Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

45. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (18)

There was something about the fairy’s words.

The two who had been together for as long as they could remember were suddenly separated due to the hands of others. Tistye once left Gaizel’s side out of her own initiative, but at that time, she also felt as if she was being torn apart from him.

That had been an undesired conclusion—and one that was compelled by others, the sadness must had cut even deeper.

“Lord Gaizel, me too. I beg of you.”


“I, I understand her desire to be with her beloved, to be able to touch that person…”

“As I thought! Only girls can understand a maiden spirit! Hey, please! It’s only tonight, afterwards, I’ll never bother you again!”


Gaizel rubbed his forehead at Tistye’s suggestion.

He confirmed something with the spirits. His tone was heavy, as if he was holding a cross-examination.

“You said it yourself—only once.”

“Of course, not only that, we also promise we won’t possess you guys in the future!”

“As soon as you’re satisfied, you’ll leave my body. That should suffice, right?”

“We promise, we promise!”

“Won’t other suffice? I don’t want to involve Tistye.”

“Hmm… as long as the wavelength matches, I can do it. But the odds of someone possessing the same wavelength is pretty small. Darling said that there are no other girls who seem suitable other than Tistye… oh, besides, if you’re so objected to it, Van would do—how about that?”

“No, that’s alright. It’s only a question.”

In front of Tistye, who watched the conversation between the two, Gaizel sighed deeply once again. The sigh seemed to come from the bottom of his heart.

“Kissing is as far as you can go. Beyond that, is absolutely unforgiveable.”

At that moment, “Yay!” The spirit erupted in joy. Seeing Tistye also join in smiling, Gaizel wrinkled his eyebrows three times.

“Are you ready?”

The two moved to the master bedroom. As of the moment, they were sitting on a bed.

In response to Gaizel’s words, Tistye put on her earrings. Similarly, Gaizel grabbed the levanite.

I, I’m kind of nervous…

Hearing a dry, metallic, sound, Tistye focused her mind. Then, after a fluttering sensation, she realized her mind and body had separated.

The spirit who possessed Tistye controlled her fingers, gently stretching them to Gaizel’s chest.


Then, Gaizel, who had been quiet for a long time, finally raised his face. After grabbing Tistye’s hand, he embraced her in an instant.

“Honey! I’ve always wanted to meet you…!”

Even though the face was Gaizel’s, the words which came out of his mouth, the cheerful smile, the reaction—none of them were Gaizel’s. Tistye who watched such a Gaizel held her head.

H, His Majesty is smiling so widely, and even if it isn’t addressed to me, still…! H, ‘Honey’, he said!

What did the real Gaizel, who saw such a scene, think?

Despite Tistye’s anxiety the spirits whom were reunited for the first time in a long while embraced tightly as if they’d never let go.

Eventually, Gaizel whispered. “Honey, show me your cute face.” To which Tistye responded.

“I’m really sorry…! I tried to find you, but I couldn’t use my strength well. I keep getting the wrong person, not to mention, I was almost killed twice…!”

“My! Some people are really terrible!”

“But it’s alright, now, honey. As long as you’re by my side, I don’t need anything.” Gaize’s large hand combed Tistye’s hair. It was as if he were handling a silk thread. That sensation was also transmitted to the real Tistye. The mysterious experience caused by fake Gaizel sent a shiver down her spine.

However, not only was she weirded out, her heart was also overflowing with happiness. She was certain the emotions of the spirit were also affecting her.


Eventually, she felt Gaizel’s hand on her neck. He gently lifted her face. As she closed her eyes, waiting for a kiss, their lips touched each other in no time.

Once, twice…

Tistye was extremely embarrassed by the way he kissed her from different angles.

However, the two of them didn’t stop there. The moment Tistye opened her mouth slightly, Gaizel’s tongue slid inside.


Tistye was so surprised that she desperately tried to withdraw her face. But her body remained under the control of the spirit whom was rather willing to accept Gaizel.

The back of her body quivered, and Tistye began to involuntarily weaken. Gaizel, whom was before her, made a bitter face. He teasingly smiled after immediately pulling back.


“…You bit my tongue. Do you want me to stop?”

Tistye didn’t remember ever biting him. It was probably Gaizel’s own resistance.

Because it couldn’t be helped, the spirits returned to exchanging light kisses. It turned out that Tistye was gradually leaning back.

Uh? Somehow, I…

When she noticed it, Gaizel was firmly leaning on top of her. Tistye was in a daze.

Of course, she couldn’t escape because she was possessed by the spirit. Even so, kissing in that kind of position was—


However, despite Tistye’s embarrassment, Gaizel still kissed around her collarbone many times.

How far do they intend to go…?

The heat caused Tistye’s skin to grow even more sensitive. Tistye endured—wondering if that was still within the boundary of kissing. Finally, Gaizel raised his upper body.

When Tistye was relieved, he laid his hand upon her thigh.

N, no way?! They said they were just going to kiss…

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Tistye can’t for the love of god do something beyond kissing with her husband of one year, whom she supposedly love, and yet can consent to this dubious, spirit of questionable origin hijacking her body to frickfrack in the drop of a hat.

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