Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [23]

Chapter Twenty Three: The Prince, Worried About The Princess’s Safety

POV: Prince Francis

The past few days had been busy, and I haven’t had time to go to the palace.

When was the last time I ate Albertina’s home cooking? Last week? Surprisingly not so much time has passed. I already wanted to go to see Albertina, I couldn’t help it. The peaceful time I spent with her in the detached palace had become an indispensable and important part of my life.

“Conrad, a little away from the palace–“

“As you may know, we are planning to visit a village for inspection with Princess Priscilla after this. Do you have time to visit Her Imperial Highness?”


I sighed unintentionally. Princess Priscilla was The Princess of an ally nation. I knew that accompanying her was part of my job, but I was disappointed with her immaturity. She did not seem to have the consciousness of being an ally messenger. When we visited a rural village a few days ago, she chose to wear a gorgeous dress as if she was going to a ball.

“No, it’s so muddy around. My dress gets dirty!”

Immediately, a vessel from her country crouched down and helped her pass the muddy area, and when she was injured, she got dizzy.

I had to stop myself from almost yelling, “Well, we came here for an inspection. I didn’t come to play!” at her. It was so frustrating to deal with such troublesome situations, and Princess Priscilla has been spoiled throughout her childhood. I was sure Albertina wouldn’t imitate such a stupid thing. Wearing her usual apron dress, wearing boots, and sandals, it would be easy to proceed even on the shore. The talk will be lively with the farmers. Maybe we will enthusiastically discuss how to grow and cook vegetables and exchange recipes. Only then would the inspection be meaningful. She was a wise girl, and many things could be obtained, better results achieved not just showing for the inspection’s sake as was the case with Princess Priscilla. Wasn’t Albertina much closer to my ideal royal family than Princess Priscilla, the true royal family?

“Do you like Princess Priscilla?” Conrad asked me suddenly, and I frowned unintentionally.

When he saw my expression, Conrad laughed.

“At the welcome party the other day, it was rumored that you were ‘squinting and looking at Princess Priscilla in love’”

“I just squinted because the light reflected on the jewels she was wearing; It was irritating to my eyes! It looked like a menacing color of insects, and it can only be said that my eyes were tired. It was really unpleasant! By the way, even if I talked to Albertina at a short distance, I wouldn’t be dazzled like that.”

“The decoration of Princess Adelina is elegant. It’s modest compared to Princess Priscilla, but, indeed, her dignity as a princess hasn’t been compromised at all. I thought it was a natural consideration for a lady, but it seems that some people do not understand our common sense.”

“Don’t spit poison today, Conrad.”

“When I look at the people below who are swayed by Princess Priscilla, I feel embarrassed. But don’t worry; just because Princess Priscilla grew up spoiled, the country itself is not in her hands. There seems to be no such thing as a group of idiots that can’t be attached. “

Gordon, the exclusive knight who was casually chewing on the cake, also came into the story, as if he was hung up by Conrad, who quietly spat poison.

“Compared to that, Her Royal Highness has good taste. Sure, there are no overly decorative jewels she wears like Princess Priscilla, but my sister praised her dressing sense. To have fresh flowers on hair and clothes is now a very popular style of fashion among the women of the noble class because Her Highness loves to wear them.”

“Is that so?”

“Moreover, it seems that the flowers were grown directly by Her Royal Highness, and now it seems that gardening is a compulsory subject among women. A good gardener seems to be sought after.”

Gordon’s story made me happy, as if I was the one being praised. She often looked down upon herself, but that was wrong. Albertina was surely a wonderful woman who was very rare in this country. The next time she despised herself, I would point it out.

“Your Highness. I know it’s a hassle, but I think it’s better to be as close to Princess Priscilla as possible during her stay here.”

“Why so?”

The thoughts about Albertina suddenly dropped. However, Gordon said with a rare and serious expression, without worrying about my mood.

“That princess seems to be sniffling about Princess Adelina.”


To me who was surprised, Conrad opened his mouth a little hard to say.

“It’s fine if it’s just a childish rivalry. However, I believe she needs to be a little careful. Just refrain from responding to her feelings before she takes decisive action. The situation was a little problematic, even if she is spoiled; she is still the princess of an ally nation.”

As I was about to question Princess Priscilla, I sat down again at the words. If I pointed out Princess Priscilla’s actions without any solid evidence, it could create a crack between the two countries.

“Strengthen the security of the palace. The same goes for the events that Princess Albertina attends. If Princess Priscilla tries to do something, make sure that Albertina’s safety is of the top priority over everything.”

“As you command, Your Highness.”

I didn’t know what Princess Priscilla was thinking, but I knew she would never be able to hurt Albertina.

I had to strengthen the security system and keep an eye on Princess Priscilla’s actions as closely as possible and keep her away from Albertina. If she tried to harm Albertina, she would regret it for the rest of her life, and I would be here to make sure of that!