The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

37. Dealing with the Battle’s Aftermath and Preparatory Work for Capturing the Fortress

After the battle, 『Hazama Village』 and the neighboring village have agreed to enter a pact.

1. The human village shall provide information concerning 『Governor Kittle』’s territory and its vicinity to 『Hazama Village』.
2. 『Hazama Village』 will aid the neighboring village as much as possible against mamono and formidable enemies should they appear.
3. In order to support this, envoys will be dispatched for trade purposes every month.
4. 『Overlord Call』 is prohibited.

These are the four agreed points.
Of course, we also smoothly concluded our timber transaction. 

We received corn and potatoes, goods 『Hazama Village』 doesn’t have, along with a couple of chickens. In return, the goods the cult would have robbed from them had that situation continued were kept by them…… preventing that theft seems to be a service we provided.

As far as a transaction goes, this is sufficient.

[Ano, Overlord-sa….]
[We’d like to consult with the Aberrant…]
[Hm, hmm?]
[There’s something we’d like to consult with Shouma-san.]
[Let’s hear it.]

The neighboring village’s chief-san has a tense expression, but as if making his mind, speaks to me.

[In the event that you become king of this frontier, would you also take us under your umbrella as well?]
[……I have no plans to do something like that at this moment, though.]

My objective is to 『live peacefully in the frontier until these turbulent times end』.

To that end, I’ll be troubled if the frontier isn’t peaceful. That’s the reason why I also defeated the 『cult』 and am striving to expand the 『barrier』 using the 『dragon vein』. If I have to be a king in the process, then I’ll become one. However, that is only a means, not an end.

Although…… if becoming a king in name only will result in the humans and the ajin getting along better, then that’s even better.

[However, if my plan goes well, my technique will keep mamono and users of black magic from setting foot in this village. That I promise you.]

The villagers cheer.

[Then there won’t be any more insects from the 『cult』! That’s fantastic!]
[As expected from the Overlord-sama!!]
[The 『Aberrant Overlord』 shall grant us the peace of the Dragon Emperor’s era!]

……Well, that’s alright. Haruka hasn’t signed the pact yet, so they can use the 『Overlord Call』 for now.


[Leader of the 『cult』, I have questions for you.]

All the members of the 『Cult of Awakening Contentment』 were tied up and put on a carriage.

After this, the representatives of the Oni tribesmen and the villagers will take the cult members to 『Governor Kittle’s』 territory. They have countermeasures against the cult there. Apparently, according to a message that has been spread, should leaders of the 『Cult of Awakening Contentment』 be captured, they are to be taken there. I’ll leave that matter to the villagers.

[……Bastard, who are you? Just what the hell are you?!]
The cult leader’s voice quivers as he shouts out.

[I don’t know anyone like you! What in the world was that powe…… Hiiih-]
[If you’re shocked by the likes of me, your knees will give way once you meet a real eiyuu.]

In the end, I’m just someone who was 『mistakenly summoned』

A properly summoned person−− an eiyuu, wouldn’t have had as hard a time dealing with them like I did. After all, had Yukino not been ill, she could have frozen all of those insects. The 『cult』 is only rampaging like this because the summoned people haven’t yet appeared in this world. However, if the summoned people like Yukino were to join hands and embark on a subjugation, something like a 『cult』 of entomancers should immediately end up being destroyed.

[……That’s why until then, I, too, have to do what I can.]
[Hiih. I, I got it. I’ll tell you anything. I’ll tell you so don’t use that power on us!]

The cult leader shouts.

[Our Doushi-sama was a mamono. Perchance, our Daidoushi-sama might be one too…… Returning to the fortress has already become terrifying……]
[Ah, so you guys are using ruins from the Dragon Emperor’s era?]

Speaking of which, I had originally planned to capture the fort from the cult and search for the magic circle for the 『Dragon Vein』. But with Yukino’s arrival and with the cult coming with a raid at its own whim, I had completely forgotten. 

[That’s right. There’s a Doushi-sama in each of our 4 forts. We meant to eventually establish a new dynasty with the Daidoushi-sama at its center…… However…… Doushi-sama was a mamono. Also, among our enemies there’s a guy as dreadful as you…… I don’t… know what to believe anymore. I’ll tell you anything. The positions of our fortresses and the strength of our army, that’s right──]

The cultist starts talking like a broken man. He does so while trembling, and for some reason, he’s averting his eyes from me.

[……No, I’m not particularly asking that much from you.]
[Aniue-sama, this man, he’s terrified.]

Haruka comments from behind me.

[He seem to be more afraid of Aniue-sama than 『Governor Kittle』 or the cult’s Doushi. He’s so terrified that he isn’t going to stop talking.]
[I didn’t scare him……]

……to that extent.

I came flying in from the sky and breathed fire, utilized 『Demon-kin Awakening』 and summoned a twin-headed dragon, and then slashed the Doushi in half with a holy sword.

Speaking of which,
Is that terrifying for the humans of this world?

My 『Aberrant Overlord』 alias is surprisingly useful in that regard, too.

[……Hiiih! So…… the fortress…… Doushi-sama is……]
The man’s words aren’t stopping.

According to him, there are only 10 senior leaders in the fort. The fort is atop a rocky mountain, and all peasant soldiers live in tents on the ground. Soldiers of the cult and the 『insects』 stand guard to prevent them from escaping. For that purpose, the Doushi seem to patrol the fort at regular intervals.

[What do you think, Haruka?]
[I believe that if it’s Aniue-sama and us, we can take the fort.]
[We’re not doing something that unreasonable. I only want to investigate.]
[I believe we can handle that.]

Our intention is to determine whether there is a magic circle in the fort. We’ll just head out for a bit and return after a bit. With the amount of information we know…… we might be able to accomplish something like that. If possible, I’d like to complete the investigation before 『Governor Kittle』 or some other lords get involved.

[Well then, let’s return, Haruka. Our business is finished.]
I invoke 『Winged-kin Awakening』 and extend my hand to Haruka.

[Yaaaay! I’m going on a stroll in the sky with Aniue-sama!]
Haruka jumps, and with that motion, clings to me.

Are you a child?
Also, her chest is pressing against my body…… honestly.

[Liz-nee and Yukino-chan are no doubt already tired of waiting.]
[……I suppose they are.]

Let’s hear from Yukino once I return…… as to whether she realized my true identity.
Well…… I don’t believe she has, though.

The current me is completely different compared to the me Yukino met in the previous world, after all.

[I hope we can find Yukino-chan’s 『True King』ー]
[Yeah, hopefully.]

[Althoughー even if 『True King』-san were to appear, Yukino-chan might choose Aniue-sama instead. After all, no matter who it is, Aniue-sama has no rivals. That’s why, I believe that Yukino-chan will absolutely alwaーys, alwaーys, be together with Aniue-sama.]

With those words, Haruka grins.

[That’s my intuition… as someone who plans to alwaーys, alwaーys be together with Aniue-sama!]

While talking about such, we head towards 『Hazama Village』. Once we return, we’ll pay Yukino a visit. Then, we’ll discuss our 『capturing of the fort』.

Once the frontier becomes peaceful, our battle should end as well.

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