I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 26]

Chapter Twenty-Six: A Middle School for Idiots (Part XI)

“Why ‘nee-sama’!?”

“It’s easier to understand the hierarchical relationship if I did. You beat me, so no matter what the form is, that name is suitable for you.”

No, it’s just that I don’t want to say that I’m older than you… Also, I don’t think it’s right for me to take over the fan club.

“…The Kaname fan club was created by Sukeban Macho-san, so at the top should be Sukeban Macho-san.”

“But… This is my own way of…”

“Also! I’m not a fan! I have no intention of referencing or praising Kaname!”

Rather, the master is me! Kaname is my dog!

I’m so not low enough as to be the head of my dog’s fan club… The goal is to set up the “Hououin Ayaka Fan Club”! …Well, I’ll never make it, and I know no one will get together for my sake in the first place.

“Then, do you want to dissolve it?”

“That’s not it! It’s fine. You just don’t have to build a hierarchy there. Sukeban Macho-san should just continue to be the president of the fan club… Well, why don’t we just build a different relationship?”

There are various kinds like being friends, close friends, and soulmates, right?

Didn’t we talk to each other with our fists? Isn’t it written as “Tomo” when one tries to write the word “strong enemy”?

“I’d like it better if you would call me ‘Empress’…”

“What part of you looks like you’re fit to be called that? Stupid.”

My suggestion that came from the bottom of my heart and with the reasoning of wanting to get a little closer to the original story of the otome game was utterly cut off.

“That’s not nice at all! It’s like that with true friends! I’ll call her Sukeban Macho-san, and Sukeban Macho-san will call me the Empress… Each is a special name for only two people! It’s wonderful if you think about it! Isn’t it!”

“…You, how many times do I have to tell you that the nickname “Sukeban Macho” is rude? But I think ‘Empress (LOL)’ is a good name for a fool like you.”

“(LOL)! What an extraordinary way of putting it, Kaname-sama…! A nickname is used to make someone easier to call, correct? What are we going to do since she has chosen something unnecessarily long?”

“Well, it’s easier to call her Empress (LOL) than Hououin Ayaka all the time.”

“You, don’t call say that with a straight face! I think it’ll suit me nicely”.

I tried to give him a piece of my mind with tearful eyes, but my forehead is being pressed down with his hand, and I cannot reach him.

…What’s this difference in reach? Indeed, I’m not exactly a model, but I’m sure I have long enough arms and legs… Is this due to the height difference?

Damn it! It’s his growth period! Until just a few days ago, he was almost at the same height as me, or we were about the same size, but suddenly snowballed…!

“…You guys are in such good terms. It’s the first time I’ve seen Kaname-sama look like a child.”

Seeing us like that, Sukeban Macho-san smiled.

…I agree that Kaname is too mature for his age, but I think the conversation we’re having now fits his age more than that, or I’m just flat-out being bullied by him.

“Hououin Ayaka… You really should be next to Kaname-sama.”

“…Sukeban Macho-san.”

“That’s why I’ll start calling you ‘Empress (LOL)’ just as Kaname-sama suggested.”

“No, no, no, no! That shouldn’t be it! The flow of this exchange is weird!”

Oh my gosh…! If I don’t stop this now, the reason for being called ‘Empress’ won’t be right…! I’ll try to change the trajectory somehow…

“What? Calling each other with a special nickname is proof of our friendship and that we’ve talked with our fists, right? If you call me Sukeban Macho, I will call you Empress (LOL)…”

“Do as you please.”

…If it’s proof of our friendship, then it can’t be helped! Yeah! I’ll give up!

…Yeah, that’s what I thought.

“It’s a shame that the Empress (LOL) is beautiful today too~.”

“What? I can’t believe that fierce man-looking girl who led the Emperor’s fan club ended up being… Well, now I’m disappointed that anyone can get in touch with Kaname-sama without being scared off by Sukeda.”

“It’s amazing that they’re building friendly relations even though she actually drove Sukeda out of school… It seems that one of the reasons why it’s not out in the open is because, behind the scenes, the Hououin family was keeping everything concealed, but it’s obviously related to Sukeda.”

“I’m also tied up… Even the women who used to be hostile towards the Emperor are now looking at him with warm eyes because the Empress (LOL) is so disappointing. Yeah, that’s the kind of talent she has.”

“Only before the Empress (LOL) does the Emperor looks like a father. Well… The reason why everyone can get to the Emperor now is because of the Empress (LOL).”

Before I knew it, the name had already become established even among the ordinary students.

“Only Sukeban Macho-san is supposed to call me the Empress (LOL)! …And even though it’s not exactly like how it was in the game, the name of the ‘Empress’ is spreading! Although it can be considered cheating since there isn’t supposed to be a (LOL)!!”

“…I’ll tell you, Ayaka, them calling me the Emperor is your fault. If you are the Empress (LOL), then me being next to you, makes me the Emperor. Like a set.”

“That’s a lie! In reality, you’ve been secretly called that for a long time, but you didn’t like it, so I’m sure that the only reason it wasn’t exposed is due to the pressure from Sukeban Macho-san.”

“…Well, I don’t deny that”

“Look! It’s Kaname’s fault that my nickname became Empress (LOL)!”

Indeed, he did declare to Sukeban Macho-san that he would be more active in getting involved with people from now on, but isn’t the result strange? It’s total harassment, isn’t it?

Isn’t all this a lot more of an act of bullying if he’s not good at this compared to when Sukeban Macho-san and his friends were protecting him? Is this part of a dog’s rebellious period or something?

“Well… It was supposed to be a special nickname only for Sukeban Macho-san to use.”

…When it becomes so pervasive, it will become commonplace. I can’t say that this is still proof of our being best friends.

I think I’ll ask her if she could come up with a new one.

“…So, that’s why it spread.”


“I meant… As a result, the students at the school accepted you because of this nickname. Ayaka… Well, your nickname has spread so widely that I’m the only one who will call you by your name properly.”

“Oh my gosh…!”

The Empress was called the Empress, so it’s kind of close to the original game. But it’s strange, no matter how you look at it! What happened to the school or the caste system? This isn’t good. Doesn’t this mean it’s almost impossible to return the premise to that of the original game?

…No, I’m sure things will change again in the next three years… Yeah… There is no way things will stay like this, is there?

What’s going to happen? I really need someone to tell me.