Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

71.2 Inheriting it

Finally realizing Old Sleigstar’s true intentions, I sigh upon noticing my own incompetence.

“I’m such a stupid child.”
Ha, ha, ha, that’s not true. Regardless of how, didn’t you properly overcome this trial?”

Gild-san slaps me in the back in an attempt to encourage me.

“From here on out, there will be many things I won’t be able to do alone. Instead, at those times, I’ll also need to rely on everyone around me.”
“That’s right. Even I have limits to what I can accomplish alone. Sleigstar-sama also has limits. However, there are various others around us who can give us their support. Relying on them is neither cowardly nor unfair. Turning to them is a respectable decision.”

I give a firm nod.

The spirit girl of the spirit tree joyfully watches my exchange with Gild-san. Naturally, she does so from my lap. She is like a second Priscilla-chan.

Ahh, I want to see Priscilla-chan. Seeing this girl reminded me that it’s been a long time since I last met everyone from the moss-covered plaza.

With this, I can go back to the moss-covered plaza. All that remains is to receive Gild-san’s treasure. By taking that back, my being separated from Mistral will end. With that, I won’t be separated from Ruiseine either. Once I’m back at Old Sleigstar’s place, I’ll put even more effort in learning the Dragon Sword Dance. My dance still has a long way to go.

“Thank you, this is all thanks to you.”
I hug the cute girl sitting on my lap tight. She, in turn, happily closes her eyes.

As a fluffy and warm mood floats up inside Gild-san’s house, he sighs out in admiration at the miracle created by the spirit-san. His eyes then turn to the nearby saber.

“It was worth living a long life. To be handing it down to a child of the human tribe, I wonder if this is fate?”
Gild-san monologues to himself before raising a hand to his chest.

With wide open eyes, I stare at Gild-san. The spirit girl of the spirit tree also watches Gild-san with a dazzling expression.

While the two of us are staring at Gild-san, a seven colored orb appears from his chest.

Ahh,” I unintentionally gasp out.

A beautiful sphere shinning in seven colors. I’ve seen something like it before, except this one is even bigger, about the size of a fist.

A Dragon’s Gem, the crystallization of the dragon tribe’s soul and desires.

I’m captivated by the rainbow colored shine of the Dragon’s Gem.

“I, one of the Dragon Kings, grant this jewel to Ernea. From here on, you are a Dragon King.”

Gild-san takes the Dragon’s Gem that appeared from his chest and presents it to me. However, I am unable to receive it.

“Something like that… I don’t have the qualifications for something like that.”

The importance of the Dragon’s Gem, that’s something I know well. More than that, I still have a long way to go before I can become someone like a Dragon King. I fall short of those awe inspiring qualifications and strength.

“Ernea certainly still has much to learn.”
Gild-san smiles.

“However, I recognize you. Because Sleigstar-sama also recognizes you, he had you come here.”

I am grateful to receive those words and they fill me with pride, but I can’t accept it. A Dragon King is a title as incredible as the Yuusha. That being the case, instead of someone from the human tribe like me, shouldn’t this be given to a dragon tribesman?

“There is no need to hesitate. Now, accept it. If you think the present you isn’t qualified, then strive to become qualified. I have no intention of allowing anyone other than you to succeed me.”

Gild-san, with a gentle smile, places the Dragon’s Gem on the palm of my hands.

From the palm of my hands, I feel gentle yet powerful waves.

“But… if I accept this Dragon’s Gem…”

The Dragon’s Gem is something the people of the dragon tribe, who at the time of their deaths, give to their most treasured one. That’s why, the Dragon’s Gem Gild-san took out of his body…

Hohou, looks like you know about Dragon’s Gems. However, you don’t have to worry. I am not of the dragon tribe. That’s why, I won’t die by pulling this out.”

Ka, ka, ka,” Gild-san laughs. “This is something that has been succeeded among Dragon Kings for generations. You can call it the needed proof for a Dragon King to be named a Dragon King.”

So just like the Yuusha possesses the holy sword of fire, this Dragon’s Gem is possessed by the Dragon King.

“Just having power isn’t enough to become a Dragon King. Certain qualities are essential for it.”
“I have those qualities?”
Fumu, I’m certain I said it not to long ago. You requested an ancient dragon for teaching, you have the Dragon Princess as your bride, you are loved by a spirit tree, and you have the divine protection of a spirit. I will not find a dragon tribesman with more qualifications than that.”
“So it’s like that…”

Even if he says that, this Dragon’s Gem is still too good for me.

“That’s fine. I too, when I was given this from my predecessor, was an impertinent brat. You can acquire the conduct and power of a Dragon King after inheriting this. No one will complain either. Inheriting the Dragon’s Gem is proof of being a Dragon King after all. Also…”

Gild-san grins.

“Calling the husband of the Dragon Princess a Dragon King, doesn’t that place you on same starting point as the Dragon Princess?”
“Now that you mention it, or actually, doesn’t adding something like that just make this even more difficult?”

Gild-san’s expression becomes one where he is finished.

“If you don’t take the Dragon’s Gem back with you, you can’t marry Mistral.”
Guaah, that’s right!”

I pale at the jab from the spirit girl of the spirit tree.

“Whether the title of Dragon King is something you’re qualified or not qualified for seems trivial.”

Gununu, that’s right. No matter my options, I’ll absolutely choose Mistral no matter what.

“I gratefully receive the Dragon’s Gem.”
I, having resolved myself, stand up straight and give Gild-san a deep bow.

Then, by placing the Dragon’s Gem over my chest, I absorb it into my body. Inside myself I feel a tempest of power raging. It’s different from when I united with the little girl.

“The power of the Dragon’s Gem is something you will soon adapt to. Until then, you’d best suppress that overflowing power.”
“Yes, even though this terrifying power feels like it’s running wild, it hasn’t rejected me. I think it will properly listen to me.”
Fumu, that’s good.”

As Gild-san gives me a gentle nod, I’m finally able to give him a smile.

“Incidentally, I honestly thought I was going to receive something different from you.”
Hohou, what where you expecting?”
Eetto, that saber.”

With those words, I point at the beautiful saber Gild-san carefully placed beside himself.

“Although it has been decided that my left hand will wield the wooden spirit tree sword, my right hand is still empty.”

Upon defeating Gild-san, I thought I was going to receive the saber as a weapon for my right hand.

Ha, ha, haa, this? I can’t give it to you. It’s more important than the Dragon’s Gem.”
Eeeeh, something more important that the Dragon’s Gem.”

I’m shocked.
This saber… just what kind of masterpiece is it?

“This is a memento of my deceased wife.”

Gild-san, with those words, gives a sorrowful smile for the first time that day.

T/N: Of all the things that can be said about Ernea, we definitely can’t deny that he has his priorities straight.

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