I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 29]

Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Stupid Dog (Part III)

Well, I thought about it when I talked about Takemiya before, but did you really hate him that much? Is it that? Does your instinct as a dog not allow you to like other dogs?

…Personally, I think it’s okay to have a dog like Takemiya at the same time as Kaname because they have different vectors… Well, my favorite dog in the previous life was Takemiya. (After all, a loyal dog is better than a tsundere dog)

“…And was Takemiya’s reaction the same as you knew he would in your previous life?”

“What? …Ah, yes! He fell deeply in love with Himeno Saiki, who saved him from bullies when he was a child! …No matter whose daughter Himeo Saiki ends up being in this world, I’m sure the Takemiya route will be confirmed in May!”


…Oh? Kaname, are you feeling a little better? What is going on with you? Were you really looking forward to the developments like in a regular otome game?

…I don’t know what it is, but I’m a little relieved because I was really scared just a while ago. I don’t think Kaname should get angry… But somehow, I feel like I’m making him angry all the time.

“As for Takemiya, just knowing that it will work as you expected, it has become easier to devise measures for the future… I’m the main capture target, so there’s a high possibility that I’ll get involved, but there’s not much information about Himeno Saiki. Ayaka, good job. I’ll compliment you this time.”

“I don’t know, but you’re saying that I did so from the top, right? It was the right decision that I came in contact with Takemiya. Right?”

At the root was my desire to play with dogs, but to Kaname, my actions may not have been all that beneficial.

“Kaname is the main character of “The Prisoner of the Miniature Garden” and the most popular hero. You have the highest probability of getting involved with Himeno Saiki out of everyone in this world. There’s also a possibility of a love flag being raised!”

So, if you fall in love with Himeno Saiki, the most likely rival is Takemiya, who has been thinking about Himeno since he was only 6 years old…!

Yes, everything I’ve done, like coming in contact with Takemiya… Is important for the future! …In terms of results!

“Well… So, now that you know that, you don’t need to contact Takemiya anymore, do you?”


…Eh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. How can I let that happen?

“I still want to talk with Takemiya…”

“What do you need to talk about?”

“Well, you know… Maybe he wants to talk about love?”

“I’m sure it’s none of your business, stupid. Don’t even ask Takemiya about it.”

“Still, it’s necessary to exchange information between people who know about Himeno Saiki…”

“Takemiya interacted with Himeno Saiki only for three months when he was six years old. Furthermore, Himeno Saiki was attending kindergarten at that time, so he only met Himeno Saiki a few times by chance in the park. In that situation, I don’t think Takemiya has any useful information about Himeno Saiki.”

…No. I get it. Indeed, there is no merit in being in contact with Takemiya for Kaname anymore.

It’s not important, but…

“…I don’t know. It’s just set up a place for communication. Sometimes I want to play with dogs and be healed…

–Yes, I’ll admit it. It’s totally for my self-interest.

I can’t give up contact with the most recommended and best-looking character of the otome game in my previous life…!

Dog characters have a rule of thumb. Therefore, I am fully aware that Takemiya should only be attached to Himeo Saiki and that no matter how much he contacts me, he will not be attached to me.

However! I should be allowed to poke at the dog and enjoy his joys and sorrows while he’s talking about his love life even for a while…! I’m more scared of your face now than before!

“Ummm… Kana… me?”

“…Ayaka… You know…”

The next moment, he grabbed me by the collar and drew me towards him. I thought I was going to get hit!?

That’s how frightening Kaname’s face was.

The moment I closed my eyes reflexively without knowing why this happened, the voice I heard was completely unexpected.



With a low, faint voice, I felt a warm, slimy feeling on my cheek.

I was dumbfounded because I didn’t know what had happened, but when I let him go, he pushed me with an expression that looked as if he had bitten a worm.

“A stupid dog… It’s enough to have just one. You can’t want a new dog because you can’t take good care of your current one.”

Leaving me with my mouth wide open, he walked away quickly.

–Let’s see. Wait a minute. My brain is not catching up at all. Let’s sort things out.

That warm feeling… That was Kaname’s tongue, right? You licked my cheek, didn’t you?

From the mysterious “…Wow” and all of Kaname’s words, up to now…

“What… Were you jealous because you thought I, your owner, would be taken away by Takemiya from you?”

…What was that?

What, what, what, what, what!

That was super cute!

You seemed reluctant to be treated like a dog, but you’re really attached to me!

…Oh my gosh. My face hurts from smiling. Wow. What am I going to do? I’m so happy!

I know. No matter how much you grow up and how bad your mouth gets, you’re basically still my dog. Because it’s already been five years since I met you. Fufufu.

I’m stupid, Kaname. Takemiya is certainly cute, but after all, he’s Himeno’s dog. The cutest and most important dog to me is definitely decided. Ufufufu. I knew it. He’s so cute. How lovely! Ufufufufufufu.

“…Ah, but you shouldn’t lick the cheek that you touched with your unwashed hands, okay? It’s a bit gross.”

…And I’ll give you mouthwash later.