Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

40.1 The Speculation of the Fake Saint

“This wasn’t supposed to happen…”

The kingdom of Verclaim.

In her room, Prince Claude’s fiancée, Leticia, muttered while biting her nails.

“As His Highness’ fiancée, I should be experiencing a fairy tale-like life…”

However, who would’ve guessed that a dragon would appear in the royal capital?

Even after the dragon left, the kingdom of Verclaim was still in the midst of turmoil.

No wonder.

After all, the proud soldiers couldn’t even stand up against a single dragon.

The dragon said that he didn’t care about that kingdom, but who knew when he’d appear again. First of all, he could be lying.

“Strengthen the military! Don’t let that dragon step a foot on this land ever again!”

The kingdom’s funding was already in a bad state. It was because Claude, the foolish prince, was so extravagant he used the national treasury as he pleased.

In the end, a large amount of money was invested in the military.

It might seem like Claude was unfazed—but in truth, he wasn’t.

He was merely scared.

“…Hyii—! O, oh, it’s merely a dream. I thought the dragon had attacked again…”

At night, Claude would suddenly wake up trembling.

Not just once, he’d usually wake up around ten times in total.

Prince Claude was born pampered. He had never been hit by a person.

However, the dragon’s threat managed to sprout fear in his heart for the first time.

From then on, Claude was restless. When he was talking to Leticia, it was as if his mind was somewhere else.

“Because of that, I haven’t received much of an allowance these days… I thought I’d be able to live more lavishly now that I’ve become Claude’s fiancée.”

Of course, the amount of money given to Leticia was too big to be called an, ‘allowance’.

The money given to her in January was the equivalent of a small kingdom’s national budget.

That was the reason why the kingdom’s financial state was declining, but no one realized it.

“Excuse me.”

While Leticia was thinking, the door was knocked and a person came in from the corridor.

“My, Alberto, isn’t it rude to come into the room without my permission?”

“I’m on your side, be at ease.”

With that said, the man called Alberto sat on a nearby sofa.

He was one of the few SS-class adventurers in that kingdom.

For certain purposes, he was working with Leticia behind the scenes.

As expected of an SS-class adventurer, he managed to sneak in without being caught…

Of course, the fact that Leticia was meeting Alberto in the first place was a secret to others.

She didn’t know what kind of means he had been using to sneak in so far, but one thing was certain—it was unscrupulous by any means.

I don’t doubt his ability, but I wish he’d improve his personality…

Leticia reluctantly joined hands with him—no, to be exact, she wanted to use his abilities.

“How is the business going?”

“It’s in good shape. The products you’ve given me sell like hot cakes.”

“Fufu, that’s good, then.”

“But why would you order me to do that? Well, you promised to turn me into royalty, there’s that. Hence why, I have to pretend to be a merchant.”

Alberto complained.

He was greedier than anyone else.

The desire for wealth, authority, appetite, and even sexual—just to achieve those desires, he demonstrated his abilities to the utmost.

It could be said, that was how he reached the SS-rank.

Perhaps to compensate for that, he was lacking in a certain department—

—frankly speaking, he was stupid.

Leticia took advantage of that.

Of course, the part about turning him into royalty is a lie—how foolish of him.

Inwardly, Leticia smiled. Alberto didn’t seem to realize her inner thoughts.

There were two things she was proficient at—

—the first one was lying.

She kept telling various lies up until that point just to approach Claude.

In the end, she managed to become his fiancée—at that point, there was no longer any need to doubt her lying skill.

—the other was cursing.

Leticia had a special origin.

Of course, no one knew about it.

With her power, she could curse an item with such a mighty curse, not even an SS-class adventurer would notice it.

“But why sell expensive items to Lynchgiham? Even though you said it’s for money-raising purpose…”

“How many times do I need to repeat it to you?”

“Because no matter how many times I hear it, it isn’t convincing in the slightest.”

“My answer won’t change. You have no right to probe. You just have to do what I say. Do you want to be royalty or not?”

“…Well, it’s not like I can figure out your thought process—it seems that I have no choice.”

He shrugged.

He’s good at fighting, but the same can’t be said about his brain…

…That’s why you’re being taken advantage of, you know?

***T/N: Claude is slowly getting his just dessert, now it’s the turn of the saint, huh… *grin evilly*

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