The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

102.2 The Battle Maiden is Declaring War on the Goddess

In front of Jill, whom widened her eyes, Faelis gracefully bowed.

“This visit to the Rave Empire has been very meaningful. Thank you, big sister, Jill.”

“Wait—what do you mean, for the sake of His Highness Geraldo?”

“So, you still have interest in my older brother?”

“I didn’t mean it that way! It’s because I’m His Majesty’s wife and the Dragon Princess!”

“So, love is your basis?”

“Yes, His Majesty needs me, so—”

“—then, the same goes with my older brother, who needs and loves you.”

Faelis told the shocked Jill as if giving prophecy.

“I’m sure you’ll throw away the Dragon Emperor as well—just like what you did to my older brother.”

‘—Don’t get me wrong, Your Majesty. You didn’t throw me away.

—I’m the one who’s throwing you away.’

Telling Geraldo such, Jill leaped off the wall.

His Highness Geraldo needs me…? I will abandon His Majesty…?

A tremor came from the heavenly sword—

don’t be fooled by love.

Yes. She had promised. To be happy—she mustn’t forget that reason.

“…I apologize, it seems that I’ve just heard something foolish—the circumstances of an abandoned man.”

It wouldn’t change what she was about to do.

To the princess who showed an icy smile while being blown by the sea breeze, Jill clenched her fist.

“I won’t give you His Majesty! At best, I’ll devise a plan and destroy them again—your spear, your face, and your annoying love!”

Faelis lifted the corner of her lips. For the first time, her smile felt genuine.

“Uncouth person who fools love—redo your life again.”

Faelis swung the holy spear gracefully, as if she couldn’t feel any of its weight. A tremendous amount of magical pressure flew from her—Rave could be heard clicking his tongue.

“We’re going back to the Imperial Capital, Little Miss!”

Instead of agreeing, Jill only looked away.

Geraldo appeared from behind Faelis who sat in a wheelchair. The two were about to leave.

The sight she had seen many times—she thought she couldn’t interrupt it, but—but…

She didn’t want to chase after him anymore.


“Why are you so reckless?!”

“Excuse me, why did you teleport me here?!”

“Because what you did is terrible, reflect on it!”

Rave transformed to his snake-like form and yelled at Jill. Jill only shrugged, while clinging to the cone-shaped roof. Below, she could see the vast skyline of Raelm, and also the balcony where the emperor would be appearing.

“If I fall, won’t I die!?”



Rave flapped his wings while floating in front of her nose.

“Well, it’s alright, think of it as my birthday present.”

“…Just, just teleport me to a normal place—no, never mind.”

“It’s a special seat to listen to Hadith’s speech.”

Jill stared at Hadith’s back on the balcony diagonally below her. Hadith was fluently delivering a delicate and complicated speech—

—it made her smile.

“It must have been written by His Highness Listeard, because it doesn’t sound like His Majesty.”

“Would you like to make fun of him later? In fact, that’s one of your biggest purposes for being here, Little Miss.”

Rave, while perched on Jill’s shoulder, said with a serious expression.

“Now that I’ve left you like this, I don’t feel the need to repeat it anymore—but don’t do something like that again. Be aware that such a development can happen thanks to Little Miss.”

Once again, Jill lowered her gaze.

The figure of Hadith, which was delivering a speech to the people who had gathered in the square, was imposing. Both Listeard and Elynsia looked proud.

“Thank you for choosing him.”


“He will surely become a good emperor—no, a good Dragon Emperor.”

It was when Jill put her hand on her chest, and was about to nod—

“—by the way, I have one last piece of news!!!”

The tone of the voice amplified by the diffuser had changed.

Jill and Rave immediately stared at Hadith, who stood on the balcony.

“—I recently married an 11-years-old!!! She’s a very cute and an awesome bride!!!”

Jill was so amazed, she couldn’t hear the buzzing square. ‘That idiot…’ Rave murmured.

“—This moron!!! Announce that later, and the way you said it is very misleading—!!!”

“I want to be happy for a long time, so please take care of me!”

Listeard screamed while Elynsia could only smile bitterly.

Jill kicked the roof in one step. She didn’t even hesitate—

“—Your Majesty!!!”


She wouldn’t let go of that hand anymore.

With the sound of a trumpet, a white dove and rain of confetti soared. The Dragon Emperor and his wife embraced each other under the applause and cheers that rose out of nowhere.

Never again would she lose sight of the future ahead of them.

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