I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! Translation

I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! [Chapter 10]

Chapter Ten: The City of Rovigi (Part II)

Reginald-sama looked up and down the alleys around Main Street for an hour or so, inspecting the area to make sure it was safe. As a safety precaution, I wasn’t allowed to accompany him. Instead, I was left with Cynthia, Roy (Reginald-sama’s valet), and our family’s guards. (Reginald-sama had taken his own guards with him.)

It didn’t bother me though. I’d just continued walking around. The sights flooded me; shops selling cakes and other delectable dishes lined the streets. Unfortunately, when I attempted to break free and purchase some food again (my sixth such attempt), I was met with opposition from both Cynthia and the guards.

At that moment, Reginald-sama and his retinue rejoined us. “What were you looking at, Euphemia-jyou? Perhaps the food and desserts?”

Cynthia continued holding onto my arm, like a mother afraid her child would get away, and I let out a quiet confirmation. He laughed at me, who – though was not acting like a marquis’ daughter – had perfected my disguise.

“Now then, shall we go get some food? I think it would be best to eat indoors, so we can observe the street through the window. Please choose anywhere you like, but somewhere with a good view outside would be preferable.”

“…If that’s the case, then shall we try over there? Euphemia-sama was quite drawn to it.” Cynthia provided her opinion to Reginald-sama. She looked a bit haggard, undoubtedly because of trying to keep me in check. I felt a twinge of guilt in my chest, but all I could do was apologize inside my heart. Because of that, even though I had wanted to go to a different store than the one Cynthia had mentioned, I didn’t have the heart to correct her.

“Yes, that place looks good. Alright, let’s go. Unfortunately, we’ll have to split up. We’ll stick out if we don’t. Euphemia-jyou and myself will go first, then Roy and Cynthia should follow. Guards, please take some of the surrounding seats.”

“Understood sir.” The guards answered immediately.

Reginald-sama guided me towards the bakery in question, because apparently I can’t even be trusted to walk on my own. Just how unreliable does this person think I am?

…Well, I guess he couldn’t expect too much based on how I’d acted so far.

Then again, considering his desire to take care of others, it’s possible that he just wants to protect me. It was mutually beneficial in a way…and well, I guess I appreciated it, but this isn’t really the type of treatment that I want.

“Your Highness, Euphemia-sama, please take a seat first. I shall go procure some menus. In the meantime, Cynthia and these two guards will stay with you.”

“Got it, thank you Roy.”

“Of course, Your Highness.” 

I had started pondering the situation: We’d decided where we wanted to eat, walked inside, and just sat down. It wasn’t like we had a reservation. And Roy went to go get us a menu, instead of a waiter bringing them to us. All these actions seem like they should stand out and earn us some attention, but they don’t. I guess even the common folk of this world behave in this manner.

“After this, will we head to the temple? The one that enshrines fairies and other spirits?”

“Ahh, that’s saved for last. You see, we have to go at night. I also wanted to finish surveying the roads before we went.” Reginald-sama said, looking out intently.

We’d taken a seat near a large window, so we could see the outside clearly. I’m sure he didn’t want to sit here just because passing women (and even those inside the store) could stare. I’m sure that’s not it. But, it can’t be helped that he gets so much attention.

He’s such a handsome man, I’m sure women routinely fall in love with him. But, considering the attention he was getting, it’s almost like there was no point in wearing a disguise at all.

“Um…how do I say this…you really look like a model, Your Highness. Somehow, I don’t think your disguise is as effective as you’d like it to be…”

“Do you think so? Personally, I feel like it’s working splendidly. The attention that I usually get has been halved.”

“T-this is only half…” I muttered, taking a sip of water.

It feels like every woman in here – regardless of age – is staring at him. The same is true for women outside, who are just passing by the shop!

I’m sure they aren’t seeing me at all. You know I’m just as beautiful, right?! It seems I’m no match for him. Or is this just an otome game rule? Maybe even the heroine must be second to the hero in terms of attractiveness?

Now that I think about it, he probably has to take care of the heroine too…

If I had been reincarnated as the heroine instead, could Reginald-sama and I have had the relationship I longed for? These thoughts make me uncomfortable. The heroine is meant to be a kind, charming girl, but what if she had memories of her past life too? Ahh, just thinking about this makes me feel confused.

If I have these memories, then does the heroine have them too?

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting! I’ve gotten some recommendations from the staff!” I was pulled out of my dark thoughts by a bright voice and I turned to see Roy. He was beaming and holding out a tray that was packed with fresh bread.

“Wow…these look amazing!” In the face of such delicious food, my worries and anxiety disappeared.