I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 25]

Chapter Twenty-Five: A Middle School for Idiots (Part X)

“Yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend. Don’t you think it’s okay to recognize that the enemy I faced three days ago could actually be my best friend, Kaname?”

“…What’s the reason? That’s…”

Now, three days have passed since the punishment was made.

Today is the day after Sukeban Macho-san’s suspension!

“Nufufufu… I prepared flowers to celebrate, and I’m perfectly prepared to become her best friend… All I have to do is to wait for Sukeban Macho-san.”

“…If you really want to, I won’t stop you, but think about how it’ll feel like if you receive flowers from someone who was the reason why you were suspended from school, it’s very unpleasant.”

“Shut up! If you’re not going to talk with your fists, then don’t say anything! I’m sure Sukeban Macho-san will like it!”

While glaring at Kaname, I gripped at the bouquet that Satoda-san has made especially for this occasion.

I told Satoda-san, “I want to give it to a girl who I want to be friends with It should show how humorous and cool I am,” Satoda laughed and made me a gorgeous bouquet centered with a red flower… He was a little embarrassed when he asked with a grin, “Did you like the flower I gave you before?” After all, it must have been hard to do…

“I’ve collected every flower that bears the meaning of friendship… Miss Ayaka is a little out of it, but she’s a very good girl, so please have more confidence in yourself. If it’s Miss Ayaka, I’m sure you can make friends with even a hundred people. I will make as many bouquets as you want each time.’

…When Satoda-san showed me his white teeth as he smiled, I started to cry a little. All the people here are good people. Really.

“…It’s noisy.”

“…This awe-inspiring noise is probably a sign that Sukeban Macho-san is approaching! I have to get ready.”

“What are you getting ready for?”

“Of course, I need to get ready to smile!”

Smile with the morning and say hello! Then I’ll hand over the bouquet in a natural way!

Image training is perfect! Come on, Sukeban Macho-san, anytime… Yes, yes!

“Oh, hello there, Hououin Ayaka. Good morning. It’s a little strange to meet you here.”

Sukeban Macho’s sudden appearance left me speechless.

I tried to get the words I’ve prepared to come out of my mouth, but they won’t at all.

No, because! Because!

“Your… Hair…”

“Oh, this? I cut it as a sign of self-reflection. It’s more effective if you can see it, right?”

…I couldn’t understand what she was saying. No, I think it’s too much for a girl to cut her hair, but if she puts it that way, I guess I can try to understand her.

But… Still…

“–Why, a mohawk…!”

She is completely like the character I watched who rode their motorcycle at the end of the movie after the nuclear war…!

Sukeban Macho-san, of all things, why did you choose that…!

“No, I went to the beauty salon and asked them to cut it as short so that it could still possibly look good on me, but somehow I was left with only the middle… Doesn’t it look good?”

“It suits you. Please tell me the name of the beauty salon because it just looks that good. I’m going to go there and maybe get one for myself.”

Sukeban Macho-san is like a woman from the Han Dynasty. In other words, she’s like a Valkyrie or an Amazoness… She’s a tough but decent woman!

No matter how awful it looks, because it’s on her, it does!

“Personally, I like it quite a bit, but the other fan club members cried a while ago… I can’t help it. For the time being, should I stop waxing it?”

You set that up yourself…!

Sukeban Macho-san, I can’t read… I really can’t read your thoughts!

“By the way, Hououin Ayaka. Why are you holding flowers? Is it someone’s birthday or something?


As I recall my original purpose, I hesitate while looking at the bouquet in my hand.

…I wonder if Sukeban Macho-san, who likes that hairstyle, will really like these flowers.

Kaname even told me that it might be taken as a sarcastic gesture… Is this what he meant?

However, I cannot afford to waste the bouquet that Satoda-san made for us… Yes! Just do it, me!

“This… For Sukeban Macho-san! It’s to celebrate your suspension ending!”

“…For me?”

“I asked our gardener to pick flowers that are meant for friendship! If you don’t mind…!”

Although Sukeban Macho-san’s eyes were wide open, she still accepted the bouquet.

“–Thank you.”


“People often say it fit me because I look like this, but I like flowers… This makes me happy. It’s a very beautiful bouquet.”

…Ohh. As expected of a Han woman. She’s a bundle of surprises. It’s incredible how mismatched a mohawk on Sukeban Macho-san looks when she blushes while holding the bouquet in her arms.

But… Isn’t this a good feeling? Isn’t it a good response?

All right… I’ll say it now… So that we can become friends!

As women who love the same man, let’s say that we want to become formidable foes!

“Su, Sukeban Macho-san!”

“Oh, that’s right, Hououin Ayaka. I thought I should tell you.”

Eh… By any chance, was Sukeban Macho-san going to say the same thing?

My heart is beating very fast.

…This is, of course, the ‘enemy three days ago will be your best friend’ flag…!

“Now that you’ve knocked me down, you are now the president of the fan club from today onwards… You can be the boss, you can disband it, you can do whatever you want.”


“Well… Shall I call you ‘nee-sama’ from today?”

…No, no, no! Strange! This is all kinds of weird!