I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

70. Sixth Go! (13)

***T/N: We’ve decided to keep the original nickname of Madiroll, ‘Vertical Roll’, intact. As such, the previous chapter has been edited. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The angel, who had too nice of a vertical ringlet and also a personality that was too sarcastic, was surprisingly nice inside.

However, her impression that Madiroll was troublesome to handle proved true.

“Ah, who would’ve thought that I’d ended up being kidnapped by the barbaric fallen angels~? I’m in deep water. For a cherub like me to be brought to such a place… what a pitiful state I’m in…”

Madiroll bemoaned to the whole world with a ridiculous tone.

Abel’s face twitched slightly. “Let him be…”

It was quite difficult to concentrate on what the angel was saying due to the swirling of its vertical roll. Nevertheless, his clothes were now in tatters, while his face was covered in dirt.

“There’s no way I could get used to it. But, how to say this… the notion that an angel will be destroyed once it steps foot on the Demon Realm is a lie, isn’t it? Not to mention, the demons seemed happier than us… how unreasonable…”

As Madiroll slumped on the table, gorgeous vertical rolls were scattered between dried food and wine glasses.

The cherub seemed to be the second highest ranking angel. Usually, he wouldn’t even bat an eye to the menu a bar provided—however, that ‘method of torture’ was of his own choosing.

There was a deep-seated feud between Heaven and the Demon Realm. Wwhether it was a fateful development or merely a coincidental one, Abel, who initially disdained Madiroll, was now pitying the angel.

For Abel to pay for Madiroll’s cheap wine and have the same drink as him… as she thought, the demon king was a good guy.

Ally gazed at the demon king and the cherub with indescribable feelings. While at it, she sipped a sweet, freshly-squeezed, juice.

“Turns out the Demon Realm is not so bad, right? Even though I swore that if an angel were to ever come, I’d pluck out every single one of its feathers, in the end, I didn’t actually do it, right?”

To Abel’s words, Madiroll slightly raised his face. Due to the burden of work Heaven had given him, he didn’t even have any strength to get up. Thus, he rested elbows on the table and painstakingly brought the dry food to his mouth.

“I was constantly warned—‘The moment a fallen angel catches a sight of you, you’re done for.’ Basically, we’re made to compete against each other, but we were also told against acting and thinking on our own. It made me extremely lethargic.”

“…Hence why, you defected.”

“I-I didn’t-! I was forcibly kidnapped-! I won’t deny the fact that I’m quite brave, though, which is considered to be rebellious for an angel.”

While chewing on the dry food, Madiroll’s gaze became distant.

“I have no choice but to undergo this torture… but seriously, the Angels of Light genuinely wish for people’s happiness. It’s just that we don’t have enough time and budget. We have too much work to do. We also can’t rely on our boss. The Saint which the upper realm pushed into our hands is too selfish, and yet we still have to adhere, no matter what. I’ve vomited blood about seven times already.”

“I’d like you to tell me the reason why this ‘upper realm’ decided to send a Saint.”


Suddenly, Madiroll burst into tears. Seeing an angel, whose face was dirty with overflowing tears and snot, Ally felt a slight clearing of the fog.

She didn’t know anything specific or detailed, yet, but one thing was certain—the angels didn’t like Saint Mia, either.

Although he was threatened by Heaven that he’d be in terrible situation, Madiroll still defected with the desire of saving his friends. Moreover, with no plan whatsoever. That courage was indeed amazing.

“I can only give you a vague answer… In short, the gods of the upper realm suck, and we have to cover their asses…”

“So, they are some ass-wipes… could it be, it’s some kind of consolation price for Saint Mia’s soul? For the entire world to be turned into her entertainment facility?”

“Simply put, it’s exactly that. The world we’re in charge of is in a dire state. Keep in mind, there’s a difference between the Royal Capital of Orlandia and the territory of the baron.”

‘Ass-wipes’, ‘consolation price’, ‘entertainment facility’—every single word added to Ally’s resentment. However, she silently listened to the continuation of the story without showing any kind of emotion.

“No matter how much I try to justify myself, what we’re doing is not good. But I can’t go against it. Even if the others work in the same Heaven as us, they refuse to get involved. It’s already the tenth time. I thought I’d get accustomed to it—despite so, I, my superior and my friends are all being tormented by the stress. It’s as if there’s a hole in my stomach…”

Madiroll finally got up and grabbed a bottle of wine before chugging it all down.

“However, during the 10th time, this world deviated from the scenario desired by Saint Mia. The change is such that it distorted space and time, to the point we could no longer look away and pretend nothing happen. This world isn’t a theme park—it’s a place where people live!”

Madiroll filled his mouth with dried food, chewed a little, then drank the wine again.

“If I don’t improve my work environment, my colleagues and superior will die from stress! Moreover, those upper realm guy said that after Saint Mia, there’ll be no new saint. However, I’m sure that if we don’t do anything, another saint will come in! I beg of you, cooperate with me, Demon King!”

Madiroll, with a runny nose, vigorously bowed to Abel.

***T/N: Turns out it’s workplace problem all along…

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