I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

75. Last Go! (4)

When the development was about to become very shoujo-like, Ally fell asleep due to wailing too much. By the time she woke up in the next morning, Maximilian was nowhere to be seen.

She wasn’t only left with swollen eyelids, but also a letter from him—‘I’m going to the central palace.’ She felt truly dejected.

“Come on, Ally, now isn’t the time to be feeling down. Focus and receive it head-on!”

An angry voice resounded, and Ally hurriedly regained herself. She was called to the back mountains. Because Abel wanted to cast the dark healing magic, Ally ended up becoming black and blue due to the intensive training.

“You’re being scary! Not to mention, it’s still early, I’d like to sleep in a little more!”

“Well, then, you’ll just have to adapt! Yes, I’m that desperate! Alright, one more time—!”


Abel, in his dark spot form, threw himself at Ally. She intended to catch him, but she failed, and he slipped from her hand.

The dark spot crashed into a tree, causing it to quiver. For some reason, eyes and a mouth emerged on the surface of the tree. The tree then proceeded to give a mysterious laughter. “Fuhahaha!” After a short moment, it also begun to shine.

Is healing magic supposed to do this sort of thing? Was the only question she could muster.

“Again! This time, cast your own magic too, Ally!”


“Okay! Dark Healing Magic!”

Ally casted her magic. In response, Abel also flew at the speed of second. Still unstable, the demon king, whom was in the form of a black ball, flew in an unknown direction—Ally used a flying kick to catch him. He accepted it while enduring severe pain to his abdomen.

Madiroll, whom was watching with a bad complexion, nodded powerfully.

“Alright—!! Good vibes, but your mannerism is still unlike that of a saint.”

Ally wanted to yell at him, but she decided to focus on the black sphere which was spinning in her hands.

The current situation in the central palace was a mess due to Saint Mia. As her mental distraught supposedly left her and everyone else unable to use healing magic, it was necessary to show that there was better existence than her.

The bald king and the wrinkly queen continued to enable Saint Mia’s selfishness. Despite such, their impatience grew every day. If Ally could use special healing magic as well, surely, the tables would be turned.

Even Maximilian himself must had been wondering how to deal with the foolish king and his wife. Presumably, he was moving on his own while excluding his parents. It appeared that the reason for his late return wasn’t because he was enjoying the presence of Saint Mia, but instead because he was moving behind the scenes.

Maximilian, whom was trying to embody the right and ideal figure of a crown prince, exuded the authority of those who stood on top. He made it his obligation to cooperate with Duke of Radphen in favor of firmly leading the kingdom.

For the time being, the main objective is to separate Saint Mia from the king and his wife…! That way, we’ll win the royal faction!

The black ball in her hands stopped spinning, and was sucked into Ally’s body.

It’s so painful! It’s supposed to be recovery magic, but it really hurts!

Ally was screaming as her body reached its limit. The unsophisticated and rough healing magic of the demon king seemed to impose considerable hardship on the receiver. Although it suited his dark attribute, she preferred something a little more gentle and easier to use.

Her fingertips were trembling, as if they weren’t her own. The magical power of demon kind, which had been cultivated for a thousand years right after the light and darkness attributes became divided, was still aggressive.

“T, the darkness, which shines in dullness, heed my command and heal everything in the woooorld—!”

From the top of her head to her armpits, she could feel her sweat oozing. Ally turned her palms towards a nearby rock. A black light was emitted out, and the jagged rock became pristine in an instant. …Incidentally, once more, eyes and a mouth appeared.

“Yes! We’ve reached the first milestone! But the resilience and sense of direction are still lacking! Abel should continue his muscle training while Ally should treat her unpresentable state with the Spirit of Water!”

Madiroll said with his arms crossed in front of his chest. In a roundabout way, he was saying her sweaty appearance was terrible—she was truly hurt, but Ally no longer had any energy to retort. As such, she could only collapse.

The wandering spirits, who seemed to have been watching the entire time from afar, approached and cleaned Ally without further ado. For some reason, the spirits were insanely gentle.

In front of her, the coach and his student—no, Madiroll and Abel were doing some abs training. They were training at a tremendous speed, but there wasn’t much change in their appearances.

Perhaps the Apostle of Darkness and the Angel of Light could only train their inner muscles.

“My Master, do your best. I think my master’s muscles, which are being trained every day, are very beautiful.”

“How kind of you, Takkun…”

If she continued that special training for a few more days, she felt that she’d be overtraining herself, and her size would be twice of Saint Mia. For a maiden, that might be nothing but tragedy. However, at the same time, it was a necessary step to crush the calamity which had struck that world.

***T/N: So they are practicing rasengan–no, dark healing magic.

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