I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

29. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

Ah… time flies when you least expect it.

We were almost at Vali, the capital of the famed City of Flowers, the Feyrath Empire’s capital.

It was a fallen empire now, but the buildings from its heyday were everywhere. They were called the “Tourism Empire” by humans.

So, I was the first person to leave the Lemaire Kingdom. I was not a diplomat, though I would rather have become one! I was hoping to see what sights I would be able to visit…

We couldn’t visit the Feyrath Empire or even the neighboring Alphaid Empire that we passed through. Shoot…

Along the way, we were attacked by bandits who were strangely organized. They drugged the food at the inn where we stayed, of all things…

By the grace of God, even when I tried to enjoy the spots the cities had to offer…, The Knight-in-Waiting of the guards shushed me with a perfect smile, “We have a security issue.”

I, Rururia, could only see the carriage’s view and the inn’s room…

Every time we were attacked, His Royal Highness, along with his knights in shining armor, would fight off and catch the bandits like a spy-like person.

He was happily peeling what looked like evidence off of them with that evil face of his…

Huh? Wasn’t His Royal Highness the one who needs protection?

We left it to the Knights to watch the spectacle since I could take care of myself.

In a place just before the City of Flowers, Vali, we were made to change into our formal attire. We were driven by carriage to our destination, the Crystal Palace of the Feyrath Empire.

As the name implied, the outer walls were as transparent as crystal. Every night there was a party, and the fire would be made to keep on going until dawn. It’s also known as Vali’s Nightless Castle. (Source: “Tourist Attractions of the World – Feyrath”)

Ah! I could see the castle from here! It was so exciting that I couldn’t wait anymore.

Still, I would’ve loved to visit the Colosé Ruins where I was recommended the famous Colosé Bread!

His Royal Highness completely ignored me and again began to tell the story he had been repeating along the way as if he was talking to a poorly informed child.

“Are you ready, Lady Rururia? It’s been sixty years since the Empire was parted into seven, but that didn’t stop the nations from still being tense. Don’t let your guard down.”

“Please don’t take me to such a tense meeting, Your Royal Highness.”

“Yes, we’re going to a huge conference where the seven countries, eight, if you count our country, are coming together.”

Also, the Empire experienced a civil war just last year. Perhaps they’re more hostile to our distant and resource-rich country than our former compatriots, who were more connected to the land.


 “Why would you take a little girl like me with you at a time like this, Your Royal Highness?”

He glared at him with resentment, but His Highness didn’t care at all.

“That’s where The Dragon Knight’s Bride comes in.”

I didn’t know why; I mean, I knew it had been said a lot along the way, but…

Yeah, I was just trying to escape reality. It was okay; I was just spacing out for a bit…

According to His Royal Highness, the Dragon Knight was supposed to restrain the countries from making false accusations against our country by pretending that it was there.

The Knight Commander was the key to national defense, I was the runner-up because I couldn’t move him easily, and I was maltreated.

“Are you ready? I’ll go around spouting off about my relationship with Dragons.”

“Yeah, got it…”

When I muddled through with the idea of lying, he looked at me as if he were an old chaotic evil god looking at something ungodly.

It was so cold! His eyes were freezing me.

I got it. I’ll lie. I can do it…

“And by the way, the larger Dragon-related stories are strictly forbidden.”

I’d been told that a lot of times too! Sara-chan said so, and I understood, so we just had to forget about Tengan Ryuu-sama.

He finally had the satisfaction of telling me that much, and now he looked at me as if I was priced out of the picture.

“But still, Lady Rururia, this is, I might say… you don’t look very mysterious… Couldn’t your appearance be more thrilling?”

The evil god sighed annoyingly.

“I’m sorry for my mediocre appearance…” He likes it whenever I apologized too much for no reason

“Miss Rururia’s clothing is made with the finest silk and embroidery with powdered Dragon scales on the edges, blue diamonds at her neck, and braided pearls in her hair. If we decorate her with more, Miss Rururia will lose her charm… I wish His Royal Highness, who is incapable of consideration, would just leave her be for a while.”

His Aide’s words have gutted me enough, too! This shiny stuff is the powdered Dragon scales that a spoonful costs as much as it would take to buy a small kingdom.

I wanted to take everything off! Barely has any time passed, but I already want to take all of it off!

“Even a flower scale can be ringed in a circle and displayed on one’s head.”

“Do you want to make Miss Rururia a clown? Sigh… I wish His Royal Highness’s bad taste would just go away.”

“Flower scales are those thinly shaved shells I used to wear, right?”

“You looked ridiculous in that top-to-bottom luxury outfit you used to wear with a circle of seashells, or whatever Your Aide calls it.”

“I can hear both of you quite clear from here!”

I didn’t know if I just needed to be present or a worse future waiting for me…

I didn’t care what it was anymore; I just wanted to get it over with.

The carriage then stopped.

“Your Highness, we have arrived!” the Knight-in-Waiting announced clerically from outside the carriage.

Wouldn’t it be nice to turn back now? It would, right?

Then His Royal Highness gave me his evil godly stare as if all the suffering around amused him. “It’s too cold!”

“Now, for the real thing. You’ve given me a lot of goodies along the way. We’ll have to return the favor sometime.”

I didn’t know who he was, but I didn’t feel sorry for him. He attacked and drugged us.

He was a miscreant! Being rewarded with evilness.