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26.1 The True Identity of the Rising Star Writer

“—Hence why, the second prince is likely to become a new enemy, but it seems that Tobias is there to prevent that.”

“Eeeeh? Even the second prince? What will happen to this kingdom?”

“It’ll be fine. This time, the attendant is decent. Not to mention, there’s also the third prince.”

“Even though you said it’s going to be alright, you already eliminated the second prince, Riol-kun…”

After school.

Sharina was invited to Angelica’s house in the royal capital along with Riol. The three of them surrounded a table.

“It makes sense for the second prince to be in disbelief. He probably admired his older brother a lot, only for said brother to fall… it’s too quick to assume that he is not a decent person.”

Usually, Sharina would be asking for Riol to teach her about a subject she didn’t really understand, while also listening to Angelica’s romance novel recommendations.

However, that day’s topic was about the second prince.

“But, at the same time, it’s because Tobias believed in what His Highness Roland had said that he came all the way here to scout Shari and the others, right? What if he is gathering information under the pretense of being an ally? There’s a possibility that he has been siding with the second prince all along.”

Angelica, whom was concerned, put down her teacup. Apparently, she still couldn’t trust Tobias.

“I don’t think so. Tobias doesn’t believe in what His Highness Roland says. For the time being, it’s safe to assume that he came to backyard without grasping the meaning of His Highness Roland’s words.”

“Eh? But, didn’t he go because His Highness Roland told him to look for evidence that Shari is indeed a villain?”

“Umm, Ange, while that may be the truth…”

To Angelica’s sensible question, Sharina and Riol were mumbling. Angelica probably thought so because they merely summarized Roland’s lines.

“Uh, His Highness Roland seems to have penchant for strange wording, ones which failed to get through to Tobias.”

“Strange wording… which his attendant failed to understand? H-he, could it be, he exclusively uses ancient words?! Then we won’t know when they are exchanging codes!”

Did we touch some kind of nerve?

Angelica’s face visibly paled.

“In the novel I previously read, there was such a story! When the antihero gives instructions to his subordinates, that’s what he usually does!”

“Oh, no, that’s not what I meant. It’s unmistakably modern language… modern language, but…”

“Then? Why would Tobias fail to understand it?”

Although Riol denied it, but he still found it difficult to explain.

There was no other choice but to explain it in detail—why would the words of the second prince fail to reach his attendant?

“Well… to quote what His Highness Roland said to him…”

Sharina’s lips quivered—how was Tobias Gardner able to keep a straight face while quoting the second prince?

“Excuse me for a moment… I’m going to dispose all of my novels with black-bellied heroes who smile while spitting poison…”

Ten minutes later.

Angelica quietly set down her cup and stood up after Sharina had successfully quoted Prince Roland. Sharina was explaining in Riol’s stead.

“Wait, Ange! The other day, weren’t you just lamenting the fact that your bookshelf had become empty because you threw away all your novels with princes!?”

“Ms. Kirklight, don’t! That’s too hasty of a decision! The books are innocent—the books are innocent!”

Riol and Sharina desperately stopped Angelica whom was about to leave the room—Angelica’s face was as bleak as that time when her impression about Leonarcissist was shattered into pieces.

“Just, what the hell…?? That’s really uncool… I can’t read those books with pure feelings anymore…”

“It’s only uncool because the person who heard it failed to interpret it properly…”

“It wouldn’t be this uncool if it had been communicated properly more than anything! Moreover, isn’t it basically the fault of His Highness Roland?!”

The guests relentlessly tried to stop the master of the house who wanted to proceed regardless.

“Then, if he didn’t understand it, he should’ve asked on spot! Instead, why would Tobias only attempt to decipher it two days later?!”

“If he were to ask the second prince directly, then surely, ‘Why don’t you use your minuscule brain for a moment,’ is the kind of response he’d get—wait, wait, wait…”

“There’s a guy who said the exact same line in my novel! I just can’t! I’ll throw them away!”

Even though both the book and Angelica were innocent. Discarding what she once liked—surely, that’d be painful. However, their plan to stop Angelica backfired.

“By the way, speaking of the stage play that His Highness Roland saw, there’re many odd points.”

Riol, who seemingly had given up on dissuading Angelica directly, changed the topic in an attempt to distract her.

“Eh? ‘Odd things’?”

Angelica, whom was easily distracted, returned to the table.

Sharina patted her chest in relief.

“If it’s about the first prince losing his right to succeed the throne, then it’s only obvious that story would spread in no time. Not to mention, the audience was large. As such, the details of the duel, which were leaked, would be safe to use as a material for plays and novels.”

“Yes, for some time, it was all everyone ever talked about.”

“The stage play that His Highness Rolan saw was made by a wandering troupe who happened to be in our kingdom at that time. Then, they released it in another kingdom, that much I understand…”

Sharina was also skeptical about the stage play she heard from Tobias. It may be a well done stage play, but if the hero was modeled after Riol, in her personal opinion, it was a little unsatisfactory.

“Indeed, I was wondering about it, too… if the Hero Lurio Grand is modeled after Riol, he could’ve been portrayed better…”

“It’s strange that our everyday stories, our first meeting, and other such details were also leaked.”

“…Huh? Lurio Grand?”

Angelica, whom was listening quietly, suddenly tensed up.

“Wait, is the play modeled after the two of you, and the hero’s name is Lurio Grand!?”

“Yes, by the way, the heroine’s name is Rishana Deacly.”


Angelica screamed. Her ruby-colored eyes widened.

Was it really that surprising?

“It may be harmless, but it’s also creepy that such details got spread around without me knowing about it.”

“C, could it be, the prince’s name is Leopold!?”

“Eh? Yes, that’s correct. You seem to be well informed.”

Sharina, a bit suspicious, answered to Angelica, who kept interjecting Riol.

“Ms. Kirklight?!”

“What’s wrong, Ange!?”

Suddenly, her best friend disappeared from the sofa.

Angelica had moved to the carpet, right under the feet of Sharina and Riol, at an unperceivable speed.



Like a prisoner on death sentence, she clasped her hands and wailed.

“…It’s me.”

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