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37.2 Behind the Scenes

“Most likely, everyone is desperately trying to get His Highness Roland to make an appearance now. To do that, they need to let the entire student body know that Riol used a cowardly hand.” Said Sharina.

“What are they—… then why don’t we just drag His Highness Roland out right here, right now?! Why do they insist upon tarnishing Riol’s reputation to such an extent!?” Said Tobias.

“Because that’s what His Highness Roland would prefer.”

Riol calmly stopped Sharina who let out a yelp.

“Am I wrong in inferring that His Highness himself played a part in this?”


Towards Riol’s question, which was half an assertion, Tobias replied with a dejected shrug of his shoulders.

“It seems that the narrative that Riol tampered with his magical instrument was supplied by His Highness Roland himself. His Highness Roland even provided the tampered magical instrument. Even though he’s been cooped up in his room this entire time, he’s been using a post bird to directly instruct the academy director!”

“From the beginning, His Highness Roland never doubted that Sharina and I are the villains in the slightest. It’s inevitable that things would come to this. Honestly, I didn’t expect him to reflect.”

Riol was the only one who saw it coming.

“…I forgot that His Highness Roland is the type to make evidence rather than gather it…” Said Sharina.

“I’m really sorry…” Said Tobias.

“However, Tobias refused to cooperate. Therefore, as long as Tobias still doesn’t retract his testimony, is there nothing they can do?” Asked Sharina.

She wasn’t convinced they wouldn’t resort to something outrageous. The teachers urged Tobias to that extent because otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to proceed with their plan. Since there was no possibility to make Tobias, the incarnation of sincerity and honesty, retract his testimony, that should be the end of it.

“…They’ll make it seem as if we’re either deceiving or paying Tobias, then.” Said Riol.

“N, no way—!” Said Tobias.

“Tobias, after you heard their plan, the first thing you did was inform us. What do you intend to do next?” Said Riol.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m going to appeal to His Highness, and then tell all the students the truth! Before today’s matches begin, I shall do exactly that in the audience seats!”

Given Tobias’ personality, there was no way he’d just let all the student get deceived. Therefore, he’d simply resort to exposing the wrongdoing of his own lord, without any concern regarding his own safety or the future.

‘How odd, why is he putting His Highness Roland—his own lord—into such a harm? Perhaps, there’s an underlying circumstance. It could be that the Gardner family doesn’t actually support His Highness Roland. Maybe it’d be to the Gardner family’s disadvantage if His Highness Roland were to ascend the throne. Is that why they decided to join hands with the boy who force the former crown prince to be sent away to the second residency?’ Is probably what the academy director will come up with.” Said Riol.

“Huh!?” Exclaimed Tobias.

“Then, as a supplement, ‘We honestly didn’t want to resort to this. We didn’t mean to lie. At first, we concluded that we shouldn’t expose this to the students.’” Said Riol.

As she listened to Riol’s words, cold sweat broke out on Sharina’s back. Perhaps, Tobias felt the same. Could it be, the teacher leaked the ‘secret’ on purpose? Was that part of their plan to flip around the situation?

“But, isn’t it strange for me to just collude with the supposed enemy? That’s way too disgraceful! Besides, those are mere assumptions! But, if they were to leak it, between the teachers and a few students, isn’t it be obvious who the people would believe?!”

“Believing in Tobias’ story rather than the teachers’ story is the same as calling His Highness a fraudster. It’s obvious that no aristocrats would dare to take such a risk unless there were absolute evidence even the royal family couldn’t overturn.”

In fact, even yesterday, there were some students who seemed skeptical in the audience.

Even now, Riol and his friends were being treated with mixed feelings. However, they weren’t as aggressive as they were back during the conflict with Leonardo. That was proof not everyone believed Riol had cheated.

“Then… that means, I’ve been had!” Said Tobias.

“That is still uncertain. This is but my assumption. Either way, the fact that they didn’t mind outing the secret to us stands.” Said Riol.

Tobias regretfully stomped on the floor as he bit his lips. No wonder. His action, which was intended to put out the flame, fanned it instead. After Riol’s unrelenting words, there was a heavy silence.

“B, but still! At the very least, you managed to avoid the trap! That’s something we should be grateful for!”

Sharina raised her voice as if to blow away the dark and stagnant atmosphere.

“Besides, Riol, who can calmly plan ahead even in a situation like this, is amazing! If His Highness and the teachers are planning something again, you’ll surely be able to overcome it!”

“Sharina…” Said Riol.

“…Sharina, that’s right. I must stop being so depressed!”

The teachers couldn’t turn Riol into a scapegoat yesterday. In any case, the worst was avoided.

Surely, the teachers’ next move would come. But, as of the moment, the sense of security from managing to avoid the worst outcome was greater.

“What time is it, now? The competition shouldn’t have started yet.” Said Riol.

“No good! I’m already late to meet Ange!” Said Sharina.

“Uwah, this is really not good! We can’t afford to be late when Her Majesty the Queen herself is about to come!” Said Tobias.

Suddenly, they noticed that a good amount of time had passed. They had left the dormitory a while ago, but now they had to run to make it to the opening ceremony.

“I’m also late because of yesterday’s incident! I’ll just run!” Said Tobias.



Due to the question raised by Riol, everyone started running. Naturally, Tobias was the quickest. There was no time for him to turn around and slow down.

“Don’t worry, your book and basket are safe with me! The two of you just focus on running!”

““Thank you!””

With the speed of light, he took with carrying the belongings of Riol and Sharina. As they thought, Tobias was impatience and tense. The reason he was out of breath truly wasn’t because of fatigue.

“…Would it be faster if I were to carry you, Riol?” Asked Sharina.

However, the reason her crush was out of breath while running next to her truly was because of fatigue.

“As I thought, nobody is perfect. Everyone has their own weaknesses and strengths. In regards to Riol, who isn’t good at exercising, hardworking and coolness are your strengths…!”

“…Sorry, I can’t retort right now!”

Even his tired and breathless figure looked cool.

Convinced, Sharina nodded.

…Even his weaknesses are cool!

She was convinced that no one else could hold a candle to Riol’s perfection.

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