I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

30. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

As soon as I arrived in Vali, the City of Flowers, I was surrounded by Imperial soldiers and didn’t get a chance to take a good look at the Crystal Palace, which was what I wanted to do.

I at least wanted to go around it a bit…

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, we were gone from the Lemaire Kingdom, tucked into a room far away.

They were polite, but they rushed and brought us in without the usual treats that the Crystal Palace give to their visitors. So, that was a huge slam to my mood…

And the soldiers who showed me around were acting strangely like they were on the lookout for something, but I think it was all in their minds.

I wondered if the reason why they were still in armor was because of the civil unrest last year and as a precaution…

It’s not like they were wearing a sword in a palace where they shouldn’t be armed or that they were preparing for another civil war…

Somebody, please explain to me why!

And while you’re at it, take me back to my country!

Ignoring the cries of my heart, the evening party began. To be honest, I hoped it would be canceled.

The Imperial-sponsored evening party, which had begun inexorably, was a very glamorous affair, besieged by luxury goods.

The venue was filled with elegant music. Ladies and gentlemen laughing in a refined manner at each other.

Just the regular ordeal.

I expected way more on the way here…

A betrayal, a fistfight, or a usurpation of the Emperor? I expected a little bit of each.

It doesn’t look like anything interesting is going to happen, though…

As soon as I arrived in Feyrath, the conference purpose was settled, and my hopes of returning home that day were gone with the wind.

His Royal Highness said this was a pre-conference gut-checking session.

Let’s not waste time with diplomacy, okay? I want to go home as soon as possible.

As I entered the palace as His Royal Highness’s escort, I felt piercing stares from several eyes.

Are they staring at me? Probably not. His Royal Highness is way more handsome.

Aide Necro, you are the one behind me; you should be the escort.

I can feel your eyes saying, No, of course not! But I’d like to be replaced.

I really can’t figure out why they needed me here…

As I was escaping from my existence’s reality, some high and mighty people came up to talk to His Royal Highness.

There was the Grand Duke’s son, the Head of the Republic, and the Realm’s Chancellor.

I was a vulnerable maiden of age, who was introduced as The Dragon Knight’s Bride by His Royal Highness, who got subtle redness to her face when she said, Good day to you to people whose status are way above hers.

But everyone nodded in admiration when they heard that the decoration that adorned me was made of Dragon scales.

What? Does everyone want to wear it that badly?

If His Royal Highness allows it, I’d be happy to lend it to you.

Oh my God, I was so nervous about every one of them at first, but I’ve seen so many great people that I’ve become numb to it.

But it should be a big deal, or at least I should pretend that it is.

The one who just spoke to me was dark potatoes, the one who looked at me rudely was over-nourished carrots, and the one who didn’t seem to believe us at all was pumpkins with dark eyebrows.

I can’t remember the names, but I can remember their faces.

Well, if people could read my mind, I’m sure I’d be accused of disrespecting them, but that’s fine.

As long as they don’t find out…

From then on, I would repeat, like a broken magic tool, I rode the Dragon! or The Dragon followed me!

I’m not lying. I mounted it, told him to calm down, and he calmed down. The rest is just a little bit of exaggeration.

“The Emperor’s coming!” An Imperial soldier snapped at his staff and announced loudly to cancel out the buzz in the hall.

Hey! You didn’t have to scream out of the blue like that. I got so surprised that I said, I followed the Dragon.

Even the good-natured sweet potato who listened to me was surprised.

Emperor Faerus appeared in the stilled hall, accompanied by his two children.

They are the only surviving imperial twins of the imperial civil war a year ago, the only surviving heirs to the throne.

All three of them are covered by a veil that prevents us from seeing their faces.

As far as I can recall, the Emperor is the Realm of the Living God and never shows his face in front of his men.

That veil looks so thin, and I even tried to look at him from another angle. (Midway through, His Royal Highness grabbed me by the head.)

Oh! I really can’t see his face! That’s kind of awesome!

While I was getting excited, Emperor Faerus went up to the upper level and looked around at the world’s dignitaries.

You’re acting like I… I’m glaring at you!

Suddenly the atmosphere turned sour…

He quickly raised his hand to signal Emperor Faerus. The music stopped, and the people in the room made a standing ovation.

I’ve heard about it, but I didn’t think the countries were this far away from the Empire. Nobody was bending their knees…

Rather, there were even some people who were unhappy with the Emperor, mostly the young ones…

Wow, this meeting is even dumber than I thought it would be.

“Hey, hey, Your Royal Highness.”

I think it’s time for me to go home. Let’s go home now that the Emperor is out of the picture.

“This is not over yet. Relax.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

I feel like the frustration of the people around me is getting higher, but oh well…

With that said, the buzz returned a little louder than it was earlier. The pleasantries had started again.

Hmm? Oh, the sweet potato is gone… Oh, he’s gone to greet Emperor Faerus.

Correction, The Dragon followed me. Okay! Not the other way around! Next time I’ll say it right.

I felt someone’s gaze piercing through the crowds towards me…

Who could it be? I looked around at him, and our gazes met in a flutter. Maybe we’ve already met before…

After all, he’s got the veil all over him just like the kids and is being observed as well.

I have an idea… Not the best one but, this time, unfortunately…

Oh, I feel so bad about my past self if this is what I think it is…


We might be dealing with the twin heiress to the Empire’s throne, which was a noble count from another country.

There’s no way I’ll ever be able to face him.

At least I hope so…

More than that…

His Royal Highness noticed the twins’ gaze at (unfortunately, me), and with a beautiful, kind face, he threatened me with his eyes. What do you mean by we’ll talk later?

