I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 27]

Chapter Twenty-Seven: A Stupid Dog (Part I)

Well, after a lot of things, I, Hououin Ayaka, finally entered High School.

The heroine of “The Prisoner of the Miniature Garden” is one year younger and is scheduled to be introduced in May due to some sort of incident, so I have a little more time before that, but it feels like it’s finally time. It’s time for my reincarnation to come to an end… Well, at this point, the original story has collapsed considerably! If you were expecting a regular route, I’m sorry, heroine! (Well, it’s obviously a distortion caused by me. Haha… Forgive me because I really did intend to try and be like the Empress.)

However, even if the original game’s premise has changed, there are still some matters that remained the same.

“Long live! Takemiya Keisei joined Oudou Academy!”

The most popular male character in the otome game from my previous life was finally transferred to our high school after a long life in England!

Yahoo! Let’s go, Takemiya! Another dog has come!

It has already been confirmed that he has been transferred. (It’s easy to tell him from the others because he’s a blue-eyed blondie.)

The only problem should be where to Takemiya, but… Not for me. He’s probably just holed up in the greenhouse where he likes to privatize himself!

Ufufufu. Well, I’m going to play with a little dog.

“What’s wrong with you?”

…Ah! It’s like a stray dog glaring at me with a whole sense of vigilance… This is really good! It’s real! It’s the real deal, Takemiya…!

“Oh? This greenhouse should be open to all high school students. I have no reason to be stared at by you.”


Takemiya frowned at my excessive words.

…Hmm. In the game, this place was only accessible by Takemiya, so people don’t really get close to it, but there’s no such regulation anywhere. There is no reason to be complained about too.

“…What? Where are you going?”

“…You’re too loud. I’m going home.”

Saying that in broken Japanese, I smiled as he tried to leave without looking at me. Ufufu… Yes. As expected, he’s a dog devoted to the heroine. Ugh, I’m going to get sick because of this loyal dog…!

However, I decided to come here because otherwise, I wouldn’t get close to a dog that is still on guard, and I don’t want to get close to the place where the event with the heroine takes place.

“Oh, will that be okay? Why do you treat me so carelessly? …I’ve brought you some information that might be essential to you.’


“–It’s about your first love, Himeno Saiki.”


…Oh, as far as I can gather from his reaction, it seems that Takemiya is on the original otome game route.

That’s good. Great job. I now knew that Himeno-chan, the heroine, exists, but I don’t know if the event with Takemiya will happen until it actually does.

“How… Do you know about Himeno…”

“I know everything. When you were six years old, you went to public school for only three months. Himeno Saiki, one of the younger members who happened to pass by, covered you when you were being bullied because you couldn’t speak Japanese very well and looked far from being one. And I know you’ve been thinking about her ever since.”


Fufufu… He’s surprised. Too surprised. Oh, that’s right. It’s information I wouldn’t normally have known.

But unfortunately, I’m not normal!

“…Come to think of it, I haven’t introduced myself yet.”

I smiled brightly at Takemily, who was showing signs of agitation.

“My name is Hououin Ayaka… It would be best if you remembered it. Takemiya Keisei? This information can be easily obtained if it is with the hands of the Hououin family.”

In reality, all the sources of information that I have were from my previous life’s otome game knowledge…!

Don’t belittle my memory resulting from having to play it four times!

“You… What… Why… Her, I’ve been looking for her…”

“You don’t have to be so cautious, Takemiya. It’s a little capricious.”

What I’m saying makes me seem like the most mysterious and the most empress I’ve ever been, but I’m in trouble because even I don’t know what those words mean.

…Well, I like your dog-like character, but I just can’t say that I only want a sense of distance between us so I could observe the development from the sidelines!

But mysterious… It sounded good, didn’t it? It’s an adjective that doesn’t quite hit the mark for me.

“I just heard an interesting story and wanted to tell you.”

“…Interesting, story?”

“Well… Your first love is loved by the director of the Oudou Academy, and the talks about adoption are currently underway.”


This is the basic set of “The Prisoner of the Miniature Garden” but telling him is completely out of line.

While amassing the information, Kaname said with a tense face, “Really, the reality is going according to the game scenario you mentioned.”

…Well, isn’t it too much? It can’t be helped because we haven’t reached the main route of the game until now… When the time for the first confession comes, he’ll form a habit of asserting that I wasn’t lying. I’ve been getting more talkative lately, and it’s kind of wearing me out… Well, the passage of time is heartless.

“Well, this is all still in the guessing stage… I think you’re wondering if the director will transfer Himeno Saiki to this school next year?”