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30. Was Careful, When Cutting!

“Nevertheless, Rin, there is no need for you to go this far for House Head, is there?”
Kuro, as a golden shishi, talks to Rin who clings to his back as he dashes across the sky.

“No—! They attacked master, Rin also defeat!”
Rin’s grip on Kuro’s back strengthens as she replies.

Fumu, then it cannot be helped…”
Kuro, perceiving Rin’s sentiments from her conduct, reluctantly accepts her accompanying them.

“However, you are not to do anything excessive.”

Towards Kuro’s words, Rin gives a spirited response.
Shiro, leading the way, then calls out to the two.

Ka—! Ka—ka.”
Fumu, over there?”
“Big—! Building—!”

The 2 inform the others of when the enemy headquarters comes into their views.

“Well then, shall we once more confirm our objectives before getting started.”
Nn—! The mean people, defeat—!”
Umu, I want to annihilate1 these enemies who attacked House Head very much, but as Shiro said, rescuing the hostages takes priority.”

Rin becomes a bit miffed at Kuro’s correction.

“Well, I shall do the rescuing. Rin and Shiro, defeat those who interfere. Shiro, I entrust Rin to you.”

Shiro nods, transmitting, “Leave her to me,” with his caw.

“Well then, shall we punish those who have stolen House Head’s tranquility?”

The 3 of Kousuke’s house, with their hearts united as 1 through their enthusiasm, alight for the building before them.

—Diamond in the sky—

“So, th- they’ve come.”
Chie, peering out from a room on the 8th floor, feels tension run through the whole building.
“At any rate, they have such vast forces of life.”

The accuracy of Chie’s special ability, [Perception], changes depending on distance and concentration. When the distance from the target is within a few hundred meters, she is also able to sense the target’s life force whenever it uses a special ability or technique. Furthermore, Chie, through her own experiences, can use that to predict her opponent’s capabilities.

“For all 3 of them to be in the rank A class of special abilities… how outrageous. Still, this isn’t at a level we can’t deal with. Perform a preliminary stri—!?”

Chie immediately goes to order the combatants on the 1st floor to perform a preliminary strike but feels a strange tremor. In order to determine what is causing her sense of discomfort, she invokes [Perception] on the outside of the building. What she discovers is dreadful.

“The building… it’s sliding!?”

Her shock is not unfounded. The entirety of the floor below the one she is on, the 7th floor, was diagonally cut. From there, the upper part of the building is sliding off.

“Understood! [Capture]!!”

Sefiku, having been on standby in the same room, targets the building and puts all of his energy into invoking [Capture]. His special ability, [Capture], has the effect of stopping objects within his field of view in place. Originally, his is a special ability that merely slows down objects within the holder’s field of view, but as a rank A, his [Capture] can stop the upper part of the building which is about to slide off.

“It shifted quite a bit, but I’ve somehow managed to stop it. Still, what the heck was that…”
“An attack from 1 of our enemies. A flying slash technique was mentioned in a report, that was probably its strongest version.”

Cold sweat flows down Sefiku’s back upon hearing Chie’s words. Had… that flying slash been directed to sever the floor he and Chie are on… the battle might have been settled with only that.

“Sefiku, get a hold of yourself. The battle has only just started.”
“Ye- yes, excuse me.”

Chie, while giving Sefiku a sidelong glance, takes note of the silver haired girl who caused that impact.

“This battle, looks like it’s going to be a crazy one…”

The battle about to unfold is going to be Hell for them.

—Diamond in the sea—


Kuro and Shiro pale as they gaze at the sliding building.

As they were alighting onto the building, Shiro was to locate the hostages through echo location while Kuro would break in. That was the plan they had come up with, but… Rin, upon saying, “From Rin’s cut, Kuro, should enter from there,” cleaved through the building with her dagger.

Ka—, kaka—.”
“Really? No one died? That… is truly a relief.”
“Was careful, when cutting!”

Rin’s expression, towards the remarks of Shiro and Kuro, is vexed. She seems like she wants to say something.

“Nevertheless, seek our permission before your next swing.”
Mu—.”“Ka— ka.”
“It is as Shiro said. If you act too selfishly, House Head may get angry with you.”
Mu—… Understood—. Swing after asking Kuro and Shiro—.”

The 2 pat their chests in relief at seeing Rin agreeing for now.

“Speaking of which, they seem to have stopped the building from collapsing.”
Ka— ka, kaka—!”
“I see, it seems to be because of the special ability holder on the 8th floor. While that person my be our enemy, I have to give my gratitude.”

Rin once more pouts at the words of Kuro and Shiro.

“Rin, had that continued and the building collapsed, people might have died.”
Ka— ka, kaka— ka.”

Even though the 2 explain their reasons for praising the enemy, Rin’s mood doesn’t improve.

“…you did well, Rin.”

The 2, who decided to prioritize Rin’s mood, firmly vow in their hearts to one day teach Rin morals.

“Right, speaking of which, I had forgotten.”
Kuro, at the shocking spectacle, realizes something he should have done at the start.
“[False · Inhibition Barrier].”

At the same time Kuro finishes, the building is enveloped within an enormous barrier. That barrier has the same characteristics as the one the temple Shiro attacked not long ago had. It has the effect of preventing abnormal events that occur within the barrier from being noticed outside of it.

“What did I just create? This, is something like a barrier. It is not a true barrier.”

As Kuro said, it is not a genuine barrier. It is an ability he was able to develop as an ayashi.

“I shall provide a proper explanation on another time. I cannot maintain it for long, so our time is limited. Well, then, may I entrust you both with those on the 1st floor?”
“Leave to me—.”
Umu, well then, here I go.”

Being seen off by 1 person and 1 bird, Kuro dashes across the sky towards the hostages on the 7th floor.

A/N: Rin not killing anyone wasn’t by accident. She properly checked before slashing the building.

T/N: Just a reminder, from this organization’s perspective, Yuuki picked a fight with them by sending Dius to jail for no real reason.

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  1. Both Rin and Kuro use the word “taosu” here, but due to the differences in their mental ages, I’ve take to translating them with different but similar words.