Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [22]

Chapter Twenty Two: Meeting The Princess of Another Country

Many people gathered in the hall of the palace illuminated by the glittering chandeliers. No matter how many times I experienced it, I was not used to attending a large party that welcomed state guests. I felt out of place in these events. With a smile on my face, I was full of desire to return to the detached palace as soon as possible. But I can’t just whine—until The Prince found a new marriage partner, I must somehow continue to pretend to be a princess. Today was a welcome party for The Princess from a small country in the west to conclude an alliance. Princess Priscilla, who is the representative, was a pretty princess with the feeling of an ideal “princess.” She had a petite body, big eyes, adorable lips like rosebuds. The pink dress with frills and ribbons here and there looked great on her. The standing behavior was also dignified and made her lookadorable. As expected, The Princess who was born is different; it’s a big difference from an ordinary person like me who pretends to be a princess.

“Nice to meet you, Princess Adelina. Although I am late, I would like to congratulate you on your marriage.”

Princess Priscilla was such a pretty person that even I was slightly nervous. The necklace, earrings, and tiara on the well-shaped forehead were decorated with beautiful shining jewels. It was also lovely that her cheeks were dyed crimson. It suited her well, and I am overwhelmed by the difference again.

“Princess Adelina is like an adult. I’ve always been treated like a child; I envy her.”

No, from my point of view, Princess Priscilla was much more stunning! I should be the one envious of her. I was indeed an adult, but I did not have any unique characteristics. On the other hand, there was His Highness Prince Francis, who was a real prince, and Princess Priscilla, who embodied the ideal princess. When the two people stood next to each other, it was a picturesque scene that made you want to see it more.

Princess Priscilla happily talked to The Prince with her cheeks dyed red. The Prince, on the other hand, squinted and gently gave a phatic expression listening to her stories.

Similar to Ella, I was reminded of the fact that Princess Priscilla was more suitable than me to stand by His Highness’s side.

While I watched the two of them, I heard a story about them from a distance.

“Hey, I wonder if that rumor is true.”

“You mean the one about His Highness and Princess Priscilla?”

“Yeah. Princess Priscilla has been in love with His Royal Highness Prince Francis!”

“I’ve heard that if His Highness hadn’t been married by the time the alliance was signed, the story of his marriage to Princess Priscilla would have been raised.”

“Oh, then Princess Priscilla would be so disappointed because The Prince was destined to be tied to Princess Adelina!”

The heart made an unpleasant noise with each word. They were wrong; I was not the one who deserves to be The Princess by his side. I felt as if I had become an obstacle standing between The Prince and Princess Priscilla, and I felt like I was bleeding. My body staggered unintentionally and was hugged by a powerful arm.

” Albina, are you okay?”         

The Prince slightly whispered, but he still had concern in his words.

Was it The Prince who hugged me? The Prince was chatting with Princess Priscilla, and when I looked at her, Princess Priscilla was staring at me with clear anger and impatience reflecting from her gaze.

Prince, please don’t leave the state guest unattended, especially when she is The Princess of another nation.

“I’m sorry. It seems that my legs are swaying due to a little sickness.”

“You should take a rest right away. Let’s leave for the palace right away.”

“Eh? No, please don’t be so concerned.”

Although I tried desperately to stop The Prince, he still came out of the venue in the blink of an eye, holding my shoulder. Princess Priscilla was waiting!

I managed to persuade The Prince who insisted that he will be accompanying me to the detached palace, and he compromised by having him see me off until I got into the carriage.

I had never heard that if The Prince didn’t meet Ella, he might have been married to Princess Priscilla. Maybe everyone was being considerate of me and chose to not bring the topic up.

From what I saw, Princess Priscilla seemed to love Prince Francis. Prince Francis was so adored by such a cute princess that he couldn’t feel unpleasant.

Isn’t this going to work normally?


I had no intention of being an obstacle and it would be a problem if Princess Priscilla misunderstood.

However, if Prince Francis chose Princess Priscilla and remarried her after divorcing me, I have to congratulate her with a smile. It is okay; I should be able to do it. But when I thought I had to get divorced and leave this detached palace, I suddenly felt lonely.

For some reason, I may have liked this life. Sir Danforth was a reliable knight, the gentle maids, animals such as my dear alpaca and the sheep that heal me, the servants who cared for the fields together, and His Imperial Highness, who often comes by to visit. Yeah, it’s a shame to feel sorry, but originally, this was not mine. It was supposed to be given to the princess, chosen by The Prince.

Therefore, I had to return it properly since I was not the real princess chosen by The Prince.