I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! Translation

I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! [Chapter 4]

Chapter Four: Marquis Aiden and His Wife

“Euphemia, how was your meeting with His Highness?”


After my tea party with Reginald-sama had ended, I returned to the mansion. There, I was met with my smiling mother. No, if you think for a moment then you’ll realize that this isn’t good at all. Since she had been standing near the entrance right after my meeting with the Prince, she had surely meant to ambush me.

…She’s definitely still holding a grudge about me brushing them off and withdrawing to my room after my first meeting with Reginald-sama.

Yes, yes, I understand.

Euphemia’s mother – Mercia Aiden – looked just like her daughter. She was a beautiful woman with fluffy, waist-length brown hair and blue eyes. Though she was born into the family of a mere count, father had fallen in love with her at first sight and desperately pursued her.

She cherished her only daughter; anyone could see this affection reflected in her eyes. “Well? We’re talking about our cute and charming Euphemia, so I don’t think you made any careless mistakes? However, if you run to your room, then I’ll be worried…because I won’t be able to see my cute Euphemia’s face.” Mother said with a loving gaze.

Her expression was so beautiful that the nearby maid sighed in admiration. As expected of a model aristocrat: mother was both well-educated and possessed a kind personality. If you’re asking why Euphemia didn’t inherit these traits, then…well, one could guess the cause quite easily.

“I’m sorry. I had a bit of a rough time during the first meeting…so I wanted to be alone.”

“I’m sure, but please understand, to be treated like that by Euphemia hurt me and your father deeply.” Mother put her hands on my shoulders and shook me slightly. Ah, my head is shaking…

“Y-yes,” I replied, with her words in mind. That was the only possible response. Father and mother were generally nice and reasonable people, but when it came to their daughter, it was like they didn’t understand their surroundings to a ridiculous degree.

“Ah, Euphemia, you’ve returned home. You’re very cute today too.”

“…Father, didn’t you see me this morning?”

“Euphemia and Mercia are so adorable that I never get tired of seeing them. I could watch you for hours.” This was Gideon Aiden, Euphemia’s father, who had just come down the stairs that was located near the main entrance.

He was a dandy older man with a wonderful personality and incredible skills, which he used to further develop the Aiden marquessate. That being said, he was blinded by love when it came to his wife and daughter. This person is my father. By the way, mother is two years older than father.

“Ah, my cute Euphemia. Could you tell us about your meeting with His highness? My Euphemia is extremely cute, so I’m sure he liked you as well.” Father had a happy expression on his face as he said this.

…No, you shouldn’t say that to your daughter who has started off as a ‘younger sister’ or ‘pet’ rather than ‘fiancée.’ However, in front of my parents who looked so happy and expectant, it’s not like I could just say that.

…In their case, beauty was certainly a weapon.

“Euphemia, we’ve prepared your favorite sweets and tea in the greenhouse tea room. Let’s talk more while eating together.”


…Ah, by the way, I had eaten desserts with Reginald-sama earlier. I’d always thought this, but the skill of the Aiden’s chef was wonderful. It might have been because Euphemia had always asked them so earnestly to cook such complicated dishes that easier items had become a piece of cake for them. The desserts were usually both aesthetically pleasing and delicious.

I would have loved to attend, but…

“The chef baked brownies today…I’m sure they’ll be delicious.” Such were the breathtaking words of mother. However, brownies were not the sweets that our chef excelled at. Rather, they were my mother’s favorite.

“Is that so? Then maybe I’ll join you.”

“Yes, my dear husband, by all means.”

It seems father would also be joining us for desserts. Uh…I don’t particularly want to talk about my experience to be honest. But brownies…it was a very attractive offer. What should I do? Certainly, there had been no brownies in the lineup at the palace.

…So, well, it’s alright, isn’t it?

“May I have some brownies as we speak?”

“Of course.” My mother answered in the affirmative without any hesitation.

Okay, okay! We’ll use a slightly enhanced version of the story. Let’s deceive them well. Besides, if I don’t go then the brownies will disappear. Brownies are something that must be eaten while they’re fresh, after all.

“We’ll listen to your story about His Highness.”

Therefore, I ignored mother’s terrifying words for the time being.

…Mother, there are matters in this world that are best not asked about.