The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

32.1 Reconnaissance-in-force by the King, and the Convalescent Little Girl’s Wish

The next day,
Today, the 『Hazama Village』 supposedly has a village wide holiday.

[They all seem to have gotten carried away cultivating the village’s surroundings……]

A radius of about 50 meters has converted into vacant plots of land. Looks like the villagers are having too much fun clearing the forest with their penetration-enhanced axes and hoes. Everyone is gleefully swinging their axes while shouting, “HYAHHAAI!”

They were able to cultivate the forest this quickly due to the synergy between the barrier and 『Naming Bless』.

Not even I could’ve never predicted this outcome, though……

[Good morning, Shouma-nii-sama.]
Lizette comes as I’m washing my face by the well

[Morning, Lizette.]
[Regarding Yukino-san, she appears to have she slept soundly afterwards.]
[I see.]
[Haruka is with her now. Lizette believes we should let Yukino-san rest for a while.]

I respond to Lizette’s words with a nod.

In this world, Yukino has the 『Ice Witch』 ability. Unlike me, she’s a formally summoned person. As such, she surely should be able to use some sort of incredible cheat magic. For me, as someone who wants to continue protecting this village until the end of these turbulent times, she’s certainly a talent I want. 

[Well, that depends on her own intentions though. If she were to say that she has given up on the matter of her 『True King』 and that she is off to embark on a journey to end these turbulent times── then I wouldn’t stop her.]


……Just why do you glare at me every time I mention, 『True King』, Lizette?

[Anyway, isn’t it about time Haruka’s uncle-san── Garunga-san, reaches the neighboring village?]
I change the topic.

[Since he’s taking a wagon…. it should take about two and a half days to reach the neighboring village from here.]
[Yes. I believe he should have entered into business negotiations with the neighboring village by now.]

With those words, Lizette gazes towards the south.

3 days ago, Haruka’s uncle left the village with a wagon to a nearby village in order to sell the large amount of timber we had acquired from clearing up the forest. After all, no matter how much we till the fields, there’s nothing we can do without seedlings. Therefore, it has been decided that we first have to negotiate with a nearby village to exchange the timber for seedlings and potato sprouts.

[……I still think it’d have been faster if I had stored the timber in the 『King’s Vessel』 and just flew to the neighboring village, though.]
[Lizette and Nii-sama talked about this before, yes? The people of the neighboring village will be so overwhelmed by Nii-sama’s skill, making connections with them won’t be possible.]
[Garunga-san and the others could have left with an empty wagon and then I’d supply the timber to them at a meeting point, though.]
[As we have said, Shouma-nii-sama’s ability is supposed to be the village’s secret, alright? Are there people out there who’d ask a king-sama for help for a mere business transaction? Good grief.]

I get scolded.

[Besides, they have capable people as escorts. Mere bandits wouldn’t be a match for them.]
[I did tell him to just leave the timber behind and run if it comes to it.]
[They were also given weapons that were enchanted by Nii-sama, correct?]
[Those weapons are experimental. I noticed that the duration had increased while we were developing the village.]

Empowering weapons with 『King’s Might』── the duration of 『Naming Bless』 lasts for half a day. That effect, however, is extended when the enchantment is done within a barrier that utilizes the 『Dragon Vein』. It’s something I realized while we were cultivating. The penetrative power of my axe and the hoe didn’t drop no matter how much time passed.

Both 『Dragon Vein』 and 『Naming Bless』 are skills that were given to me by the Dragon Emperor-san. Therefore, Lizette said that it might be possible to draw mana from the dragon vein for enchanting.

[That’s why, Garunga-oji-san and the others will be alright, Nii-sama. Unless something unexpected happens.]
[Unless something unexpected happens, you say?]

For example, a situation where they encounter something stronger than bandits. Or, if a circumstance that prevents the dutiful members of the Oni from fleeing arises.

……Well, such things are supposedly few and far in-between, though……

[King-sama, it’s an emergency! Smoke is rising from the neighboring village!!]
A watchman cries from atop of the rampants.

[I’ll check it out right away! 『Winged-kin Awakening』!!]
[Shouma-nii-sama! Lizette shall go with Nii-sama, as well!]

Lizette holds on to my waist. After confirming that, I take off with the wings that I received from 『Winged-kin Awakening』.

At about 30 meters above the sky, I look towards the south west── I see hazy flames and black smoke rising. That location is in the direction of the highway that leads to the territory of 『Governor Kittle』. I can’t see it clearly as it’s hidden by the rocky mountains and forest, but there must be a village there.

It’s the place where the Oni tribe’s wagon and Garunga-san are negotiating the sale of timber──

[── Is the village under attack!?]

This is bad.

The wagon of Garunga-san and the others should be near that village. Were they caught up in it……? If this was in the middle of negotiations, then are they currently fighting alongside the villagers……? Either way, I can’t leave this be.

… Seriously. Even though it’s my long awaited vacation.

[We’re going for recon and rescue! Tell everyone in the village that!]
I lowered my altitude and inform the village watchman.

 ── Then.

[Tell Haruka, 『Please take care of Yukino』. She is to fulfill her needs and wants as much as possible as she’s still recuperating.]
[Also, please tell Haruka that, 『Lizette is accompanying Nii-sama』!]

Upon leaving those messages, Lizette and I take off for the southwest. 

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