I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

80. Last Go! (9)

Nevertheless, the dark healing magic would still cause pain. The recovery of injuries and illnesses came at the expense of a ridiculous amount of pain.

Even so, just once—as long as it worked, surely, the angels of the upper realm—or even God himself—would interfere directly with that world.

Maximilian stared straight into Ally’s eyes and nodded as she chanted—they didn’t need words; his eyes were brimming with feelings for Ally.

In his expression, there was an amount of trust and affection no words could express. She couldn’t practice against rocks and trees forever—it was Maximilian who offered himself as a test bench for dark healing magic. Receiving the magic which couldn’t be said have reached full completion, yet, the Overlord Muscle stood up after rolling on the ground as fast as he could—

“—It doesn’t hurt.” During their previous training, he said so while laughing and caked in dust—

—actually, it seemed to have really hurt.

“Saint of Mysterious Darkness, bestow upon me your blessing.”

Maximilian opened his arms and waited. Ally took a quick breath. Then, she bent her knees and pulled her hips back.

“Let’s go, Ally!”

Alright, here we go—!

Abel received the magical power which jumped out of Ally’s body in a refreshing manner.

To those who were entranced by the mysterious dance of the five dark lords, it seemed that the magic came out in an extremely pristine manner—long live hypnosis!

By the way, the dark healing magic also had a deep, sour, odor. She didn’t know the cause behind it, but apparently the dark healing magic couldn’t proceed without it.

Abel’s enormous magical power surged over Ally’s arms. It was truly heavy. When it gradually seeped into her body, her abdominal muscles started hurting. Ally exhaled and concentrated on her abdominal muscles.

“W, what are you doing…?”

A legitimate question was spoken by Saint Mia.

Shut up—!

Ally’s forehead began to be drenched in sweat, and she tried to spin words.

“It’s thanks to the Apostles of Darkness, the Angels of Light, and the elemental spirits that people are able to cast magic. However, the ones who impose limitation to themselves are no other than those people. There’s no limit to hard work—doing something I once thought was impossible creates the power of salvation…!”

“No, seriously, what are you talking about—!?”

“Hence why! As if I could overlook the fact that this world can be manipulated just by prostrating before the almighty God! Let me remind you that the world won’t go as you desire any longer—so, stay there, and watch!”

Ally’s roar shook the air in the hall.

I can do it! I can do it! Although it isn’t a power gained through my own efforts, I’ll definitely drive Mia out of this world! Just for her enjoyment alone, she thinks she can do as she pleases—!?

When Abel’s magic was fully taken in, Ally’s thighs began to quiver.

“Go, Ally, go Ally, go!”

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but, big sis, do your best—!”

Both Stila’s and Jean’s voices could be heard—it was the wind spirit grandma who delivered it to her ears.

“Ally! Do it! I’ll accept everything!”

By training his muscles, the Overlord Muscle had managed to break free of the loop which forced him to adhere. His determination to save the kingdom was unwaveringly genuine.

The power of prayers became muscles.

The power of muscles opened a new door.

She didn’t know if it made sense or not, but his hard work had saved Duchess Alicia.

Next, was the world’s turn to be saved.

“Here I come, Maximilian!”

Ally kicked the floor. Prepared to share her fate with the Overlord Muscle, she jumped into his wide and thick chest. Darkness swirled up from Ally’s body.

In the rehearsal, she was supposed to release the dark healing towards him. However, due to getting lost in the moment, she hugged him instead.

The moment she realized it, Maximilian’s thick arms had already been wrapped around her. He hugged her firmly in the public eye.

“Maximilian, your transformation—!!”

“When I’m hugging my beloved, I want to do it while being myself, and also with all my might—!!”

Maximilian’s entire body swelled in the blink of an eye. He had lifted the spirit candy’s transformation himself.

At the sudden appearance of the macho, Saint Mia eyes peeled open and shrieked.

“W, what’s that!? You’ve cursed him! You aren’t the saint of darkness, but a witch!!”

“You’re wrong, Saint Mia—no, Mia. This is my true form. I’ve decided to stop pretending to be someone I wasn’t. Everyone who wants to ridicule this figure, which is unbefitting of a crown prince, you may do so as you please—! Feel free to do it—!”

Ally looked up at him and smiled meaningfully. The dark healing magic continued to be sucked into Maximilian’s body—despite so, he didn’t whine, even though it should’ve hurt terribly.

Certainly, he wasn’t the type that seemed outwardly wonderful.

Ally may also be the only woman who could understand the goodness of that person—

—however, it wasn’t like he had to be a prince whom was accepted by everyone.

“To me, Maximilian is the coolest man in the world!”

The love filling Ally’s chest erupted.

The healing magic of darkness continued to spring up, involving even the magical power stored in Maximilian’s muscles. The pain left Ally’s body. Just like Maximilian, she felt the pure and refreshing sensation of healing magic coursing through their bodies.

The healing power bloomed one after another around Ally and Maximilian. The healing magic performed by Mia, the saint, was overwritten by the newly born dark healing. Her fascination spells vanished without a trace—there were voices of people returning to their sanity here and there.

“Hooray… the healing magic born from darkness has gained the same, if not more, power of that of the light attribute…”

Putting his hand on Abel’s shoulder, whom was muttering in astonishment, Madiroll leaned forward. Staring at the ceiling of the hall, with a look which gazed up at the sky far away—

“—I’ve been waiting for this moment!” He exclaimed in joy.

“Look! The door to the upper realm has opened! The Heavens are now in turmoil from top to bottom! My colleagues, my superior, and the other angels who suffered heavily under the hands of God are all creating an uproar due to the accumulated rage! Thank you, Demon King! Thank you, Ally! Let the Angels of Light take care of the rest! Alright, retrieve the ex-saint!”

“It’d be a problem if Heaven is the only place with that much authority. We can’t have the Angels of Light manipulating the world as they please again. The Apostles of Darkness will also rampage to prevent future happenings.”

The Angel of Light and the Apostles of Darkness bravely ascended to Heaven, just like in the religious painting of the, ‘War in Heaven’—to put it simply, it was an absolute riot. However, it was still a very moving sight.

“Ugh—! Who cares, I don’t give a shit anymore—! First off, it should’ve been a romance with an oil baron, not an isekai one, dammit—! Hey, God, rescue me quickly, this isn’t what you promised—! I’m too good for this shitty world—!”

No one paid any attention to the noisy Mia anymore. Everyone was completely impressed, thinking that Ally was the true saint. The king and his wife realized how ridiculous they had acted—to just throw away cash because of a mere fascination spell.

If the fuss didn’t subside, Ally wouldn’t be able to confess her feelings to Maximilian.

That two syllable word—‘love’, she hadn’t said it yet. She also hadn’t told him about her memories of the Duchess Alicia.

Everything that happened from that point onward would be out of Ally’s control. Her task was finished.

Maybe, her heart wouldn’t experience excruciating pain anymore.

In order for them to be able to live together forever, it was absolutely necessary for him to know.

Ally squeezed the hand of her beloved, eager to support Maximilian, no matter the consequences.

***T/N: Dear Lord in Heaven, impose heavy muscle trainings upon this unrepentant Thot, please.

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