I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 28]

Chapter Twenty-Eight: A Stupid Dog (Part II)

“…Himeno… to this school…?”

–What do you mean?

From the moment I met him, Keisei Takemiya was already frowning sullenly. He gave off an aura that he was challenging to approach despite being tall, mixed blood, and beautiful.

Just by telling him of the possibility that Himeno Saiki will be joining the Academy, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

His cheeks were tinged with a rose-colored tint, and his blue eyes sparkled with anticipation. It doesn’t exist in reality, but it seems as if you can see his tail wagging. It’s part of a master’s skill.

–Kuuu! Good! This is it! I wanted to see Takemiya in this mode! As expected, this dog is good!

Now, to shake hands with Keisei Takemiya.

“So, I have a suggestion… If you want, I can use the Hououin family’s network of information to gather more data about Himeno Saiki…”




What is it… Even though I was at the height of my Empress mode, suddenly…

Once the Empress Mode has been cut, it’s hard to get back…

“What do you mean by ‘shoulder’?”


The next moment, my body hardened.

What I saw above my right shoulder was a green mass that clearly didn’t match my uniform color.

The boy looked up and said, “Hi!” he greeted it as he noticed my gaze, watching it wiggle…

“Oh my gosh! Green worms are good!”

I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I can’t do this! I can’t handle insects! No, I don’t mind if it’s not the one that glows black, but it’s really impossible if it’s touching my body, having two people in a close room…  or rather just alone!

“No, no, no! Takemiya!”

“…No, I don’t think green worms are…”

“Wow! This dog is useless for this kind of thing!”

He looks like a wild dog, but why is he useless at a time like this?! Although it was a greenhouse with lots of plants prone to insects… A green worm is inching its way to my neck! Stop coming up to the neck! No, no, no, at this rate, it will come in direct contact with my skin… It will touch my skin!

“…Help me, Kaname!”


The greenhouse door opened as soon as I shouted the name of my childhood friend who was not here.

Wait a minute? What’s with the timing? Was he actually a reincarnation of a certain bread-faced hero?

“I heard your scream, so I rushed in… What on Earth did you do here?”

As soon as I saw the figure of Kaname running breathlessly, I felt relieved, and my sight became hazy. Simultaneously, I feel like my runny nose is about to drop, but I can manage to endure it with spirit.

I opened my eyes in surprise to see Kaname glaring at Takemiya with a grim expression that I have never seen before.

“Well, are you that new student, Takemiya? What on Earth did you do to her?”


I was going to say something, but for the time being, I didn’t think bringing it up now is a good idea! The green worm was moving again! Time is of the essence!

I immediately hugged Kaname.

“Aya… ka?”

“–Right now! Take the caterpillar off my shoulder!”


“Hey, hurry up!”

And 1cm! The green worm will touch my skin if it moves 1cm more!


Without saying anything, Kaname took the caterpillar off my shoulder and threw it aside.

…Oh, I’m saved!

“Thank you, Kaname! That was a hair’s breadth… If you were five seconds late, the green worm would have already touched my skin. Kaname is my benefactor!”


“…Oh, I was going to get it, but before I forget… It would be best if you washed your hands. It might have been a poisonous green worm, and it’s disgusting…”

Hey, stop it! Stop pushing my cheeks into a duck face with your hands.

Kaname moved the green worm by touching it with his hands; the poison will get stuck on my cheeks!

“…I’m sorry. Takemiya. I glared at you for a strange misunderstanding.”

“I don’t mind… More than that…”

“Oh, I’ll collect her… I’m sorry to bother you.”

“…Wait a minute! I’m not done talking with Takemiya yet… Don’t do that! I’m going home, so stop bringing the green worm leaves close to me!”

The resistance I had was in vain, and I left the greenhouse as I was beaten using green worms.

“…Hey? Ayaka. What did you do there?”

“…Before that… You really should wash your hands…”


“I was trying to get in touch with the dog character Keisei Takemiya, so I was pushing him!”

…Well, Kaname has had a loose mouth lately, and I’m scared about it now more than before. It’s like the tongue roll, like that of a Yankee’s.

It’s true that when we met, his tone was kinder than when we played games, so I felt a little strange that his tone has changed like this. No, it feels like a mother watching the trajectory of her son’s life.

“…Was he the dog character you were talking about?”

“Yeah! He is, isn’t he? As I said, he was tall and blonde with blue eyes, right? Anyway, my hair will be longer than it is at the time of the game’s main route, and I’ll also grow a little taller. So next year, I’m going to be the Chairman of the Beautification Committee… Because I’m scared of my face! I’m afraid of my face so much that when I meet a child for the first time, they almost always start crying aloud!”