I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 31]

Chapter Thirty-One: A Stupid Student Council (Part II)

“Empress (LOL). Did you borrow the textbook from Kaname?”

“Yeah, I borrowed it… But Sukeban Macho-san, since we’ve known each other for several years now, can you start calling me by my name? Isn’t it hard to say Empress (LOL)?”

“If you put it like that, then it’s even harder to say, Sukeban Macho. It’s just like each other… And I’m sorry that you didn’t end up in the same class with someone so special to you.”

“? I don’t think I care about Kaname in that way.”

“…Insensitivity is a sin. Well, not at all. Since it seems like Kaname is the same.”

Don’t look at me like that, Sukeban Macho-san…! Because I don’t think I should be self-conscious or need to worry about that…! The bottom line is that he’s a cute dog, and I’m his master, but I’m not so conceited…!

Well, the nickname “Empress (LOL)” was originally just a little bullying stint towards me, and I think it would have been a little bit better if everyone stopped doing it halfway, but it’s already been four years since then, so I don’t care anymore. It doesn’t matter really matter whether it’s used by Sukeban Macho-san or someone else. Rather, it would be more unnatural to be called by my actual name… Well, unwillingly, for four years, the name “Empress (LOL)” has become firmly established, so it’s true that it’ll feel bizarre to be called “Ayaka” by anyone other than Kaname. I, myself, can’t even call Sukeban Macho-san as Banko-chan.

While “Empress (LOL)” has become a matter of course around here, it seems that recently, names other than “Empress” have begun to involuntary rise… It’s totally against my will!

“…Empress (LOL), you forgot the textbook again…”

“Oh, I’m glad. When I saw that, I thought I was in the same class as S in liberal arts.”

“That’s tough… ‘Hofu-san’.”

–Shut up, mob characters! Don’t whisper about me! If I forget my textbook, I won’t bother anyone… Except for Kaname!

As a result of going on to high school and not being personally taken care of by Mr. Takai, my personal taste is back to having my personal appearance adjusted according to the rules and requirements as before.

As a result, before I knew it, I had come to be called by two nicknames: “Empress” and “Hofu-san”…!

–What’s with this “Hofu-san”! Who is the toddler being taken care of! People don’t usually call them “Ho-da” or “Ho-ma”, but “nursery teacher!” …Huh? Oh, that’s only applicable in my previous life. Damn… I hate the slightly different social situations from my previous life to now. Also, I feel that the part that I should feel indignant towards is slightly misaligned.

“…By the way, today is the announcement of the new student council members. Weren’t you saying something about that?”

“Oh, that’s right! I have something to ask of Sukeban Macho-san.”

Unlike when I was in middle school, I’m not alone now. Even with warm eyes, everyone in the fan club still treats me completely as a friend, and Sukeban Macho-san is a deep friend who recognizes himself and others… i.e., a Fukatomo! (It’s a bond built with fists. It’s not that easy to break! Laughs)

That’s why I want to rely on Sukeban Macho-san.

“You know… I’ve never eaten lunch together with Sukeban Macho-san and others, right? …When Kaname joins the student council, we won’t be able to eat together like before, so I was wondering if I could eat with you?”

No matter how many times I asked them, they kept saying, “This is a form of sincerity that we can show to you,” yet I’ve never eaten with them before, but that’s going to change starting tomorrow, if possible, I’m hoping to get them to have lunch with me. After all, eating alone is lonely… I guess it’s a bit brazen. I think of Sukeban Macho-san as a close friend, but what she wants is the most important thing, and I’m just like an accessory… I’m the only one who needs to eat with someone, and she doesn’t… But if it’s Sukeban Macho-san, I’m sure she’ll say yes…


…I was dumped…! Oh, was I actually recognized as an enemy!? I was hated!?

“That’s stupid. Don’t look like you’re about to cry. What a hopeless girl… Of course, I’d be happy to have lunch with you if you were really going to be left alone. But it’s unlikely, right?”

“…What? Because starting tomorrow, Kaname will go to the student council…”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll be able to get in… And did Kaname-sama say that you won’t be having lunch with him from tomorrow on?”

“No… He said that it’d be the same during and after school.”

“Look… Don’t be silly, wait for the meeting… Well, I really don’t know which would be better for you.”

??? I don’t know what Sukeban Macho-san meant, but I’m relieved to know that she doesn’t hate me.

What will happen tomorrow?

“–After the popularity voting system by the students, they will announce the members of the new student council that has been agreed on.”

…After all, it was time for the meeting without knowing what it was.

Even before the announcement, the people around me were already in a festive mode… Or rather, everyone was convinced that the Student Council President would be Kaname.

Fan club members, including Sukeban Macho-san, are already moved to tears. They’ve been saying, “You’ve become such a great man…” even though it hasn’t been announced yet! …Well, no matter how you look at it, he’s definitely going to be the President of the Student Council! Still, it was too early to celebrate.