I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

79. Last Go! (8)

In the darkness, something swayed and made a rattling noise. People were awestruck due to the supernatural darkness.

The air shimmered and something mysterious wriggled overhead. The sound echoed again—as if being unveiled, the darkness transitioned into brightness.

Although the darkness had just faded, the ambience was akin to a moonlit night. A hawk which was both ferocious and beautiful appeared above the confused and horrified on lookers.

The bird of prey flew, cutting the darkness. The fading of the darkness gave way to the dignified hawk, whom was akin to a king.

Eventually, the hawk drew an arc and began to plunge. People held their breaths. In the transient darkness, a maiden with her arm raised stood. The hawk, which descended, obediently perched on her right arm.

“The light has succumbed to darkness. Saint Mia has no power to help those seeking salvation.”

The body of the maiden with the hawk shone divinely. The darkness only cleared around Ally. Despite so, to those whom were accustomed to jet black, it should’ve been as clear as moonlight.

“W-what did you say!?”

Saint Mia’s expression visibly tensed. The screaming didn’t stop, which enhanced the supernatural atmosphere—at any moment, something wondrous might occur.

Although it wasn’t be visible to people who were unaccustomed to darkness, such as Saint Mia, the king, and also his wife—the 5-Bels were dancing wildly around Ally with a bell in hand.

As expected, the dance of the five dark lords was a very avant-garde dance. It was akin to a person dancing on top of shimmering hot coals—or something like that.

The groups of aristocrats, whom played nothing but the supporting role there, were entrance by the mysterious dance.

“N, no way, in a world especially prepared for me, there’s no way a saint of darkness can exist—!”

Saint Mia, with a bright red face, stomped her feet. Be it the innocence or the divinity of a saint, she no longer had any of that. No matter how someone looked at her, she was merely a hysterical girl.

Ally, with a hawk in one hand, approached Maximilian as if sliding across the floor. She was unfettered by the malicious gaze Saint Mia was throwing her way.

The king and the queen, who were shocked, clung to Saint Mia—they looked ready to cry at any moment.

“Y, you’re Ally Crunea, the daughter of some poor countryside baron! There’s no way you’d be bestowed with even greater power than Saint Mia!”

“Indeed—! For an impoverished person such as you to dare raise up against the saint, that’s nothing but sinful—! Oh, Saint Mia, please heal my son Maximilian as soon as possible—!”

“Silence—! Can’t you see this mysterious aura of darkness? The Apostle of Darkness who protects me has ascended to be the king of the Demon Realm! The Demon King is the equivalent of God—but he has already surpassed even God himself—he can be said as the guardian deity of this world—!”

Surprised by Ally’s bullish attitude, the king and his wife could only stare. At the same time, the fascination spells on their eyes were fading. If Ally maintain her coerciveness and dignity, it’d be easy to dispel it.

“R… really?”

“N, no way, for a Demon King to be the equivalent of God…”

The royal couple muttered in awe—in shock, they kept alternating between staring at the faces of Saint Mia and Ally.

“To prove my theory, I shall present evidence. Come, Maximilian—receive my dark healing magic.”

“You’re lying—!! You will never be able to do that, I won’t let you—!!”

Saint Mia screamed and rushed towards Ally. If she wanted to battle Ally head-on with those pathetic little muscles, sure, go ahead. However, considering the muscles Ally had achieved from her special training those the past few days, wouldn’t the outcome be too obvious?

Instead, Ally only said, “Go!” and extended her right hand. The hawk lunged like an arrow, and his sharp claws cut through a part of Saint Mia’s dress.


Saint Mia let out an ear-piercing scream. However, not a single person came to her aid. Saint Mia, who was out of breath and was completely pale, seemed even more terrifying.

The dignified figure of the hawk spread its gallant wings in the veil of shimmering darkness—within a few blinks, he turned into a beautiful man with incredibly dark eyes. Those eyes, which bore the proof of how tremendous his dark power was, were reflected in the eyes of those who didn’t have enough magical power.

“W, who are you…?”

Trembling, Saint Mia asked in a faltering voice. The beautiful young man, drapped in a black robe possessing an extraordinary aura, formed a brutal grin with his mouth.

“Not only were you uninvited, you’ve also lost the protection of the Angels of Light—to a fake saint, who is the equivalent of the world’s grime, I have no name to give. Tremble as you spectate the miraculous healing magic of Ally Crunea—the only saint of darkness Abel swore his allegiance to!”

Abel uttered with a mysterious voice. His black robe was studded with stars while his jet-black hair flew down his shoulders—the Demon King, exuding a terrifying black aura onto his surroundings, had an overwhelming presence.

Abel, Takkun, great collaboration, you two!! But Maximilian’s wound is still dripping with blood, let’s heal him immediately—!

It was as if the great Demon King was summoned at will by Ally—however, in reality, Abel just transformed from a black dot at the same time Takkun turned into a brooch.

“Uwa, why the hell is that fake saint staring at me? Her cheeks are also flushing—it makes me nauseous!”

“Let’s ignore her for the time being. Come, my Master, cast the dark healing magic!”


Ally nodded resolutely and turned to Maximilian. It would be alright, she was confidence in her muscles—especially after she had endured that special training—she was sure it’d work!

“To the King of Darkness, to whom I dedicate my magical power, bestow healing and rest, tranquility and the calmness of darkness through trust and bonds—!”

Ally shouted loudly and extended her hands forward.


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