Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [21]

Chapter Twenty One: The Princess Works for a Tired Prince

Summer passed and autumn came but my life as a princess did not change. Every day I enjoyed fishing in the river near the detached Palace, playing with sheep and alpaca, taking care of the fields, and eating the harvested vegetables. Recently, the ladies adapted to my slow life talk. Everyone’s outfits were taken care of so that they were less noticeable than I am, and they were changing to something simple. I felt sorry for them. If only I could have a niftier story and become a princess who looked good in gorgeous jewelry and dresses, maybe everyone would have been more relaxed. I was sure The Prince also preferred such a glittering woman. The next princess should be more gorgeous and sociable than I was! Well, there weren’t any women below me who were around The Prince. Even so, was The Prince’s love for his mistress unrequited? He wasn’t a perfect person, but there were also good points for The Prince. He was thinking about the future of the country and the people properly, and that made me feel he was overworking himself. It was more than enough to care for me, who was just an obstacle because he had made a mistake. At first, I thought he was a ridiculous person, but when I got to know him, I came to respect him. This was why I wanted him to be happy.

“Next month, The Princess from a small country in the West will visit our nation to conclude an alliance treaty. I’m sorry, but during her stay, you will also have to attend various events such as a welcoming party. “

“It doesn’t matter, my Prince, you look tired.” Today His Highness The Prince seemed more tired than ever. His complexion was pale, and there were slight dark circles under his eyes. It’s fine to work hard, but if you break your body, you won’t have any children!

“It will only be a small comfort, but I will brew herbal tea that works for tiredness. Please wait for a moment.”

Chamomile, linden flowers, and rose hips.

While looking at the recipe, weigh the amount exactly and blend.

If I were Ella, I would do it well with a natural intuition, but I am an ordinary person. After all, the recipe was the best.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Oh, thank you!”

When The Prince sipped my brewed herbal tea, he suddenly relaxed his expression.

“Thank you; I think I can do my best with this.”

“Prince, it’s important to rest properly! Oh, you can MofuMofu, my dear alpaca? It will be healing.”

Pulling The Prince who looked a little dull, I took him to the ranch. When he sat down on the bench provided and I brought my dear alpaca, he obediently brushed her fluffy fur.

MofuMofu was happy to see The Prince. She huffed, “Hoon,” with a higher tension than usual.

Even animals are more approving!

When I thought about it, my shoulder suddenly felt heavy.I wondered what it was, looked back on it, and I was surprised.

The Prince leaned against my shoulder, with his eyes closed because he was asleep!

Wow, what should I do in such a case!

“Oh, Prince?”          

I tried to call him, but The Prince did not wake up.

I could only heave a small sigh; he was completely asleep!

I couldn’t stand to wake him up, and I was at a loss about what to do when I looked at the alpaca.

However, in the meantime, things got worse.


The Prince’s head gradually tilted and almost slipped off my shoulder.

Supporting The Prince’s head that was about to fall, shifting the position of my body, and gently shifting The Prince’s body, I managed to successfully land The Prince’s head on my lap! That was safer.

I had to do something about this situation. I looked at the Prince’s escort and the maids in the palace who were watching from a distance, but for some reason, they all smiled with a happy face and did not help me. My knees were unwilling, but for now, I guess I would be The Prince’s pillow.


“The Prince is sleeping, so be a little quieter, alpaca dear.”

The Prince didn’t wake up for a while, and when he woke up, he apologized. If The Prince had a rest, that was fine for me.