Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

46. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (19)

Now that she thought about it, it wasn’t like she had specified, ‘where to kiss.’

Tistye paled, but his hand only landed on the hem of her night dress. He attempted to slide his hand across her thigh once again—suddenly, a muffled voice.


When she opened her eyes, Gaizel was holding his own hand in a strange manner. He grasped his right arm with his left hand.

At first glance, it seemed incomprehensible. However, the moment she saw that his hands were trembling, she understood that they were competing. Both seemed to be quite desperate.

“Guh, this guy…!”

However, it seemed that Gaizel’s fortitude was superior to the spirit’s. Then, he removed himself from Tistye. Taken aback, she could only sink into the bed as she was.

Gaizel approached the window with a heavy footstep, opened it, and continued onto the balcony.

“Hey, wait, stop—”

Refusals could be heard from Gaizel’s mouth, spoken by the spirit. Still, his body went straight to the railing.

By the time Tistye reached him, he was about to put his sole on the railing. Screams flew from the two spirits possessing Gaizel and Tistye.

“No!? Darling—!!”

“Please do something about this guy! He’s about to jump off!”

As the spirits panicked, Tistye rushed towards Gaizel. There was an intruder prevention fence underneath, one which could be fatal for him.

Perhaps due too extreme panic, the spirit who was possessing Tistye ran away. Her senses returned at once.

“Lord Gaizel, no!”


Tistye hugged Gaizel’s body, holding him back. She was half-crying. The spirit, who realized Gaizel was being serious, also freed Gaizel.

As soon as Gaizel regained his consciousness, he lowered his foot from the railing.

“Tistye, it’s alright, now.”

“R, really…?”


Gaizel, seeing Tistye teary-eyed because she thought Gaizel was really going to jump, hugged her and stroked her head.

After feeling the sensation of his large palm, Tistye raised her face, perhaps calming down a little.

Noticing Tistye’s gaze, Gaizel muttered, “My bad.” In a bashful manner. Tistye was relieved that the real Gaizel had returned.

Turning towards the levanite stone, and also the earrings which had been left on the table inside the room, Gaizel spoke in a voice that might as well froze the whole world.

“—It’s different from what was promised?”

Both the stone and the earrings were placed on the table beside the bed. Under the levanite, there was a note saying, “I admit to breaking my promise.”

“Any last words?”

“Wait a minute!! Haven’t I apologized from a while ago!? I, am, sorry!!”

“Forgive me, Tistye, but don’t worry, I’ll buy you a new one.”

“Aaah—! I’m sorry, please forgive me—!”

Tistye involuntarily bursts out laughing due to the comedic-like exchange. It was more interesting because Gaizel spoke in his usual unfriendly manner.

The spirit, who had become tearful, apologized before long.

“Darling also admitted his mistake. I truly thought he was going to die!”

“If it’s only the second floor, I won’t die.”

“Hey, is your husband really human!?”

“Y, yes.”

Gaizel might be a bit extraordinary, but Tistye didn’t say that. The spirit sighed deeply, probably surprised a human who could resist possession existed.

“But, I’m truly sorry. We got swallowed by the atmosphere…”


“As promised, I will stay quiet from now on. I’m happy at having been able to see Darling, even if only once…”

The words of the spirit made Tistye think. It somehow sounded lonely.

The two were able to meet again, but the gem the female spirit called, ‘Darling’ would later be processed into a tiara. She thought about not using him as a tiara, but the levanite alone cost a lot of money. Not to mention, the craftsmen may have already begun making it. She couldn’t just suddenly decide to switch to another jewel.

However, when it came to tiaras, they were rarely taken out of their treasure chests. She’d have opportunities to use it at parties, but if she refrained from attending any, the tiara could end up stashed away for years to come.

In other words, it was unknown when they’d see each other again.

“T, this is but a suggestion…”


“If you’d like, why don’t we go see your Darling together from time to time?”

‘Eh?’ The spirit exclaimed.

“It’d be difficult to take him out of the treasury without a special occasion, but I think I can take you there to see him…”

“If it isn’t too much to ask… but, are you alright with that? I’ve scared you…”

“Indeed, I was terrified, but… if you promise me you won’t do it anymore, I’d like to wear you. You look very nice.”

Besides, those were the earrings Gaizel gave her as a gift. She was surprised that a spirit slumbered within them, but she still wanted to cherish it.

The spirit whom was listening to Tistye was silent for a while. Eventually, after the spirits had a conversation, the female spirit uttered meekly.

“Darling agrees, as such, from the bottom of my heart, I beg of you!”

“Yes. Then, from now on, I’ll be in your care.”

“Thank you, uh… Tistye?”

“You’re welcome… well, what should I call you…?”

“Hmm, I don’t have a name. Refer to me as you like.”

With that being said, Tistye tilted her head.

‘Honey’? But that type of nickname is reserved to her Darling… it also doesn’t seem like I’d be able to differentiate who is whom when they are together… what should I name the earrings… leva… nite, leva…

Perhaps finally coming up with something, Tistye lightly clasped her hands.

“How about ‘Levi’?”

“That sounds cute! I’m alright with being called, ‘Levi’!”

“Yes, thank you again, Levi!”

Levi floated up and descended upon Tistye’s shoulders. The two laughed happily, while the bell-like sound ‘Riiin—’ echoed at the same time.

***T/N: …Ha, hahahaha (awkwardly joins the two laughing)Getting your husband, who loved you to bits, into agreeing (speaking very loosely here) to let other man kiss and tongue you right before his very eyes, which led to his subsequent suicide attempt just to save you from the situation you brought upon yourself, is very heartwarming and amusing, isn’t it?

Like, I’m very sure if Tistye doesn’t shotgun her way to ‘MY LORD LET’S LET THEM HAVE THEIR WAY USING OUR BODIES’ out of her insipid kindness, they could’ve figure out better WAYS to solve this situation. Instead, I got served to this very icky, supposedly fluff chapter where two spirits hijack the bodies of your lover and you and expect you to just accept the fact that they are going to do to as they please to the two of you laying down.

The amount of thoughts and efforts this woman, who can’t even address her husband properly by name, put into the matter of someone else’s relationship (whom she barely know, for that matter) astounds me.

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