I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! Translation

I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! [Chapter 8]

Chapter Eight: Going to War (*On a Date) With My Fiancé

“Ah, what a hassle.”

“Let’s head out. I’m sure Your Highness is waiting for you.” Cynthia says from behind me, pushing and rushing.

A few moments ago, a servant of Reginald-sama appeared to tell us that the Prince had arrived. Today was the first day of our tours. For the next three days, Reginald-sama and I would explore three different cities to decide the optimal venue for this year’s Fairy Festival.

By the way, these three choices were decided by parliament, while the royal family – His Majesty, the King, or His Highness, the Crown Prince – decided the finalist.

“Euphemia-jyou, what lovely weather we’re having today.”

We meet Reginald-sama, who has his usual glittering aura, at the front entrance. I meant to speak to him the same way I usually did, but then noticed my mother nearby. She had a similarly beautiful smile…which scared me as much as the Prince’s.

“Euphemia, please enjoy these three days, especially the delicious food. Cynthia, I’ll be troubling you to take care of Euphemia, so thank you.” Mother pats Cynthia on the shoulder.

“Yes Madam.”

Then, I bow to His Highness and during that time, my mother makes herself scarce. She probably had plans.

“Now, Euphemia-jyou, let us embark.”


With Reginald-sama’s help, I boarded the royal carriage, which was parked on the premises. The interior of the vehicle surprised me as it was much more luxurious than any in our marquessate. As I was looking around, Reginald-sama urged me to take a seat.

…I feel like I’ve satisfied his desire to take care of me for today.

“We’re going around to three cities, one each day, correct?” I’d asked, still a little worried, as the horses broke out into a trot.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Today we would be headed to Rovigi, the closest of the three candidate cities to the royal capital. All potential locations were middle-tier cities with the venue chosen, at least partly, on the basis of space and audience capacity.

“Rovigi is closest to the royal capital among the three candidates, Luardi is closest to the forest where there is an abundance of fairies, and Spainage – which was the venue ten years ago – was chosen for its mysterious atmosphere. Those will be the three cities that we visit.”


To be honest, I’m not sure what to say. All I’ve learned from that explanation is that one of the candidates was also where the event took place ten years ago. Oh, by the way, the heroine lived around Luardi. After all, Luardi is part of Viscount George’s territory; it’s the heroine’s hometown.

“If Spainage is chosen, it’ll be the first time in history that a venue was chosen twice. Though, right now, all three cities are on equal standing in terms of the competition.” Reginald-sama said, staring out the window. After we left the royal capital, we would change into a simpler carriage. Otherwise, people – especially the nobility – would catch wind and prove bothersome.

By the way, Reginald-sama is traveling incognito.

“…How did parliament go about picking these three cities?” I’d spontaneously asked the question, on a slightly unsure note.

It was an honor to be chosen as the venue for the Fairy Festival; there would be tons of tourists and it would undoubtedly be economically profitable. Therefore, the cities needed to meet certain criteria. From those that matched, parliament narrowed it down into three candidates…to be honest, I’ve been wondering how they narrowed it down.

“It hasn’t been made public, but the top five choices are decided through discussion. But…the top three choices are chosen via lottery.


“That’s right, because luck is important.”

No, no, why are you deciding with the attribute that governs whether you find a seat free during a train ride?! When I stared at Reginald-sama with such thoughts, he laughed and stroked my head.

You really like treating me like a younger sister, don’t you? Or is this pet treatment? No, no, if the options are human or animal then of course, it’s better to think of yourself as a little sister.

“Well, it’s natural that you didn’t know because it’s never been made public, but you’d have found out eventually when you became Crown Princess, so it’s more or less fine to tell you now.”

“…The Crown Princess.”

“Hm? That’s right. Euphemia-jyou will become the Crown Princess eventually, because you’re my fiancée.”

I was completely lost for words in front of Reginald-sama, who made such a statement with a smile. I can’t say that this is the world of a game and that I’m the villainess, who gets executed, because you fall in love with the heroine. I can’t say it even if someone threatens to tear my tongue out.

In the first place, it’s not certain that everything will unfold like it did within the game.

“…No, I mean, it may be unlikely but there’s always a chance that our engagement will get cancelled…”

“That’s impossible. After all, I really like Euphemia-jyou.” He answers with a smile.

Yeah, but to you it’s like having a little sister or pet, right? Do you like me as a fiancé should? I wish I could say that.

…I definitely can’t after seeing such a handsome smile.

While locking these thoughts away in my heart, I could only look away from Reginald-sama.