Don’t threaten me like that!

As I was thinking about what to do about this crisis, a man approached us, clearly drunk.

I’m a little relieved that he wasn’t looking at me.

“Well, well. Isn’t this the Famed Flower of the Lemaire kingdom, Mr. Persius?”

I then opened my mouth at His Royal Highness, being called flower.

The word flower is a compliment that is used for women, and to say it to a man is like saying that you view him as such.

What? So, the continent has a different manner of doing things than we do.

No, people are buzzing around it, so I guess that’s just my interpretation.

I don’t mean to judge people’s tastes, but I don’t think it’s right to make it that public.

You know, if you’re going to confess your feelings, Drunkard, I think you might want to do it in a more secluded place.

I’m a little concerned about the drunkard…

I’m sure the evil good-looking prince over here is probably, no, definitely, angry.

When I looked at His Royal Highness to see if he was in love with Irene-sama, he responded in a surprisingly normal way, like a normal person.

But now, he looks vivid!

I can see something black coming out of him!

I thought he was done for, and as I looked at the drunk who was about to have his ass beaten, he grinned back at me.

“But it’s hard to believe that such a little girl is The Dragon Knight’s Bride. It doesn’t seem appropriate.”

“What, does the Knight Commander have a thing for you?” So, it seems that this tangled mess was just sarcasm…

“Hey, you’re drunk!” I almost nodded partly in response to his tirade against me, but it’s not my place to tell you that.

“I mean, I’m not going to marry the Knight Commander or anything! I…”

While I was stuttering, Aide Necro exchanged looks with His Royal Highness and took a step forward.

Yeah, Aide, give this stupid drunkard a good shove!

“You block my path, woman!” The courageous but dumb drunkard raised his pitiful voice at her… Meh, I give him 1 point for trying.

I’m surrounded by people who have a score of at least 120 in scaring me, so this poor bastard is nothing to me.

“He’s finished for sure.”

“If Lemaire is going to bring this thing around…”

“What does the empire have in mind?”

”Scary, scary, scary!”

The people around me are buzzing. Can someone explain to me what’s going on?

Amid the buzzing, the drunkard and Aide Necro got even closer.

Staring at each other so closely that you can see the sparks flying from their confrontation.    

“Count Sime Rondane, of Alphayd, lipstick out of sight behind his vest… Dilated pupils, women’s cologne, a scent favored by unmarried women more than by married women… Mouth retracted, a slightly wrinkled shirt, entered the room after the affair… Contraction of the upper right cheek…”

“What a catch! Hey, Aide Necro, who’s that?”

Not paying attention to my bewilderment, Aide Necro-sama concluded that the drunk who was already pale and sweaty and, in a state, akin to he’s a criminal by all accounts with a death sentence.

“As it turns out, he cheated on his wife right before the main evening party… What a bastard…”

The gulp I was expecting was severely underrated. Well done, Aide Necro!

It’s disgusting, you drunkard, to think that you enjoyed the affair until the last minute of the evening party.

Your life of nobility is over after being exposed in front of so many of your kin.

And part of the reason is you lashing out at other people!

But I don’t see how people like this can come to such an important evening party.

I thought these diplomatic forums were supposed to be attended only by the best and brightest of nations.

I wonder, how many were forced to come here? Not him, though.

The Knights rushed in and took the drunken Count, who had blown himself up in a fit of rage against us, bowing their heads in our direction. It looked like they were used to these kinds of situations. Now that’s a type of kindness that you just can’t explain…

And then there’s the second prince of the famous, misogynistic followers of Irene-sama.

Is it just me, or do misogyny and Irene-sama’s followers sound like a contradiction in terms? I’ll probably have to ask Sara-chan or Solan-kun about that.

Come to think of it, despite being a disgusting misogynist; he’s quite good at diplomacy and stuff.

There are quite a few talented female diplomats in other countries. And yet they keep saying that Women are shallow.

Well, with that drunken Count and the misogynistic Prince just now, I’m starting to worry about the Empire just a little bit…

“Thank you, Mr. Persius. We had our hands full with that one. But you didn’t need to bring Lord Necro with you this time.”

“I’ll let you keep it for a while. This one’s full of poison, and I’m sure you’d be ready for an exceptional one.”

The second prince replied to His Royal Highness with a vague, understanding, or not-so-understanding attitude. A gold coin for the one who doesn’t understand! Well… I don’t understand it either.

And even though I’ve been cheerfully eliminating all signs of being spotted by the misogynistic prince, he looks at me and makes a disgusted expression.

Let’s make this a diplomatic issue, okay? Aide Necro.

“And this kid is…?”

“She’s the hottest thing right now, The Dragon Knight’s Bride. For old time’s sake, I’ll tell you all about it.”

His Royal Highness grinned at his face of disgust… I’m not very good at pretending, so I’ll just return his expression.

“She’s special.”

“Why? Did she hit her head or something?”

His Royal Highness shrugged his shoulders instead of getting angry at the misogynistic Second Prince’s frowning attitude.

“If you don’t believe it, then wait and see it.”

Leaving the misogynistic Second Prince, who took His Royal Highness’s words seriously, said that he would pay his respects to Emperor Faerus. It’s as if that drunken Count from earlier never existed in the first place. Well, I guess I can’t blame him for being gentle. I mean, His Royal Highness will surely get his revenge later.

I’ll bet you ten gold pieces on that one.

By the way, I’ve been thinking about what His Royal Highness said, but I’ve never done anything that would warrant being called special.

“It’s a joke, Your Royal Highness; it was just a random remark; you can’t take this seriously,” said the misogynistic prince.

Yes, if you think about it too deeply, you’ll lose…