The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 8]

Chapter Eight: I Couldn’t Dance Well

My history and geography teacher was a senior man, while my literature and poetry teacher was a senior woman. Both the manners teacher and dance teacher were middle-aged women.

It seemed that my dance teacher had a male assistant, but he wasn’t taken to my place.

Of course, my doctor was a senior man, which never changed.

There were no doubts that all the maids were women.

Before I was aware of it, more than half of my guards were women.

When I woke up, I remember all of them being men, but unconsciously, the number of women increased. It seemed that their work was divided, so the men were outside while the women were inside my room.

I might not meet men normally. I could only guess that there were men outside because of their voices.I think they knew it would be bad if they met me since the only people allowed to be around me were either women or senior men.

I understood it well now. I thought they used to cut corners before, but there was nothing they could do.

Even though the original relationship between Annelier and Prince Reinhardt was cold.

I didn’t know why but… my character touched Prince Reinhardt’s sadistic chord. If he weren’t interested in me, all of this wouldn’t have happened.

…I still don’t want to believe that I have masochistic tendencies and that Prince Reinhardt liked it…!

Stop, I don’t want to think about it anymore.

I just want to talk about the current environment around me.

I was not dissatisfied with the women and senior men around me, but I had one problem.

I had no dance partner.

The dance teacher was a woman, and when she taught women, she would usually ask her assistant to be the student’s dance partner.

But, the assistant wasn’t taken to my place.

So it was either the teacher became my partner, or I had to practice without a partner.

As a result, I almost always practiced without a partner.

There were many movements in need of male strength to support the female. Even if my female dance teacher tries the male steps, she couldn’t play the male role all the time.

Unfortunately, practicing on my own didn’t go well.

I could dance, but it was hard to improve, so I couldn’t dance well at all. 

Would I get better if I had a partner? Ugh, I didn’t know. There’s just no doubt that my improvement’s slow because I don’t have a partner.

The teacher also said so.

But just like that evening party, there was a strong possibility that I had to dance from now on, so I have to learn how to dance well.

It was necessary to get a dance partner.

And the person I could ask



Prince Reinhardt cut off my request sullenly…

Ugh, I felt like that.

Even if there was a possibility of it affecting his mood, I still had to try my best to bring this up before training.

Prince Reinhardt was a sadistic, but serious man.

In the game, he insisted on doing exercises and had been studying hard since he was a student.

It seems like he has always behaved like a prince and worked hard in everything he did… He never cut corners.

That was why I rarely met Prince Reinhardt in the daytime.

If I wanted to ask for his help, it would have to be at night… And by then, my choices would be before or after the time of training with Prince Reinhardt.


I couldn’t ask while I was being trained.

He’d tell me to beg him, I’d be bombarded with indecent words… I might not even be able to say any words at all, but just shout, “Ah… Ah…”

I’d just faint and lose my soul. I’d be too exhausted to even speak. My body was really licentious… I never broke… Annelier was quite sturdy… I’m always so tired that it would be impossible to think of something else.

Whether training or not, the serious Prince Reinhardt was perpetually violent that I can’t even move on my own will. Finally, he would clean my compliant body and embrace me as I slept. 

If someone would only see this part, we would look like a normal couple… 

That would be terrible.

If all went well, the heroine would have been rewarded after training, but even if I was trained hard every night and fucked violently because of my licentious body, I’d still feel the shameful orgasm… Compared to the heroine, my experience was too tragic…

Sometimes I’d cry when my sensitive parts were bullied too much, and whenever the orgasm was too strong. I haven’t even shown my ahegao face… What would he do if I had shown him that…?

No, no, my story went awry again.

Anyway, I had no choice but to ask him just before our training started… On the bed at night!

Even if it would end negatively, I had no other choice but to do it like this.

Ugh… It was a terrible failure…

“You can’t have a man as your dance practice partner.  As I had said, you can’t stand in front of a man until you have closed your licentious hole.”

As I remembered the chastity belt I wore at the evening party, I turned pale.

“If you need a man to practice dancing, you must be able to dance calmly with your holes closed firstly.”

“If… If I do so, then can I practice with…”

Wait, wait, if I don’t wear it, I wouldn’t be able to go out… And if I do wear that, then I would be able to go out and dance, so I have to practice dancing with it first…

Wait… To practice dancing… I had to practice while enduring that…!?

Shouldn’t he put the cart before the horse?

“Your licentious face while wearing the chastity belt will seduce men, so I can’t show you to other men. Let them stay away from you when you are dancing cause I don’t want them to remember your appearance while enduring it. Anna, this is all because of your licentious body that can’t stand even the barest stimulus.” 

It’s Annelier’s body that’s licentious, not me…

“Let me discipline you so that you can dance with a chastity belt on.”


“Stand up.”

I stood by the bedside just as Prince Reinhardt asked.

Now I was naked, only wearing a chastity belt.

Of course, the chastity belt filled my vagina and butt hole with a dildo.

“You look licentious, Anna. Can’t you put up with even such slightest stimulation?”

Reinhardt patted my cheeks, which thrilled me.

I felt a stimulation stronger than what the dildo gave… I’m becoming odder than before…

“But it was because…”

I clung to the gown that Prince Reinhardt was wearing.

He was so sly… being the only one that was dressed…

“Well, all right. I didn’t have any expectations for your nasty body from the beginning. If you can’t stand this, do not go outside. Let me continue to discipline you slowly.”


“Let us start from the simplest step.”

Prince Reinhardt took my hand, held my hips, and began to dance.

“Front, right, back, left, and repeat.”

“Ah… Ugh…”

“I know it feels good today, but go. Move your legs.”

“O… Okay…”

Naked, only with the chastity belt, feeling the dildo rubbing between my legs, I danced with Prince Reinhardt…

It was too shameful, and I was nearing the brim of my consciousness.

“Ah! Ah…”

“What’s the matter?”

As Prince Reinhardt’s sweet whisper reached my ears, my nasty body reached its limit.

“Ah… Cumming…”

My collapsed body as I was hugged and supported by Prince Reinhardt.

“You really can’t stand it at all… I need to punish you today.”


When I heard that word, my holes twitched as if expecting it to happen. 

No, no, no! 

I didn’t expect it!

I’m not a masochist.

“Hmmm, it’ll be set for tomorrow. Until you can dance.”

What will happen tomorrow? Without any suspense, it wouldn’t be training.

“Well, let’s discard the belt. Today, remove it by yourself.”

“Ye… Yes… Your Highness…”

I couldn’t go against him…


The two-headed dildo slipped out with strings of my love juices, with the chastity belt falling on the bed.

Prince Reinhardt took my hands…

“About today’s punishment, let’s do the thing we haven’t done for a long time… Tying you up.”


What would happen after that…?

“…Then, let’s add a lot of aphrodisiacs today.”


“No, no!”

Absolutely not!

You can’t use aphrodisiacs!

“It wouldn’t be a punishment if you were to react happily. It is difficult to punish you except for aphrodisiacs, Anna. “

“Ahhh… Nooo…!”

Even if I got better at dancing right away, since I couldn’t stand that while dancing, I was punished continuously, and… Aphrodisiacs were also used…

Suffering all that, I felt like I was about to break…