Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

40. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (13)

“This is Levaria…”

A city located East of Verscia, it was originally thought to be a barren land.

However, at one point, a vein of rare ore was discovered. Ever since then, the city grew significantly due to miners, accommodations, and also jewelers gathering—Tistye recalled what she had read in the book.

As she felt when she was in Isiris, the degree of excitement between reading what was written and seeing the real thing was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Because it was a mining town, it wasn’t as gorgeous as Utaka, a town intended for tourism. However, the sight of miners who seemed confident in their strength walking down the street and toasting ale from daytime at the eaves of the stores brimmed with a different vibrancy.

Gaizel headed straight for somewhere while Tistye’s eyes gleamed at seeing the jewels lined up at the stalls.

As Tistye followed him, they eventually arrived at a huge jewelry store. It was a very famous brand—it even had a main store in the royal capital.

“Your Majesty, this place is…”

“It’s a store that sells that jewel.”

After passing through a magnificent stone gate, one of the butlers bowed to Gaizel. Passing through the entrance hall and waiting in the reception room, a jeweler appeared from the back door.

The man’s dark brown hair was combed neatly. He wore a fine suit and had a ring made of obsidian on his hand. When he arrived before Gaizel, he reverently greeted him.

“If it isn’t His Majesty the Emperor, I’m honored by your presence.”

“You can skip the greeting, I need to confirm something.”

“I understand. It seems that you wanted to inquire about our jewels.”

Apparently, Gaizel had sent a messenger at the same time they departed. Tistye suddenly turned towards Gaizel. Recently, Gaizel had begun demonstrating his skills not only in tactics, but also in diplomatic and domestic affairs—she felt that he was improving various abilities day by day.

Not realizing Tistye’s admiration, Gaizel mentioned the Levanite. The jeweler, who sat at the opposite end of the sofa, muttered while thinking.

“Certainly, that gem was excavated from this city’s mine. It was heavier than usual and the color is excellent, so it was carefully cut by a first-class craftsman. However, I also ensured to give the best of the best since this gem was requested by the empress herself…”

“Did any of the people who touched or saw the stone experience any kind of change?”

“No such thing has been reported…”

Oh, the jeweler suddenly recalled something.

“I’ve heard strange rumors, however, they don’t merely concern the Levanite.”


“Yes. There are spirits dwelling within the mine of Levaria. Particularly good stones have powerful spirits slumbering within them—that anecdote has been handed down from ancient times.”

According to the jeweler, all craftsmen who had been processing rough stones for a long time would say, “I heard something from the stone.”

At first, the jeweler thought it was a metaphorical expression, but it seemed that the more skillful the craftsman was, the clearer the voice that could be heard. The more lustrous and fine the stone was, the higher the chance of hearing said voice.

Upon hearing that, Tistye involuntarily asked the jeweler.

“Could it be, the craftsman who processed that Levanite also experienced the same thing?”

“Sure, you can ask him. He was an old craftsman, so you might’ve heard about him. However, that stone was cut a few years ago, and since then, he has already retired and returned to the countryside.”

There’s a spirit in the stone… I can’t believe it, but considering the change in His Majesty and Van at that time, I can only think that something special is at work…

However, that huge Levanite was excavated a long time ago. It was unlikely that something that was normal until a while ago would cause such a phenomenon. Tistye’s expression grew cloudy, wondering if her deduction was wrong.

Then, the jeweler continued to speak lightly, as if he was in a good mood.

“I don’t know if it will help, but would you like to see our Levanites along with our other stones?”

The jeweler guided them to a dedicated gallery in the basement of the store. It seemed that the place was used to exhibit rare stones and expensive accessories that weren’t sold in the market, and only invited customers could enter.

“Please feel free to take a look around.”

“W, wow, amazing…”

It was no wonder that Tistye was nervous.

A glass case had been placed on a pre-set lead wire. Within the case, spectacular ornaments shined.

A necklace made entirely of large diamonds, and a rainbow-colored, milky white bracelet. There were more than twenty rings, all of which carried jewels as big as her thumb nail.

The cuts came in a variety of shapes—including brilliant, cabochon, and baryon, which told them that Levaria had great craftsmen.

The jeweler suddenly interjected, “Speaking of which…” when he saw Tistye looking at the twinkling flood of light with radiant eyes.

E/N: sounds like the stone spirit finds Tistye so attractive, it too wants her.

***T/N: Girl’s just that sought-over even though there’s rly nothing to her.

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