Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

38. I was too slow—

In my backyard, I tamper with the [Triple Barrier]. At the same time, I causally murmurer out,

“That soft serve ice cream yesterday was pretty tasty…”

Rin gets miffed at my murmuring.

“Soft serve ice cream…?”

Shiro and Kuro are also displeased.

“Alright, alright, I’ll make it up to all of you next time. Let’s go out somewhere.”

Rin, Shiro, and Kuro all brighten up upon hearing my response.

A white haired little girl, a white crow,and a black cat, we’re a bit conspicuous with this line up, but we’ll manage one way or another. Right now, it’s Golden Week, so we might be able to enjoy cherry blossom viewing, too.

“By the way, will these preparations be enough?”
There is no problem. With a [barrier] this powerful, even if something happens, it will not affect the neighborhood.”

Near’s analysis confirms there are no problems, so now to begin.

At the moment, I am setting up the flask like thing I sealed within a [Triple Barrier] in my backyard. That [Triple Barrier] isn’t my only preparation either. Without utilizing any spirit1, I also create some wooden puppets with [Toy].

They’d have been like Near if I had made them with spirit. However, if I concentrate, I can produce puppets that will both listen to my commands and not have any will of their own.

“Alright. Wooden puppets, open that flask like object.”

At my command, the wooden puppets begin lifting flask’s cover. It didn’t have any locks. The mechanism keeping it shut was a simple one that required its metal fittings to be undone.

“Alright, it’s opened. Next, carefully take out the contents.”

The wooden puppets reach into the flask with their small arms and carefully pull out what is inside. Within their hands is something like a large seed about the size of a child’s fist.

“Kuro! Near!”
“Leave it to me.”
Please leave it to me.”

The seed like thing pulled out from the flask is scrutinized by them through the barrier.

“From what I can discern, it does not feel to be dangerous.”
My analysis doesn’t detect any danger either.”

I see. If Kuro and Near have that impression, then it probably really is safe.

“In that case, I am releasing the barrier.”
I undo the triple barrier and pick up the seed like thing.

“It’s like a big walnut. Hm?”
In an instant, I’m struck by a strange sensation of something being drawn out. The seed gradually begins to shine.

Eh, what the!?”

The intensity strengthens as it shines red, blue, yellow, green, brown, black, and white, the seven colors of light.

“Release that seed!”
“Master’s energy is likely being absorbed!”

Wasn’t there not supposed to be any danger!?
With Kuro and Near getting flustered, Shiro and Rin rush over. During all of that, I throw the seed away.

Ooh, the light is dimming…!?”

No longer holding that light in my hand, I relax and settle down. At that moment— — —

“I was too slow—!”

— — —the seed cracks. A girl about the size of my palm appears with a strange scream.

—Diamond Dude Turbo—

“You mixed up the recipient!?”

Within a room of a high class hotel immediately outside Sapporo station’s southern exit, a woman wearing a blouse loose enough around her neck that it allows others to see her cleavage shouts at a man wearing a knitted hat. As she does, her long auburn hair flutters around.

Her name is [Io]. She is a magician hailing from a magic organization based in Britain, [The Order of Twilight and Dawn].

“Not only was he dressed the same as the recipient, he murmured the opening phrase, “Kami-sama, you have my gratitude, de gozaru. Furthermore, to the 4th time I asked, “Do you believe in god?”, he confirmed that he did. As he met the conditions, I erred, de gozaru.”

The man responding to Io’s anger is wearing a black parka and grey pants. The thick brim of his knitted cap hides his expression. His name is [Chrome]. Just like Io, he is a magician of [The Order of Twilight and Dawn].

“He was dressed the same as the recipient, and the opening phrase…!?”
Io is shocked by Chrome’s response.

Should what he said be true, it would mean that information about that transaction had been leaked.

“Immediately call [Ferme] back from strolling around the city! Even though we don’t know where the organization is, we must recover the [Fairy All Seed] no matter what!”
“Un- understood, de gozaru!”

Chrome, being overwhelmed by Io’s enraged attitude, hurries out of the room to search for [Ferme].

“The [Fairy All Seed]… a seed that’ll produce a spirit that’s the same attribute and suitable to the attribute of the practitioner who touches it.”
Io, left behind in the hotel room, speaks to herself.

Just as she said, the [Fairy All Seed] will produce a spirit suited to the practitioner who touches it. While spirit arts has many merits, it also comes with various demerits. For 1, there is the condition that [contracts can only be made among fairies or spirits whose attributes match that of the practitioner’s]. That condition sounds simple, but it is difficult to fulfill in practice. That is because even finding spirits ranked lower than fairies is difficult. Also, when one of a matching attribute is found, it might not feel like entering a contract. As such, while many practitioners desire to become spiritualists, few succeed due to never encountering a fairy or a spirit during their life times.

The [Fairy All Seed] can easily resolve those problems. It is an object that deserves to be called a magic item.

“In order to kill god2, a powerful spiritualist is needed for the [Fairy All Seed]. I will find these thieves no matter what.”

Io comes to a decision, turns towards a pigeon flying around outside, and employs her magic.

—Perfect Diamond Circle—

“While it might not be in season, this is pretty sweet! It’s delicious—!”

Right now, before my eyes, sitting on top of the table as if she owns the place, is a girl with rainbow colored wings. Her semi-long hair shines seven colors as it sways from her stuffing her cheeks with an apple slice.

Fui—, I ate~”

The girl, having finished eating as much of the apple as she could, lies back on the table with her stomach bulging out a bit. The amount eaten doesn’t match the size of that bulge. It’s fantasy.

“Well then, good night~”
“Wait, wait, wait.”

I poke the girl who is laying on the table and force her to get up.

Seriously, she’s tiny. She’s barely the size of my palm.

“No, not ‘What~?’ Who are you? Tell me that much before you go to sleep.”

Immediately after this guy appeared from that seed, she kept nagging me with, “I’m hungry—, I’m hungrry~] and wouldn’t tell me anything. Because of that, I had to cut up the apple I was planning to have as tonight’s snack.

No matter what, I’ll have her tell me who she is before she goes to sleep.

“Even if you ask, ‘Who are you?’, I do—n’t know. What I do know is you are something like my goshujin-sama, probably.”
“Your goshujin-sama?”

The mystery deepens…

“Perhaps, this lass is a type of fairy? Long ago, I heard of fairy producing seeds.”
Kuro answers.

She is barely the size of my palm, has rainbow wings, and is wearing a dress that looks like it was sewn together from leaves. She certainly is fairy like. She’s just like Tin0 Bell.”

“That! That! A fairy! I’m probably a fairy!”
While laying down as the character “大”, the girl shouts out with a smug expression while pointing at Kuro.

I withdraw my previous statement. She isn’t like Tin0 Bell. She’s an ossan on his day off.

“Thus, I am your fairy! Please treat me well, goshujin-sama!”

I, seeing this fairy laying on the table with a smug grin while scratching her butt, have a thought.

Should I release this fairy in the forest?

T/N: Another reason she isn’t like Tinker Bell, Yuuki probably won’t be able to use her fairy dust to make himself fly.  Maybe he can shove her in a bottle and use her as a health potion?? If worst comes to it and he runs out of substitution tags, maybe she can count as an extra life??

But that phrase about god being dead, could this arc have anything to do with Friedrich Nietzsche??

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  1. Spirit as in effort.
  2. A/N: The phrase about confirming God’s existence after the 4th time the question was repeated carries the implication of confirming god’s death, hence Io’s musing at the end.