I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 30]

Chapter Thirty: A Stupid Student Council (Part I)

“…What did you forget this time?”

“…A math textbook. It’s the third limit, isn’t it? Please lend it to me… Please…”

“…Well, just because I’m in a different class doesn’t mean you can always do this.”

This is Hououin Ayaka. I became a sophomore in no time. It’s only a short time before the main route of the otome game begins.

…but honestly, that’s far from it now.

“…It doesn’t matter, because until last year, even if I forgot, we could put our desks together and just have it on the table. But now, even if we’re in different classes, it should still be the same.”

…What… It’s been five years since I joined Oudou Academy, but now I’m in a different class from Kaname…!

Until then, it wasn’t only being in the same class, but we had already been sitting next to each other for four years with the intervention of the Hououin power…! What the hell… is this all because of the compulsion of the otome game…!

“Ah, it’s wrong to rely on me in the first place. Try to reduce the number of things you leave behind.”


“Because nothing. Next time, even if I have a textbook, I’ll make you run to the dormitory to go get it.”

…Well, he’s cold. There are fewer chances of contact than before, so it would be nice if Kaname could be kinder because we have less contact time.

…Even though the only reason the class broke up in the first place was out of necessity.

“Kaname, you idiot… Why did you choose the liberal arts course? I chose science because I thought you were absolutely going to pick science.”

The classification was based on grades until the first year of high school, but the liberal arts choices will be mixed from the second year onwards. Science and the Humanities are properly classified without mixing.

I thought he would definitely choose science since he loved science and mathematics, so I chose this one without asking anything, but I get this as a result.

“…It can’t be helped. When I thought about my future involvement in company management, I thought that I should study economics and law in liberal arts.”

“Then say so. If you did, I would have chosen liberal arts too…”

“If you think about your own future, it was right that you decided on the science and mathematics system. Considering your stupidity that hasn’t been fixed yet, it’s more useful to deepen your expertise in those fields.”

“Uh… That might be the case, too.”

“Also, unlike when you were a kid, you like to study science and mathematics more now. You should go to the field you like anyway.”

…That… That’s true.

It was fun to understand science and mathematics, which I had been dumbfounded on in my previous life, and I realize that my brain has been completely used to the sciences. That’s why I also wanted to study more deeply in the science courses.

“…But I didn’t have to master mathematics if it meant I’d be away from Kaname.”

…He has no need next to be me. But I can’t believe it’ll be this tough. It’s been less than a month, but it’s already pretty painful.

“…well, Ayaka, you’re a real kid. So, don’t go choosing your career path on your own.”

Smiling in amazement, Kaname stroked my hair while I frowned.

“…The ends of your hair are too tangled. You haven’t combed your hair yet.”

“How did you find know?”

After going on to high school, it became a dormitory system to foster self-reliance, so I couldn’t get the help of Mr. Takai, who had adjusted my personal taste until now.

At first, I was working rather hard, but after a year, I got used to it and gradually started to neglect many things… Well, in terms of making excuses. It’s because I have naturally wavy hair? I’ve set it up in a bit of a mess, you see. Look, I don’t want to say it myself, but I’m a beautiful woman. Yeah. I mean, I can’t fool anyone with a little bit of rough stuff.

“…Come here for a second. I’ll comb it for you.”

“–Where did you get the comb from!?”

“For personal grooming, I’ve decided to always have a comb on hand. Look, just stick your head out.”

…Is that normal for a high school boy?

Isn’t his female instincts too high…Or am I just low?

“…It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. Hey, Kaname, be a little gentler! My hair will fall out!”

“…It’s too tangled. Oh, my God, how do I sleep to get it tangled like this…Wait a minute. I don’t have a brush, so I’ll do it with my hands first.”

…Ah, this might feel a little good.

I couldn’t help but squint at the feeling of Kaname’s fingers were passing through my hair. His fingers stopped a few times on the way because of the knots in my hair, but I could feel that he was carefully untangling them.

…I feel like I’m getting groomed. He could even pass off as a hairdresser or a masseuse at a famous spa, couldn’t he? …Kaname, it looks like you really can do anything. That’s a little tricky.

“…Ah, by the way, today is the announcement of the new Student Council Members.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“You don’t have to think twice about the popularity voting system… Well, I’m sure Kaname will be the Student Council President… especially… in terms of how it went in the otome game.”‘


“If that happens, it will be difficult to have time to spend with you after school or during lunch break… The Student Council Members have special seats in the cafeteria. I guess we can only meet in the morning break like today.”

I thought I’d be very lonely, so I stopped while I was ahead.

Because the main game scenario of the otome game will start soon, and I will be graduating from Oudou Gakuen in two years… The time limit for Kaname to stop being my dog is just around the corner.

After graduating from high school, Kaname’s real-life will finally begin. I’m sure he’ll have a future where he won’t be bound by the name of Ryudoji or by the settings of the wretched otome game that we’ve been subjected to.

That’s something I should be pleased about. That’s why I have to get used to being away from Kaname little by little.

…I’m getting lonely enough to want to cry. Hmm… I wonder if it’s time for me to be separated from my dog at last…

“…You don’t have to worry. You’ll still be able to continue spending time with me during and after school.”

With that said, Kaname began to comb my hair after finishing the rough preparations.

“No, it’s impossible, no matter how you look at it. If you are to be appointed, you cannot decline unless you have a special reason.”

“Oh, that’s exactly the reason why you don’t have to worry. Because it’s a system where you can’t decline unless you have a special reason.”

…I can’t understand what you’re talking about.

I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but I have a bad feeling…!?