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41. Busy Morning

In the morning.

“How noisy…”

Something noisy was happening outside.

Because of that, I woke up a little earlier than usual.

Well, morning was indeed a busy period.

It might had been nothing… but I had a bad feeling.

“I should check it out.”

I immediately changed into my outerwear and went to the corridor.

The first thing I saw were the soldiers stationed around the royal palace moving back and forthalong the corridor.

It wasn’t that unusual, but it was hard to think that nothing happened.

“Excuse me… did something happen?”

“Actually, yes, something troublesome happened…”

“Something troublesome?”

“I’m sorry, but I shouldn’t be saying anything more. Excuse me.”

That said, the soldier excused himself from my sight.

I tried to talk to the others, but everyone was busy.

“Should I ask Nigel instead?”

I might end up being a nuisance, but I felt like it was worth taking a look.

I went to Nigel’s room. People were busy moving around.


“Ah, Eliane…”

When I arrived at his room, Nigel looked haggard.

“What’s going on? A soldier said that something troublesome has happened…”

“I can’t hide anything from you, it seems. In truth, a lot of monsters have appeared in the nearby forest.”

“A lot of monsters? That’s weird…”

“There’s no need for you to panic. The knights led by Adolf should be able to handle them, but…”

Nigel resumed talking with a serious look.

“The monsters are more ferocious than usual. The knights alone wouldn’t suffice…”

“Wait, that’s… what’s the cause of this?”

“I don’t know. However, the knights reported that the monster may have been manipulated by something. Monsters aren’t stupid. They know what’d happen to them if they were to blindly attack humans. They know how to choose their opponents.”

“With that said, the monsters are attacking indiscriminately?”

When I asked such, Nigel nodded.

“That’s right. Because of that, the knights have been in a fluster since earlier this morning. I’ve also arranged for adventurers, but it’s too late. Even if we have a barrier, if nothing is done, the neighboring cities and villages may get ransacked. Some adventurers and merchants are out of town. Now that the problem is this big, it can’t be overlooked.”

“Why is this happening… are there any clues? Not even a small one?”

“We don’t know for sure, yet. However, it may be related to the appearance of a man.”

“A man…?”

I wondered what kinda of man could be connected to this incident.

As if reading my mind, Nigel answered.

“Like with the monsters, the knights are having a hard time because this man is powerful. He carries a red sword and is commanding monsters to attack people. Although this man should be a human being, reportedly, he looks like a demon.”

“How mysterious… is it possible that this man is the leader of the monsters?”

“That’s too farfetched. Monsters don’t obey humans, except for Fenrir who are friendly to people. This man may as well be a monster, too. I suspect something has caused him to lose himself and turn violent.”

But what was that something?

What could cause both monsters and people to turn ferocious and insane…?

There was only one answer.

It was a ‘curse’.

The effects of curses were wide-ranging.

One effects could cause one to fall ill—just like Ralph-chan.

Another effect could turn someone insane and ferocious, just like a demon.

“Nigel, could it be…”

When I tried to tell Nigel about it, I saw his expression and realized immediately.

“…Are you keeping a secret from me?”


When I pointed it out, Nigel’s shoulders stiffened for a moment.

“No, not at all.”

Ara, you aren’t being honest, I see. Nigel and I are, so to speak, comrades. You don’t have to endure everything alone. I may be able to help you. Would you please tell me?”

At first, when I approached, Nigel refused to say anything.

However, he sighed, as if giving up.

“As I thought, I can’t hide anything from you. Alright, I will talk.”

He confessed.

“Actually, the man is making a certain request.”


As I tilted my head, Nigel continued.

“He wanted the saint—you, Eliane.”

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