Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [2]

Chapter Two: Cinderella’s Sister Attends an Impromptu Wedding

A lot happened, and I was whisked off to the palace…that was already set up for a wedding? Prince, don’t you think you’re moving way too fast? Just how much did you want to marry Ella?

“Is that Prince Francis’ fated partner?”

“She’s kind of…”

“She’s plainer than I imagined.”

Um, excuse me? I can totally hear you. Their curious eyes felt like they were stabbing me as I was taken to the dressing room.

Of course, I should have guessed the wedding dress had already been prepared and was waiting for me. Props to The Prince! He sure worked fast.

The dressing room maids rushed around me, tearing off my clothing and putting on the dress. I felt like a dress-up doll.

“Guh, it’s too tight…! But this was made according to the measurements that His Highness provided!” The corset was so tight that my guts—along with vomit—were ready to fly out. This dress you’ve prepared for Ella is way too tight on me. Actually, Mr. Prince, aren’t you overestimating yourself? How confident does a guy have to be to think that they’ll get someone’s measurements right just by eyeballing her? This would have been tight on Ella too!

Somehow, the maids managed to stuff my average-sized body into the dress. With this, the (fake) bride was ready. A maid guided me to the next destination, and before I knew it, I was standing before the chapel doors next to Prince Francis…

Yep, there was no going back now. There were no more chances to run away. Not like I had even been planning to.

It’s probably been only a few hours between the time that The Prince learned of my existence to where we’re standing now. I peeked at him, but his expression was honestly terrifying. He looked like he could kill a person from just one look.

“Listen up, Evalina.”

“It’s Adelina.”

“I don’t give a damn what your name is. Get this story straight! You fell in love with me at the ball, and then the glass shoe fit perfectly. Got it?” He was technically asking, but I knew that he didn’t really want my opinion. The answer could only be ‘Yes’ or ‘Si.’

Don’t worry, I understand. “As you wish, Prince.” Look at how pompous and moody this guy is acting. To think he was so sweet to Ella! What an absolute sham! Thank goodness Ella didn’t marry a guy like this.

…And listen to me, thinking as if this has nothing to do with me.

“Please welcome Prince Francis and his bride!” We solemnly made our way through the chapel at the vibrant boom of the trumpets. I had already become accustomed to the sharp gazes of people that were saying, ‘Huh? Isn’t the fated maiden quite plain…?’

Even the Priest had an expression that said, ‘What? Is this really the right person?’ What a smart guy. Well, we’ve already gotten this far, so it doesn’t seem like The Prince has any intention of canceling the wedding. However, after a quick glare from The Prince, the priest quickly continued with that stuff about ‘In sickness and in health’ or whatever.

After exchanging our hollow vows, it was time for the kiss. The Prince roughly lifted my veil with a reluctant expression. Well, I’m also reluctant.

…Rather, aren’t I the victim here?

His face drew closer as my mind was screaming. Will it be a kiss on the forehead? How about the cheeks? Nope, we went straight in and planted one smack dab on my lips. At least that part was honest…

Farewell, my dear first kiss. It was so sudden that I couldn’t even form an opinion on it. With that, my extremely disappointing wedding came to an end.