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46. The Condemnation of a Foolish Woman

Leticia was born into a family of sorcerers.

“You’re the clan’s masterpiece—therefore, utilize that power to achieve everything.”

Her father, who always told her so, was the first victim claimed by her curse.

The reason was—

—simple, because he praised her too much.

To be praised to that extent, she couldn’t help but want to see the extent of her power.

After that, she cursed and killed her entire family, leaving herself alone.

However, instead of regret, all that was born from massacring her own family was pride.

My! It turns out I’m this majestic!

As my father said—I truly can achieve everything!

Fortunately, Leticia hadn’t only been born talented, but also wealthy—and most of all, beautiful.

One day, Leticia participated in a dance party attended by aristocrats.

It was just for fun.

However, that same day, she fell in love.

It was with none other than the first prince of Lynchgiham—Nigel.

She immediately tried to approach Nigel.

However, no matter how much she flirted, Nigel never looked at her.

Even though up until that point, she had never failed to achieve anything!

Eventually, Leticia moved on from Nigel and approached Claude, the prince of Verclaim.

Honestly, it was just an escapade.

Despite that, Verclaim was much more powerful than Lynchgiham.

The woman you rejected is now the fiancée of the prince of the neighboring kingdom—!

It’s too late for you to regret it—!

it was her way of comforting herself.

Fortunately, Claude was stupid enough to fall in love with Leticia despite having a fiancée—Eliane.

Everything after that point was a piece of cake.

Eliane was accused of being a fake saint, while she herself became the true saint.

The foolish Claude immediately took Leticia’s word for it.

Truly, what a foolish man he was.

After all, she was a sorcerer who had even killed her own family—compared to that, what was a true saint?

Leticia, who got her hands on Prince Claude, was still not satisfied.

That was when she thought about getting revenge on Nigel—after all, he had rejected her.

However, he was unreachable. That was because as a prince of a kingdom, he had many escorts.

Therefore, she decided to team up with SS-class adventurer, Alberto.

She handed Alberto a number of cursed items and told him to distribute them in Lynchgiham.

The reason she borrowed the power of an SS-class adventurer was because she thought he was much easier to control than a merchant.

A professional merchant might have discovered her curses.

Although said chance was slim, as a cautious woman, she couldn’t afford to take the risk.

Besides, his fighting ability was also intriguing.

In an emergency, he shall be the shield that protects her… she had that kind of belief.

Let the cursed items be distributed into Lynchgiham via Alberto.

Once said items were completely distributed, it’d be too late for Lynchgiham.

In order to break the curses, Lynchgiham might seek the help of a neighboring saint—yes, Leticia.

The rest would be easy. She’d take her sweet time seducing Nigel—such was Leticia’s plan.

However, after hearing from Alberto that Eliane was in the neighboring kingdom… moreover, beside Nigel, hatred was born in her heart.

Ah, that’s it.

Let’s just destroy it.


Her feelings were akin to someone getting tired of a once interesting toy.

She handed the cursed sword she had long since prepared to Alberto, planning to end both Eliane and Lynchgiham.

Such were the circumstances behind the recent incident.


“Claude, when I think of the possibility of the dragon’s next visit, I grow fearful…”

“It’s alright, Leticia! I’m here with you! I shall further strengthen the military! So, rest assured, Leticia!”

Inside Claude’s room.

Leticia leaned over Claude, masking her grin.

A foolish man, indeed… as long as I keep acting as a terrified woman, I can draw as much money as I want… his looseness with money is crazy—but, as long as I can maintain this extravagance…

By that time, Alberto, who bore the cursed sword, should have already slain both Nigel and Eliane.

If Alberto, whom was inherently strong, were to lose the concepts of ‘pain’ and ‘fear’, he’d surely be unstoppable, undefeatable.

…When Leticia was thinking such.


“What’s wrong, Leticia!?”

Suddenly, a sharp pain struck her face.

After a moment, unbearable heat also swarmed her face.

Leticia screamed while holding her face, falling to the ground.

W-what’s happening!?!?

Leticia rolled around in agony for a while…

“Aah, aah, inside my body…!”

The pain had subsided to a point it became bearable—Leticia slowly lifted her face.

“L, Leticia, your face…”

“…My fFace?”

For some reason, Claude was pointing at Leticia while shaking.


Why would Claude be trembling like that?

Amidst the tension, Leticia suddenly turned her gaze to the mirror in the room.

That was when the tension rose.

“W-what?? How could this be!? My face—!!”

Leticia approached in the mirror.

Her face was charred, as if she had been burnt.

Her once beautiful face had disappeared completely, having turned into an ugly, monster-like, face.

“Why!? How!? N, no way…!”

She could only come into one conclusion—

—unfortunately, that conclusion was indeed the truth.

That was right.

Her curse had been thwarted.

If a powerful curse were to be lifted before it could fulfil its objective, it’d return to the caster.

The hammer of justice had fallen upon the foolish fake saint who tried to not only harm Lynchgiham, but also slay Nigel and Eliane!

“Claude, Claude!”

“A, are you really Leticia!? F, for now, let’s call a healer…”

Claude was still oblivious about everything.

Even if a curser, instead of a healer, were to be called, the curse which had found its way back to Leticia wouldn’t be lifted. The only one who would be able to do so, was probably Eliane.

Leticia herself never expected that turn—for her own power to reward her with demise instead of everything.

Ton, ton.

When Claude was in a fluster, the door was knocked.

“Claude! Something has happened!”

“Who!? I don’t have time to listen to your useless report right now!”

A knight entered from the hall.

Even though the room was in disarray, the knight paid no heed to that.

It was as if he was preoccupied by something else.

“F, following the dragon…”

“What!? Another dragon!? Another dragon has come!?”

“No, it’s not a dragon! This time, it’s…”

However, at that point in time, Claude had already forgotten about it—

—about the dragon’s warning.

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