Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

23. Gender Equality Uppercut

“Toy and Melt are conducting an attack against Yuuki Kousuke!?”
“Ye- Yes.”

Chie holds her head at her subordinate’s report.

“I can’t believe this, to do something so foolish…”

Thanks to pressure from the organization, Sefiku, Toy, and Melt who had been left on the JR tower roof, had already been released. However, Sefiku was the only person to return to the branch building. Toy and Melt didn’t, but due to their records of taking arbitrary actions in the past, Chie thought they were taking their time as usual. As such, she didn’t place any importance into verifying why they hadn’t returned.

“I should have paid closer attention to their conduct…”
Chie laments to herself while holding her head.

“They utilized a number of operatives to cut Yuuki Kousuke off on his way back home. At present, they seem to be engaged.”
“Arbitrarily deciding on their own…”

Chie immediately invokes her [Perception]. The distance between the temporary branch and Yuuki Kousuke’s house is less than ten kilometers. If he was ambushed on his way back home, then it falls well within her special ability’s range.

“I found them. The battle seems to have just started. Dispatch reinforcements immediately! I don’t care if you even take rank C or lower, just ensure to reinforce the coverup to keep residents from noticing! Then, once the battle is over, should Toy and Melt have been killed, retrieve them.”

The subordinate hurries out of the room.

“Now that it’s come to this, it can’t be helped. I’ll use this opportunity to ascertain Yuuki Kosuke’s ability.”

Muttering such, Chie concentrates on her special ability.

—The Diamond of Greed is sick of fighting and lording over everyone—

There is a certain alleyway that was made a bit more spacious than usual for the sake of making snow removal easier. On that indistinguishable road, the engines of construction vehicles roar alongside the clang of something repetitively slamming into iron.

“It is the case that there is a response. It is the case that regardless of what kind of special ability he might have, for him to be unharmed should be impossible.”
The tailcoat and silk hat wearing man mutters such as he watches his mechanical puppet swing down its fists again and again.

However, those expectations are greatly misplaced. Immediately following, the mechanical puppet’s fist is severed mid-swing.


Then, a young man appears from the middle of the debris. While his school uniform is in tatters, there isn’t a scratch on him.

“After such an assault, how is it the case that you are unwounded!?”
“Shaddup! That’s a trade secret!”

Following that shout, the young man readies the box cutter knife in his hand.

“While it is the case that you being uninjured is incomprehensible, is it the case that you damaged my puppet by utilizing your special ability with that knife?”
Eh? Special ability?”
“It is the case that playing dumb is futile! It is the case that for the sake of reaching rank A, we will sacrifice you!”

Toy ignores the young man who is tilting his head at those words and instead puts all his strength into invoking his own special ability.

—The Diamond of Greed decides to take a vacation at some private island hotel away from everything—

I seriously thought I was going to die back when I was being smashed by those fists. No, 2 slips took my place. Doesn’t that mean I died twice?

“Even though I tried making them as a test, I’m seriously relieved they activated.”
I mutter such while rubbing the [substitution tags] on my thighs and waist.

“Still, with the number of times those fists came down on me, I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had died about 10 times… but that was only enough to kill me twice?”

Well, I suppose that’s fine. I’ll think about it later.

In front of me, the construction vehicles filling the street have all transformed into robots. For now, I have to do something about them.
There seems to be… about 9 of them.

“Now then, it is the case where I’ll introduce you to the wonders of my special ability [Toy]!”

This guy been going on about, “special ability, special ability,” for a while now. What is he talking about? Or rather, not only did he kill me, but now my uniform, bag, and books are ruined. I’ll absolutely never forgive him!

“It is the case of take this!”
“That’s my line!”

A humanoid dump truck rushes me, but its movements are slow and monotonous. It’s just big.

“Flying slash!”

I release a slash from my spiritual covered box cutter knife. The dismantling of the dump truck… is complete!

“I see, is it the case that sending slashes flying is your special ability? Except, it is the case that my puppets still stand!”

At the silk hat’s cry, the robotized crane, digger, and road roller attack one after the other.

Hm? Hold on?”

I thought this was the crystallization of robotic engineering, but maybe… could this be what the silk hat is referring to with special ability?

I examine the approaching robots while dismantling them. By doing so—

“—learned it!”

I see, so this is a special ability? The principle is different from onmyou techniques, but it looks like I was able to learn it without any problems.

Fumu fumu, seems to be a special ability called, [Toy]. Do I make a puppet that will listen to what I say by utilizing the surrounding materials? Unlike with the shikigami technique, not having to use tags as an intermediary is convenient.

“Except, I can’t use this right now.”

This special ability that resembles the shikigami technique, I can’t use it. More so than a crow and little girl, adding a gigantic robot to the family would be a lot more troublesome.

“Go! It is the case that you get him!”

In succession, 2 robots charge me, but I’m not worried. I dismantle them from one side.
Incidentally, on the possibility that people might be riding in their torsos, I’ve been dismantling them by cutting off their limbs.

Ku, it is the case that I’m still not finished!”

There should still be 3 left, but—

“—They’re huge…”

The silk hat stands atop of the palm of 1 robot, kinda like a commander unit. That one is a normal size and easy to dismantle, but the other 2 protecting him are horrifyingly gigantic. They are twice the size of the robots from before.


