still hadn’t matured emotionally because he grew up in the frontier, he was also surprisingly knowledgeable and intelligent.

“But whenever I participate, everyone suddenly gets sick and abstains from appearing. Besides, even if I were there, there’d no reason for me to pay attention—it’s a waste of time, after all. I’ll attend once my older brother, Listeard, yells at me.”

“But it’s still a meeting! But, for them to be sick…”

“Besides, there’s something more important than that—my wife’s breakfast!”

Dejected, Jill’s shoulders dropped.

As a person who loved to eat, she had no complaints. Although she might not have been dissatisfied, she was still worried.

What would the fate of the emperor, who had been cooking in the imperial capital and taking care of the fields since morning, be?

“I thought you’d at least remove that apron upon returning to the imperial capital!”

“Well, don’t I look good?”

“It’s troublesome because it does suit you! Your Majesty, are you really alright!? I’ve never seen Your Majesty appearing emperor-like or attend a meeting after returning to the imperial capital!”

“It’s alright. I’m talking properly to both my older brother Listeard and older sister Elynsia.”

When he said that, Jill couldn’t say anything back.

I hadn’t heard anything about that! Well… after all, to the public’s eyes, I’m still a nobody…

That frustration of hers would be too annoying to be put into words, so she suppressed in in her heart.

It was something she had been aware of ever since coming to the imperial capital.

Jill was recognized as Hadith’s wife, the Dragon Princess, through the blessing of the Dragon God Rave—however, that was talk of the dragon realm. In the human world, she wasn’t Hadith’s fiancée, yet—especially because she had no approval around her. She was told to lay low until the bare minimum foundation was put in place. As such, there was nothing she could do. She never heard of what Hadith was doing outside of the palace.

Even though he declared that he’d be happy, that he wouldn’t be alone, and that he’d give her ten children—why did Jill feel her determination hadn’t been conveyed to Hadith?

She wanted to ask him that, but she was unsure how.

“By the way, have you decided on a gift for your eleventh birthday?”

Hadith, who had taken off his apron, called out to Jill whom was silently drinking the strawberry milk on top of the table.

The other day, Jill had turned eleven. However, that same day, Hadith was kidnapped by the enemy, so they couldn’t celebrate it. Hadith, who learned about it afterwards and lamented, promised her that he’d hold her birthday party at later date. Hadith had been wanting to give Jill a present. As such, he had been asking her that question for the past few days.

“You can ask for anything! I’ll prepare the food, so ask for something other than that. Dresses, flowers, jewelry—or even castles! You can also request for another stuffed animal. How about a Hanny?! A bunny doll! Wouldn’t that be suitable for Haddy?”

“I asked for my own personal troops, though… but you refused.”

“Because that’s not what you want, but instead what you think you need.”

She was surprised when he casually pointed that out. Hadith, whom sat before her, smiled.

“I’m not asking for what you need, but what you actually want. That’s what I wanted to know.”

“You’re saying something difficult…”

She stopped eating and groaned.

Is there something that the current me is capable of? If I don’t do it properly, then His Majesty—wait, he is different from Geraldo…

She unconsciously thought so and shook her head. Somehow, something felt wrong.

Hadith was waiting with a smile. She could see the winged white snake—Rave, the Dragon God, gently appearing out of his back. He was aiming for a tart that was chilling in the kitchen—


Jill remembered.

Something she didn’t need, but wanted.

“That’s right. Your Majesty, I want my own dragon—”

“Dragon Princess—!!”

A tremendous loud sound came in from the terrace along with a strong gust of wind. While holding the table that was about to turn over in a hurry, Hadith, who looked at the origin of the voice, repelled the gush of wind using a barrier.

It none other than the purple-eyed, black, dragon. She had forcibly thrusted her face into the terrace. The rank of a dragon is first be determined by the color of its scales. Amongst the dragons of the same color, golden eyes were of higher stature while purple eyes were lower.

The black dragon was the highest-ranking dragon after the Dragon God Rave. Jill was stunned at the panicked appearance of the black dragon, whom was supposed to be the queen, since she was a female.

“W, what happened, so suddenly? Also, it seems that you’ve returned to your nest.”

“Dragon Princess, he’s been born! When I returned to the nest, he was born! It’s your turn, now!”

A round, black, lump fell from the head of the purple eyed, black dragon who was shouting with excitement. It rolled around and stopped as it hit the tip of Jill’s shoes.

It was about a size larger than a human baby…?

The fluttering black mass spread out small wings. Then, as its whole body shook, it lifted its face.

It might only be inside Jill’s mind, but it was as if its face was shining.

The scales, which seemed to be soft, were a glossy black. Its round eyes, which were looking up at Jill, were golden.

“…A golden-eyed, black, dragon.”


Towards Jill’s muttering, the little dragon king replied vigorously with a cute voice.

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