I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

31. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

“Forget about the misogynistic Second Prince of the much more insecure neighboring Alphayd Empire and stand in the line for those who wish to see Emperor Firas.”

“But still, I knew we wouldn’t be the first in line.”

“Everywhere he goes, makes everything feel uneasy.”

“And this is diplomacy. I can’t do it. I can’t do it.”

“Yeah, the line’s pretty sparse, and it’s not going be long before it’s your turn.”

“His Royal Highness, Prince Persius of Lemaire, together with his deputy, Aide Necro, and Miss Rururia Talbot!”

I suppose it’s our turn now.

It’s not his fault that he got my name wrong. It’s His Royal Highness’s fault for bringing me to this place.

The three of them bowed together, with Emperor Faerus and the twins in front of them.

It’s been a long time since then, but still, the twins’ eyes haven’t changed at all.

Don’t look at me like that! His Royal Highness is going to stare at me!

“It has been a long time. I see that Emperor Faerus is still going strong, and the Empire is as stable as ever.”

His Royal Highness lies with the smoothness of a professional.

I feel relieved that after seeing the Empire, our country is safe because of His Royal Highness.

The audience with Emperor Faerus can be left entirely to His Royal Highness. He will easily do it! We’re just going to do cartesian.

When I tried to sneak a peek at Emperor Faerus, I saw an older man, like a dead tree, leaning behind him like a shadow.

So that’s the Sage of the Empire. In here, Sage is just a title and stands like a consultant.

Mmm, wise guy… he’s so thin that wind may blow him away; I can’t stop thinking about it.

As I worried about that wise man’s body, I overheard something…

“Lemaire’s. Hmm, it was a great cause.”

I feel like this conversation is kind of off…

“Now, I would like you to excuse me.”

“Hmm, that’ll be okay.”

Yay! I can’t go back, but at least I’ll be able to get out of this hall!

I felt uncomfortable with the Emperor’s response to Emperor Faerus, but there really isn’t anything aside from that.

My quarters were assigned to the Imperial side so that I could get back easily.

In contrast to my woozy face, His Royal Highness and Aide Necro seem to be in deep thought.

I wonder what’s wrong.

“I’m surprised it’s gotten this far…”

“Yes, I was too naive. That was a mistake.”         

You’re so hard on yourself, Aide Necro… Still, I hear all sorts of disturbing words.

What? Another failed attempt at rebellion, another imperial civil war?

No, that’s okay. You guys don’t have to explain it any further.

When the time comes, I’ll already be going to be back in our country.

Well, there’s not much I can do about it, so why don’t we just stay indoors and relax?

Oh, I don’t know what to make of it.

I have two children in front of me, both with veils covering their faces.

It looks like they came through a hidden door.

On the other hand, at last, I can take off this horrible amount of clothing articles as fast as possible and have a cup of tea before going to bed. This loose dress and all the makeup and decorations will finally be gone!

What can I do for them? If I don’t tell anyone, then I’ll be allowed to leave.

“Oh, hmmm! Do you remember us?”

“It was only a year ago, of course, she’d remember us. Isn’t that right, Lady Rururia?”

I knew it was those twins!

My shoulders suddenly became heavy with sorrow.

Oh, I was recently hit with this. I turned around, and there they were.

“You guys, who are you, truly?”

Yes, you are the old chaotic evil god! I knew you were in my room. I knew you were there; I knew it.

“Could you… elaborate on it further?”

“Ah! Absolutely!”

Let’s see how long ago that was… “Two years ago! Oh, yeah, two years ago!”

“It began when a subordinate who has served our Talbot territory for generations reported to me, who had returned from school after a long absence… He had picked up two seaweed-coated humans who had been trapped on the breakwater.”

“At that time, my mother and father traveled like newlyweds, and my brother served at the Royal Palace. I was the only one there, so bad luck!”

Of course, I acted with common sense, right? “Go back to where you picked them up,” I said.

Then the people who were supposed to be limping around suddenly jumped up and said, “If you put us back, we’re dead!”

I was startled at the thought of them being killed, so I had no choice but to adopt them as part of my family.

Then, a year later, they vanished without a trace.

“Is that it?”

“Of course, Your Royal Highness. I left them in the care of my men.”

“Don’t lie! Tell the whole story!” It was the twin, the foul-mouthed sister who screamed that.

What? Okay, but I don’t think it’s going to change anything.

She said that it was true that I told me to return the two people covered in seaweed. (His Royal Highness gave me a cold look.)

But afterward, they said, “We’re from a weak kingdom. We won’t be able to defend ourselves when the big power comes.”

“But do you still want to live here?” I asked, and she went on to say, “I’m going to keep living here, no matter what!” He, too, thought that it was a good idea.

I said it out of kindness, but apparently, it ended up being like a death wish—a sad story.

