I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

73. Last Go! (2)

“Haha! It seems like I need to make some plans for the future!”

“Said someone who jumped into the Demon Realm with no plan whatsoever.”

The past nine lives happened because God granted Saint Mia’s wish—‘To experience romance in a fantasy world.’

While raising and lowering dumbbells, the demon king and the cherub furthered their discussion.

“It seems that such unreasonable tasks also exist in other worlds. Due to God’s mistakes, we were charged with penalties. They distracted us from the real problem—that God is being unreasonable. However, I think there exist some people who’re investigating this matter thoroughly, trying to reveal God’s mistakes.”

“In other words, an internal audit?”

“Who knows. My superior and colleagues are tired of working their asses off for God, and the workplace is collapsing. Therefore, what I need is external power. I think there are other angels who’re struggling like us, even those who are pretending not to see the troublesome things they are being made to do—hence why, if they get hit with an outside force, surely, they’ll wake up.”

“The ones who had a penchant for battle-related things are my long-gone ancestors, though. But I agree, those who decide to just busy themselves in work won’t make a move until they realize how unimaginable the actual impact is.”

For there to be some angels who were burning with a sense of purpose—it might have been wishful thinking.

However, that may not have been the actual case. Otherwise, the fact that only Ally possessed the memory of her previous nine lives couldn’t have been explained. Not to mention, from her second life onwards, she didn’t need to experience her entire lifetime, thus the suffering was somewhat reduced. It could even be said that her tenth life was the best one. Madiroll emphasized all those points.

“As an angel, if you want to do the right thing, you have to be influential. But I’m merely the angel of a lower world, so there’s not much I can do. I was so angry at those restrictions, I thought I’d be able to do something revolutionary from the bottom. I wondered if I’d get obliterated if I abandoned Saint Mia, but that didn’t happen. So, there are people with hearts above me.”

The information was both overwhelming and impossible to be precisely digested. No, even without thinking about it, it was already pretty complicated and crazy.

“In this 10th time, I feel some kind of mighty power that is neither light or darkness. I don’t know if it’s the power of muscle, but, oftentimes, the determination and prayers of the people can go against divine providence. The power of muscle, so to speak, is the result of effort. At least, that’s how I see it.”

“Are the other Angels of Light really watching from above? From the bottom of my heart, I think they’re just shitty.”

“Don’t say that, unlike the free-spirited demons, our shackles are too tight…”

While listening to the conversation between Abel and Madiroll, Ally thought about various things while maintaining an air chair. She couldn’t really comprehend the situation, and when that happened, she had no choice but to do her best.

Sure, muscles aren’t given by Heaven—it’s something that you have to give your damnedest to create. It’s kind of understandable that muscles can go against the scenarios Saint Mia desires…

Aah, she badly yearned to see the face of Maximilian in his Overlord Muscle form. She wondered if he’d return soon, but then recalled that she was oozing with sweat.

Then, the conversation between Abel and Madiroll began to ridiculously derail.

“I agree with you, but you still have to learn healing magic quickly. Your offensive spells are too weak to go against the saint.”

“I can feel it pulsating inside me. If I keep training my muscles for about three more days, this dark healing magic will surely come out!”

“You’re really amazing. I wonder if it’s some kind of mutation. Even though your lineage isn’t that of an elite, you managed to become the demon king.”

“—Is that so-!? No good. My tsukkomi cannot keep up with you guys any longer. But more importantly, I want to be the Saint of Darkness! I don’t care about what happens to my body or my soul!”

Abel looked straight into Ally’s eyes, and smiled sweetly—of course, without ceasing raising and lowering of the dumbbells.

“Well, I’ve been exposed already, but let me tell you this—I just want Ally to be happy. Even you are surprised at how little I resemble the image of the demon king, right? Therefore, I need no soul, I also won’t turn you into my familiar.”

Abel continued, showing a carefree smile as he said. “Who would’ve thought that muscle training is this fun.”

“It seems that the Crown Prince is about to return to the West Wing. He seems a little tired, so do welcome him. Madiroll and I will exercise our muscles a little bit more.”

The beautiful and lovestruck demon king casted a teleportation spell in the blink of an eye. Ally corrected her posture and gave a firm and polite bow.

The moment she said ‘Thank you’ from the bottom of her head and lifted her face, she was already in her room on the West Wing.

***T/N: //Drag her chair to be closer to the monitor// …–IS THAT A ‘YES’, OR A ‘NO’?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!

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