I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

9. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

Well, today was the tea party that I hadn’t been looking forward to in the slightest.

…In all fairness, I’d tried to force myself into excitement, but it had been unsuccessful.

While we were in the carriage, Sara and I had a great time together, though.

I was already missing home as I stood in front of the duke’s splendid and luxurious home. Even the gardens were magnificent (though I must admit that I have no real appreciation for the arts).

Ah, I want to go home…

But even so, what’s up with this disjointed lineup of ladies! There were daughters of ducal houses known for their loyalty to the royal family, neutral viscounts, and even barons who had achieved their ranks through knighthood.

And then there was us.

Thankfully though, none of Irene-sama’s followers are present. Even that cold valet of hers isn’t here. She must really be trying to make friends!

“Thank you for joining me today. I hope you enjoy yourselves.” The party started with Irene-sama’s cool and beautiful voice. “Featured is my family’s signature blend. I hope it’s to your liking.” She said, pouring cups of tea for everyone.

Oh, this smells divine!

I want to drink it soon, but order is decided by hierarchy so the duke’s daughter is first, naturally. Patience, exercise some patience.

“Wow! What a wonderful smell!”

Ooh, they’re gathering. Wait, huh?

Who is it?!

Of course, it was a bunch of young noblemen. Again, Irene-sama?!

There’s the son of the Pope, nephew of the Knight Commander, and adopted son of the kingdom’s Chief Magician. Though each is different in their own way, they’re all so handsome that one’s eyes glaze over looking at them.

“Making friends in secret…isn’t it enough to just be friends with me?” Said the Chief Magician’s adopted son. He’s really entwined himself with her. That’s quite the unhealthy relationship, isn’t that so Irene-sama?

The young ladies in attendance, who had initially been excited by the appearance of these young lords, were extremely taken aback by his words. Ah, how unfortunate, Irene-sama.

“No! I’m so sorry everyone. I’ll be leaving my seat for a moment.” She left with tremendous momentum, grabbing the Chief Magician’s son with a bit of force. She whisked them all away somewhere.

Hey, is it okay to go home now?

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. The world is a tough place, big brother. To this, my imaginary brother said: “Bear with it!” But it’s okay to ignore him, right?

I guess not.

“Irene-sama hasn’t returned yet,” says Victoria, another duke’s daughter. She’s someone who is strict in terms of etiquette and punctuality. Even now, because Irene-sama hasn’t returned, she hasn’t touched any of her food or tea.

We – well, mainly me – can’t stand waiting so I’m on my second cup of tea.

It’s not like we can order around the duke’s servants without permission, but someone needs to call Irene-sama.

…Oh, in terms of pecking order, it’s either Sara or myself.

We can’t ask one of the ducal daughters to go and I’d feel bad ordering around the viscount or barons’ daughters.

Alright! Sara, I believe in you!

“Thank you, Ria.” But Sara just smiled at me, who had been full of expectations.

Yeah, I knew this would happen. I understood. Her “Thank you” was in fact, “You’re the one that got me involved and dragged me here.” As expected, Sara is amazing!

“I shall go get her,” I said, standing up. There was no way for me to escape. Sigh.

What was I supposed to do when I got there? Especially if those guys were still around…I pondered this as I was led by one of the servants – a beautiful but expressionless woman – to Irene-sama’s location.

Well, I guess I’ll deal with it when the time comes.

“I’ve brought Rururia Talbot-sama,” the maid announces.

“Ehh! Please, come in!” Irene-sama frantically opened the door. Desperate tears were on the verge of falling from her eyes. Somehow, I’m sorry!

“Pardon me.”

I’m so sorry Irene-sama. I’m really sorry.

“Who is this?”

“I’m talking to Irene right now, so can you not disturb us?”

“…Maybe she’s trying to target one of us.”

“Stop it.”

Those were apparently the thoughts racing through their heads! Well, compared to the Knight Commander’s glare and Royal Prince’s inscrutability, this was nothing, though? If anything, it’s rather adorable.

They continued exchanging words as I entered, but it didn’t matter to me. Irene-sama, who was hiding behind me, had a pale face. Oh, she fainted. Fainting while standing up. Irene-sama was surprisingly dexterous.

Wait, isn’t this a great chance to go home?

After all, if a regular aristocratic lady was verbally abused like this then she’d most certainly break down into tears and return. I’m sure of it!

“Ah! What are you guys doing?!” His Highness, the Royal Prince said as he entered without bothering to knock. I feel like I remember he’s good at teleportation magic, but coming into a lady’s room without warning…wasn’t he just a pervert?

The Knight Commander is here too. Do they all really have this much free time?

His Highness dashingly separated the Pope and Chief Magician’s sons from Irene-sama. “Ah, I’m so sorry we couldn’t get here in time, Irene! Please forgive me.”

Sweet, too sweet! My eyes are watering! My heart aches!

“Uncle, you should consider your age!”

“Yes, Your Highness. Irene belongs to me!”

Whoa, bringing up his age, huh? I’m kind of excited about how he’s going to respond to that.

“Tsk. You annoying brats. I don’t want to be told that by you guys who are bothering Irene during this busy time.” Wow, that’s what they mean by a ‘chilling smile’ huh?

But, by the way, you’re bothering her too. No, I didn’t say anything.

His Highness grabs them by the neck and throws them out of the room. Wow, such a dynamic mode of transportation! After looking at Irene-sama (who was still dazed), he turned to glare at me. “You again! I’ll let you off for now, but I’ll remember this.”


He said he’d let me go! But no, it’s too early to celebrate! His Highness, who uttered lines fit for a villainous small fry disappeared. You’re actually busy, aren’t you?

Gulp. I forgot about the Knight Commander.

“Good day, Rururia-jyou. You’re quite unlucky, as usual.”

“Good day, Knight Commander-sama. The exit is over there.” His nephew stared at me with wide eyes, like he’d seen something incredible! Hey, stop gawking at me!

“Well, let’s go home. I’ll be sure to make good use of his spare energy. I’ll see you later Rururia-sama.”

I curtsey slightly, praying that there will be no ‘later.’

The Knight Commander grabbed his nephew in a headlock, dragging him out the door in a tight grip. That looks quite painful.

I prayed silently, while seeing off nephew-san who was looking somewhat lightheaded.

Ah, I’m so kind.