When I nodded, they were as good as adopted. Regardless of gender, our knowledge about fighting and magic would be thoroughly drilled into them.

No, it’s within the realm of common sense because they became Lemairean citizens.

While they practiced, I would occasionally come up to them and say, “Your hair has a bad color,” or when they were getting a haircut, I would say something like, “Make sure your hair is long enough in the front so your face can be seen”. But at the same time, they would still try and hide their true identity.

After that, the Empire picked them up, so they were taken home, but I couldn’t be bothered.

“So, Lady Rururia knew that these two were of the blood of Emperor Faerus?”

“That was obvious. She had purple hair, which was synonymous with the Royal family of Feyrath. I didn’t think to ask since if I’ve already noticed.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

With His Royal Highness still looking like he wanted to hear the rest of what happened was interrupted by her lifting her veil. The other one who saw that, too, hesitantly, took off his.

I thought they weren’t supposed to show their faces…

Well, I already saw it a year ago.

The owner of the cocky, hanging eyes and dark blue-purple hair is my sister, Yuyi, and the owner of the mature, droopy eyes and light purple hair is my brother, Nanai.

Yeah, I remember. That’s the right names, right? It was… I think it was Nini… No, it was Yuyua and Nanae.

“Please help us!”

A perfectly synchronized cry for help came from the twins.

Huh? Help? From me? Come on, twins, you are now the sole heirs to the throne.

You can’t say that to someone from another country.

Before I could reply, His Royal Highness smiled softly at the twins, looking like a good man.

“Now, there is no time to be blushing.”

The one in front of you, he’s the one you need to be most vigilant about.

Ignoring such unvoiced advice, the twins spoke earnestly to His Royal Highness.

“We were at the end of our rope.”

“The Emperor doesn’t talk anymore.”

“The wise man is the one giving all the orders.”

“Then he started calling us unclean blood.”

“The poison in our food kept getting stronger and stronger.”

“Assassins also started coming.”

“Please help us!”

They both turned red after speaking in turns, explaining and asking for help.

Well, let’s see what Your Highness will do…

After a few moments of silence, His Highness, with his good-natured face, asked the twins gently, “What are you guys going to do after you’ve been rescued?”

“It’s not so easy as simply saving lives,” His Royal Highness continued.

Then, smoothly and softly, he gutted the twins with words with precision and certainty.

“Do you want to be a commoner? Not as long as you have that hair color.”

“Are you going to stay in the Empire? I don’t think you’ll live as long as the Empire if you stayed there.”

“Do you want to come back with Lady Rururia and me to our country? You weren’t worth a damn last time, and now it’ll be no different.”

“What do you want to do? What’s your decision?”

He drove both twins into a corner, all while having a reassuring smile on his face.



The momentum from before is fading fast, and all they can muster was a thin voice.

Haha… they’re still the lovable twins that I knew.

“Your Royal Highness.”

“What is it? Lady Rururia?”

“It’s a terrible thing to list all the wrong options when dealing with kids deliberately.”

When I pointed this out, His Royal Highness laughed with his eyes. It was a joyful smile like an ancient chaotic evil god who had encountered a sacrifice that had something interesting to say!

Why are you giving me such a cold stare! It’s freezing! I’m going to freeze to death!

“Then, despite Lady Rururia, I’ll give you guys a reprieve. You both shall give me an answer by tomorrow night.”

Oh, don’t you think that’s too short? That’s not very mature, Your Royal Highness… Eh, forget it…

“Then it’s a deal!”

“I just caught up in the momentum of His Royal Highness’s speech, twins. I’m not sure you’ll have an answer even by then.”

I’ll see them here again by tomorrow… the three of them left with only myself remaining.

Eh? Are they gathering here tomorrow?

But this is my room!

The night dawned from such an exciting day.

The best news I heard at breakfast was that I didn’t have to go to the meeting.

After all, it seemed that The Dragon Knight’s ‘mumble’ was well known at last night’s party.

But if I let it out too much, as he said, it would reveal my lack of mystique, so not today.

I’m not telling you yet, Your Royal Highness!

The room I was assigned to was luxurious, with a bedroom and a dressing room, and a parlor for each of us, decorated with detailed carvings, magnificent murals, and fluffy carpets. It was very comfortable!

Since Aide Necro was housekeeping, we could drink tea in the parlor together.

You mean I don’t have to attend the meeting with His Royal Highness?

But Aide Necro is a capable and knowledgeable talker if you don’t mind the occasional spell that leaks out.

I’m going to have a great time. I should enjoy it!

Especially, This is it! a game so interestingly presented to me by Aide Necro that I’ve been playing too much.

Yeah, I wish this weren’t a diplomatic trip.

Suddenly, the door opened. And there was His Royal Highness, who was supposed to be in a meeting right now.

What’s wrong?

“What’s going on? Your Royal Highness?”

“Err… Someone has kidnaped the twins.”