They’re still just as slow, but their fists are about twice as large. As such, dodging them is hard.
If it’s this close… it can’t be helped.

“I’m a bit scared, but I guess I’ll fly.”

I kick off my shoes and socks, and from the soles of my feet, fire [Scatter Flame Bullets].

“Wha! It is the case that you can fly across the sky!?”

Just like that, I’m flying! In preparation to unexpected situations like this, I draw the [Scatter Flame Bullets] formula on my legs on the days I don’t have physical education.
Incidentally, I didn’t draw it on my arms. If people were to see it when I roll up my sleeves, they’d think I’m a chuunibyou.

“Fly, slash!”

From the air, I scatter slashes about and dismantle the 2 jumbo robots. Now, to close in on the remaining commander unit——


——Before I can, I’m punched from behind in the back and crash into the ground.

Kuu, [Scatter Flame Bullets]!”

While rubbing my aching left arm, I hurry and evade with scatter flame bullets. Immediately after, the ground I was standing on is crushed by an explosive fist.

“How dangerous.”

Even though that didn’t kill me, I’m in pain. While the strike didn’t damage my left arm either, it’s still sore. That barrage of punches that started all of this has left me aching all over, too.

“Still, how was I hit from… Ah, so it’s like that?”

Seems like those gigantic robots were made by combining 2 robots. I cut one in half, but it turns out that the upper half was one robot while the legs and feet were another.
The robot making the lower body stretched out one of its long and narrow arms to its limit and swung.

“Flying slash.”

I quickly dismantle the robot. Then, I take down the other robot that I missed.

“It is the case that you can send your slashes flying, fly in the sky, and survive unharmed from an attack like that… Ju- Just what special ability does your body have!?”
“Trade secret!”

The silk hat is screaming out half mad, but I’m not telling him anything after he rudely attacked me out of no where. From what he is saying, he doesn’t seem to know about onmyou techniques. Well, he can just remain confused like this.

“[Scatter Flame Bullets]!”

I approach the silk hat through the propelling force of the buck shot.

“Thi- This is not the case where I will let you come near me!”

The commander unit moves it arms, but it’s too slow. Just like that, I lop off its limbs. The silk hat standing atop one of its arms falls and hits the ground flat on his back.

“Why did you attack me? Tell me.”
I raise my box cutter knife at the silk hat as threat while I question him.

Hiii! …It is the case that, I’m kidding.”

Immediately following my irritation at the silk hat’s, “Just kidding,” the body of the command unit melts and someone clings to me.

“Cau—gh—t you—.”

I check and discover it’s a purple haired girl wearing a tank top. Who’s this person? Or rather, what’s with her outfit, isn’t she cold?


At the tank top girl’s words, the clothes in contact with her skin dissolve in the blink of an eye.
How terrible! There are special abilities like this?

“Took you long enough to realize—! …Wait, ahre? You’re not melting.”

Fuu, I panicked. My clothes are liquifying, but my body hasn’t dissolved one bit. Is this attack also being negated? Looks like the [substitution tag] is multi purposed.

Eh, what? Why aren’t you melting!?”
“…nice try.”

With the girl somewhat panicking, I gently peel her off and stare at her face. I might have died if I didn’t have a [substitution tag]. I won’t forgive you.

“…So that I don’t miss, you’d best not move.”
“[Gender Equality Uppercut1]!”

[Gender Equality Uppercut], inspired by a certain divine work, is a secret technique I developed for safely knocking out my opponents. I learned every variation of executing an upper cut, synthesized them, and made what I developed my own. Doing that, I created a technique capable of rendering opponents unconscious with almost no injury.

“Alright, looks like a success.”

The result of somewhat brushing my fist against the girl’s chin is sending her on a trip to dream world.

“Now then…”

I only yelled at him in a somewhat strong tone, but… it seems like the silk hat also started a trip into dream world. Just how scared was he….?

“It can’t be helped. For now, I suppose I’ll head home.”

I’m curious as to why they attacked me. Maybe I should ask Kuro about it later too.

I hurry and collect my belongings that were smashed by the giant fists and the shoes that I kicked off. The dissolving of the upper half of my school uniform has ended, but it’s barely holding together. It isn’t in a state I can wear.

“…I’m sorry, kami-sama.”

There’s no helping this. What I’m doing shouldn’t count as stealing.

I apologize to kami-sama while thinking that and plunder the silk hat’s tailcoat. The tailcoat is just as conspicuous, but it’s better than going around shirtless.

Hm? Mail?”

Upon putting on the tailcoat, I hear the notification of an mail arriving on my smartphone. In other words, my smartphone’s alive! I check to make sure, and while there are some cracks on the screen, I can still use it. I thought it was smashed, but what a nice error in judgement.

Ah, the mail, the mail.”

I check and in the inbox is mail.
[For starters! Th—is is Yui. There is something I would like to ask you for. Is that alright wi—th you?]

Even without opening it, it feels suspicious. Yep, it’s obviously spam.

“And delete.”

With the spam mail taken care of, I hurry home.

T/N: It’s probably cause of how Toy dresses, but I tend to hear his voice as Arcana’s, the evil Dark Magician user from the Battle City arc of Yugioh. He just has the maniacalness to him.

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  1. It actually reads, “gender equality fist” with the word uppercut written out in furigana.  To best keep the meaning, I combined the two.