I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

77. Last Go! (6)

Ever since the king and his wife decided to coddle Saint Mia, the kingdom of Orlandia suffered a massive hit. With excessive entertainments becoming a daily occurrence, the expenses were steadily rising as the suppliers were being cornered.

The repeat of the grand ball Saint Mia desired required a considerable amount of expense. It resulted in the accounting department splitting half—the king fraction and the duke fraction.

“I can’t afford to indulge the selfishness of Saint Mia anymore. My parents are shitty, and I’ve got plenty of evidence to force them to abdicate. Once the incident regarding the saint is cleared up, I’ll cut them off.”

One the day of the second grand ball, Maximilian laughed out from loneliness.

Saint Mia, who probably thought her plan was genius, might not have noticed yet. But, as a result of Madiroll’s plan persuade the Angels of Light, her fascination spell was already losing its effect.

However, the king and his wife stayed the same—probably because they were never good in the first place.

By the way, the message Madiroll sent to the other Angels of Light was as such;

He boasted about how, ‘The Demon Realm is my true home!’, ‘It’s so incredible, it’s scary.’—

—by that, he was referring to the work enironment such as overtime hours per month and annual holidays.

A video of Madiroll’s welcome party, celebrated by Abel and the five dark lords was also attached to the message.

The moment Maximilian secretly relayed the magical message to the angels, they gulped in envy. It was truly a pitiful sight.

“Today will be the last time I eat the spirit candy. My parents can be ashamed at me as much as they want—this is the result of doing my best. It doesn’t matter whether I’m hated or jeered at.”

“Your Highness…”

“Because on the path I deem right, Ally is waiting for me. My entourage is also properly looking at me.”

When Maximilian showed a smile akin to a sunflower, Ally’s chest grew extremely hot. His sweltering smile was so cool—but soon, the period in which only she is be able to see his true form would be over. A little while ago, the level of loneliness she felt was off the chart.

The four muscle devas, who had already eaten the spirit candies, called out to Maximilian.

“Then, Your Highness, shall we depart soon? This is the last time you’ll ever indulge her selfishness again. Afterwards, when everything’s over, you can rampage in the mountains to your heart’s content.”

Geoffrey replied, “I can already hear the call of the mountain…”

Maximilian nodded, and chewed the spirit candy. In the blink of an eye, his appearance had changed.

When she first saw it, that second form of his felt like a different person entirely—but now, she could see that it was still Maximilian.

How regrettable that she had to ‘lend’ him to Saint Mia. She felt like dragging Saint Mia to the river and beating her.

The Duke of Radphen, accompanied by several aristocrats (entertainment staff), smiled.

“Then, Ally-chan, please wait here until it’s time for your appearance. I will heat the place up, that way, the reveal of the saint of darkness’s superiority will be at its finest.”

“Yes, I’ll definitely beat Saint Mia. I’ll do my best, so don’t worry.”

Her heart was pounding due to the tension, but her reply was resolute. At the second grand ball, it was expected that Saint Mia would refuse Ally’s participation, treating her like a demon. Therefore, Ally was scheduled to make an entrance in the middle as the saint of darkness.

Regarding said entrance, Abel was already planning for something that will, ‘create a trance that you can’t experience anywhere else’—

—that alone was already worrying.

“Ally, even today, you look extremely beautiful! Ally can become the saint of absolute light, you’ll be alright!”

Ally crouched down and gently stroked the angelic Stila’s cheeks that day as well. She was happy that Stila was loved by the people around her. She was also happy that her loved one was joyful.

Her best friends also went to her side and gave Ally some words of encouragement.

Her former older brother, who seemed to have joined the duke faction before she knew it, had been mixed in with Saint Mia’s entertainment staff. Even though his appearance was still that of a bean sprout, his appearance was beautiful—especially because he had gained muscles at an unusual speed. He looked 30% stronger than before.

Like with other high-ranking aristocrats, she had few ties with him, and although in terms of being an older brother he scored a 10 out of 100, Ally still wanted him to be happy.

Ally joined her hands in front of her chest and prayed to someone who wasn’t god to see off her important people whom were heading to the grand ball.

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