I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

28. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

“Ah… the breeze feels so good. “

“Nice to meet you. I’m Rururia.” The sun was shining brilliantly on us today. “Oh,” something big jumped up in the distance, “Is that a demon?”

“Well, well, look at that. This is quite unusual for these waters… The ship wrecker, the Coolakent is what he’s called!”

At the stern of the airship, the boatman raised his merry voice, standing there dexterously. “Huh? Did you just say ship wrecker? Is this thing gonna wreck our airship?!”

Regardless of my anxiety, the boatman spread his hands wide and raised his voice even higher.

“But wait! Do not worry, my dear. The water is too shallow for them to get anywhere near us!”

Those words only served to fuel my anxiety even more.

“Hey, Mr. Boatman, your face is full of confidence, but your words hardly show the same.”

“In short, we could end down there with the seaweeds… I just wish that would disappear.”

Yes, more ominous than the boatman was His Royal Highness’s second aide, Lady Flora Necro, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“Is it just me, or does the sun’s rays seem twisted and dark only around her? I guess it’s just me…’

“When you said to disappear… you were referring to the demon alone, right?

“You weren’t talking about the boatman, right?!”

“Well, we were off to a good start. I’d been using this flying boat a lot. But we only got to see Koola Kent three times… Miss Rururia, you’d better take a good look at that.”

“The culprit this time, your Royal Highness, is the one with the joyful smile on their face.”

How many times would we have to go through this…? This certainly must have been the third time…

“Here, in this spot, you can have a better look at the demon’s attacks.”

“I hate it! Stop it! I want to go home now, now! That’s all I want!”

“Now, look over there.”

Just like that, the prince grabbed my waist and lifted me to see the detestable demon better.

He dodged, from this great distance.

If it was so easy for it to dodge, then he was just messing around so far! Your Royal Highness, Tarashi!

Aide Necro, who was looking at it, spilled out a few words.

“You can’t touch an unmarried woman without permission. You better focus on taking out the enemies.”

“Oh, isn’t it a gentleman’s duty to escort the ladies?” said His Royal Highness with a smile, not paying any attention to Aide Necro, who was spitting venom with a shadow on his back.

“Thank you, Aide, Sir! But are you sure your master is okay with that?”

“Huh, I’d say it’s a pretty glamorous trip. I just have to go along with two women who probably hate my guts.”

You said that sadly and dismissively, but I could see the smile in your eyes!

Oh, your Royal Highness. I’ve wanted to say it. I couldn’t say it aloud, but I’ve wanted to…

You’re the culprit!

Why did it have to be like this…? I want to go back!

I was called to the King’s Palace because of Lord Ten-Eyed Dragon.

To my surprise, he invoked the mightiest of spells; King’s Life. I have no choice but to stay at the palace. Hmph!

This was after finding out that Irene-sama came from a place in another world called Japan. The revelation is still a shock to me.

After that, we had a quiet and peaceful time…

As usual, His Royal Highness summoned me to the Royal Palace via the Royal Secret Passage.

Ah, it was just another one of His Royal Highness’s whining stories. It’s just like that time when I had to excuse myself from all of those outstanding people surrounding me.

“I flipped my hand as I was about to spin around and go home.” You are disgustingly natural at this, Your Royal Highness.

When I felt stunned by the difference in his attitude compared to the past ones, he made me sit down between his brother and the Knights of the Round Table!

“Now now, let’s not rush ourselves.” His Royal Highness told us to quiet down.

The reason I wanted to rush home was because of this stinking attitude.

“Your Royal Highness, help me!”

His Royal Highness apologized with his eyes, “I’m sorry that you got caught in this.”

“I don’t care if you apologize or not. I want you to do something about this situation!”

“Now, as always, everything is fine, right, Your Royal Highness?”

The prince responded, smiling. “Is it a hoax? No, a few people like this would surely destroy the country. This one is the real deal.”

His Royal Highness slurred his words as the prince said that to Monyonyo. That’s right; you couldn’t complain about the person in question in front of him.

I just wanted to go home…

“Huh? Why is His Royal Highness in a place like this?”

At that moment, His Royal Highness’s atmosphere, which had the air of a clammy yet refreshingly beautiful man, changed drastically with my words.

It wasn’t like the time when he had cornered me in the secret passage or when he cornered me in lady Irene’s room. Not even when he questioned me about Lord Ten-eyed Dragon did he present such an evil smile that didn’t match any of his brothers…

Yet now, he shows such a joyful face that could mirror the ancient chaotic evil gods’ expressions when they’re trying to torment the sacrifice.

I get it… You’re like Sara-chan, Your Royal Highness… So, this is who you truly are!

“Now it makes sense why you invited lady Rururia to this journey.”

This demonic face of yours! What the hell have you been discussing here, Your Royal Highness?

“Lately, the continent had been stirred up a lot. So please, lady Rururia…”

“That is so, and just like in the The Dragon Knight’s Bride, I want you to stand up and act as threatening and dangerous as possible.”

His Royal Highness took a tuft of his hair while speaking and started to twist his fingers. Oh no!

Quickly, he pulled his hair out and stood up, getting into the narrow gap between the Knight Commander and the armrest.

“You… enemy of all women!” – I stared at His Royal Highness, holding the cushions that I was forced to get out of the way of, being threatened by him.

Seeing the situation, the Knight Commander let out a remarkable sigh, “Your Royal Highness, I don’t appreciate you making fun of a woman.”

It was a pretty decent thing to say for a Knight Commander…

His Royal Highness looked at him as if he were an ancient, chaotic, evil god who rejoiced in the torture of a live sacrifice.

Stop doing that scary face!

“I refuse! I refuse to do so! As much as I love the kingdom of Lemaire, I will not leave it.” As I said that from the bottom of my heart, the three looked at each other.

“It was already decided at the meeting.”

“This has already been settled”

“Quit it, Rururia-sama…”

Why did it have to be like this?!

“Lady Rururia, you’re gonna fall off in a daze, are you okay?”

Aide Necro looked coldly at His Royal Brother, who smiled as if fascinated.

“I’m the one who was forced by His Royal Highness the King’s brother to come here along with a dead-eyed First Assistant.”

I wanted to stay in my country… My dear motherland! Come and get me.

For the second time, it was cold as hell in here!

As I mourned being abandoned, the Boatman cheerfully announced.

“Next stop is Alphaid Empire, Alphaid Empire! Remember to check if you have everything with you before alighting from the ship!”

The flying boat that had been ripping through the ocean slowed down as it approached the docks.

Our neighbor is the Kingdom of Lemaire. We’ve barely arrived, and I already hated it!

Ah… that ship was going to go back. I wish I were there!

I was looking enviously at the flying boat on the other side of the Lemaire line, and from behind, a hand was placed on my shoulder!

“Looks like the way to reaching our objective will be pretty long, huh, Lady Rururia?”

As I turned around, the person behind me looked as if he knew what I was thinking. His Royal Highness…

Please take me back! NOW!