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27.1 The Second Enemy

“I’ll cut straight to the chase—it was no good.”

The next day.

When Sharina and the others went to the backyard for lunch, Tobias was waiting for them. It seemed that he had arrived first.

“Sorry, I promised to resolve the misunderstandings between all of you, but I made it worse, instead…”

As soon as their eyes met, Tobias bowed his head.

“Tobias, it isn’t your fault!”

“Please raise your face, there’s no need for you to apologize.”

Sharina and Riol immediately interjected, but Tobias only showed a sad expression.

“No, such an easy task, and yet I couldn’t fulfil it… I explained everything, but His Highness Roland only said, ‘—and that’s how you got deceived?’ I wasn’t trusted by His Highness Roland… I feel terrible about myself…”

“No, for him to listen to our side of the story is already amazing on its own!”

“He didn’t interrupt your story even once!? That’s amazing!!”

However, both Sharina and Riol already had too low of an expectation regarding that prince—as such, they were simply impressed.

“No, there’s no need for you guys to comfort me…”

However, Tobias seemed to think that Sharina and Riol were merely offering lip services. He only got dejected even further. His hair, which stood upright even after getting wet yesterday was now fluttering weakly.

“Meoow, meooow…”

“…You’re trying to comfort me too?”

At the sudden cry, Sharina lowered her gaze and saw a white kitten rubbing her head against Tobias’ ankle. The cat seemed familiar—why, if it wasn’t the cat who got stuck on the tree yesterday. She seemed to be completely fond of Tobias.


“If you’re alright with it, can you tell me what kind of exchange you had? I want to know the thoughts of His Highness Roland.”

The cat, which was rubbing against his ankle, now raised its claws and climbed up to his ankle.

“Oh, I understand. I’m sorry I couldn’t persuade him at all, but I hope it’ll help, at least a little…”

Tobias, who let the cat climb his body, responded to Riol and heavily opened his mouth.


The white cat, who managed to reach the top of Tobias’ head, briefly meowed in satisfaction.


“Your Highness Roland, I’ve come to give you a report regarding the case of Sharina Clydea and Riol Glen.”

“I see, commence.”

On tThe top floor of the Fala Rubia’s third year male student dormitory—especially prepared for the royal family, was a room three times larger than that of a regular one.

“Excuse me.”

“So? Did you manage to get any useful information?”

When Tobias opened the door of the room, Roland, the owner, was gracefully sitting in a reclining chair while drinking tea.

“Yes, first of all, the fact that they are a witch and a familiar, and also the entrapment of His Highness Leonardo—they’re all nothing but a complete misunderstanding.”

Roland didn’t turn around, but kept staring outside the window. Only turning one of his ears toward him, it was implied that he’d merely be listening.

“I don’t think Sharina Clydea is a two-faced girl, contrary to what you’ve said, she doesn’t wear heavy makeup. Your Highness’ evaluation about her being a cunning woman can only be said to be wrong.”

Tobias had to conceal shame from his expression—if not for Riol, he’d be explaining about literal makeup tricks to His Highness Roland.

“Therefore, you needn’t worry about anything, Your Highness.”

Speaking of which, Riol advised that he shouldn’t flat out deny Roland’s theory, but instead to gently reassure him to get the point across.

Riol concluded that Roland was someone whom was very proud and confident in his thoughts—as such, if someone like that were to be denied, he’d only become stubborn.

“The two seemed to be very close with each other. Sharina Clydea seems to love Riol Glen from the bottom of her heart. It seems that His Highness Leonardo was the one who fell for her?”

So far, Roland didn’t appear to be offended. On the contrary, there was a faint smile on his profile.

“Also, according to the story I heard from the two…”

Wondering if that smile was born out of anger, Tobias went on to talk.

“…Is that all?”


After a dozen minutes of talking, in which Tobias explained about the differences between the stage play and reality, the fact that they didn’t know their story got leaked to the wandering troupe, and also the conclusion that Sharina Clydea and Riol Glen weren’t guilty—

—such was the respond he received.

“I understand everything, now.”

Roland placed the cup and the saucer on his desk, before shrugging his shoulders in an exaggerated manner.

“—and that’s how you got deceived?”


“Not only did you fail to sneak up on them, you also leaked information easily, moreover, you easily swallowed the story of the enemy… Good grief, with such a bad servant, the master will only end up having a hard time.”

That was what he said.

Tobias, whom was taken aback for a moment, returned to himself.

“B, but, weren’t they the actual victims? Didn’t they get treated like villains because everyone just accepted what His Highness Leonardo said without evidence?”

Fuu… which is exactly why I told you to gather evidence.”

As he kept saying, that evidence didn’t exist in the first place—Tobias tried to say so.

“Well, it’s alright. After all, you’ve already served your original purpose—which was to gather evidence.”


Roland’s answer was beyond Tobias’ expectation.

“Even though you only meet them today, after a dozen minutes of talking, they managed to bring you to their side. Doesn’t that basically just prove my point that Sharina Clydea is a sly woman?”


Incredible. Everything Tobias had said to prove the innocence of both Sharina and Riol had instead been taken as evidence that it was the otherwise.


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