Hello, I’m Cinderella’s Sister, and I Reluctantly Decided to Marry the Prince Translation

1.4 Hello, I’m Cinderella’s Sister, and I Reluctantly Decided to Marry the Prince

Summer had passed and autumn had arrived. Something uplifting had happened.

The princess of a small kingdom in the West, Priscilla, visited our kingdom to make an alliance.

With the princess whom was as petite and cute as a little bird, Prince Francis began to show signs of love!

“I heard the two of them went on another inspection today…”

“That princess from the other kingdom, isn’t she too attached to Prince Francis?”

“She even tried to snatch the prince’s first dance, which rightfully belong to our princess—she’s unforgiveable!”

The maids of the remote palace were angry at that princess’ behavior.

I was happy because their anger stemmed from their concern regarding me, even though there was no need for it.

While calming them down, inwardly, I was relieved.

After his fateful encounter with Ella, the prince must had been deeply hurt.

Still, he was trying to move forward.

Princess Priscilla must have been who mended the pain of the brokenhearted Prince Francis.

Aah, thank you for wiping the ass of my selfish sister… when I was soaking in such a sentiment, the prince, whom was supposed to be meeting with Princess Priscilla, came over for some reason.

“…Ekaterina, have there been any changes?”

I personally didn’t think anything had changed.

As always, the prince couldn’t remember my name properly.

In fact, the one who had changed, wasn’t it you?

Today was finally the day! I was positive I would hear a report regarding the prince’s fulfilling love affair with Princess Priscilla!

As such, I was excited. However, for some reason, the prince only had a small chat with me—not to mention, it had nothing to do with my anticipated topic.

…Maybe, he was holding back for me?

No, no, I was merely a temporary princess. My only purpose was for keeping up appearances. If an authentic princess were to appear, I’d do my best to support you?

In that regard, I decided to talk to him.

“By the way, Your Highness, about Princess Priscilla who is currently staying here…”

When I mentioned her name, the prince, who seemed reluctant, widened his eyes, as if surprised—


“…What’s with her?”

“Nothing, it’s just that not only is Princess Priscilla a very cute girl, she’s also close to Prince Francis.”

“She’s the princess of an allied kingdom, I can’t afford to treat her with contempt.”

Yes! I understand that!

Therefore, please give me a report about that…

“Did Princess Priscilla visit you?”

“No, other than during the welcome party, we’ve never met.”

“I see… then that’s fine.”

No, nothing was.

What about the talk regarding you wanting to turn her into your princess!?

In the end, the much-anticipated topic never came and the tea party was concluded.

When I tried to see him off as usual, for some reason, after taking one step, the prince came back to me.

Then, while holding my hands firmly, he told me.

“Angelina, if something has changed, please let me know immediately.”

“A, alright…”

“…Don’t worry, I will never hurt you.”


Before I could respond, the prince had already turned on his heels and left.

What on earth was that?

…Was he practicing on how to propose to Princess Priscilla?

Even if I was told not to worry, there was nothing to be worried about…

“I’m glad, princess!!”

“As I thought, Prince Francis only has eyes for you!”

“Regardless of anything, the two of you are fated to be together!”

Due to the frolicking maids, the conscience in my heart began to throb.

…As I thought, I really shouldn’t stay here.

I was merely the substitute princess.

Prince Francis’ love, gentle smile, and also those words of concerns—they were originally intended for Ella. Now, they’d be dedicated to Princess Priscilla—as they should be.

…It’d be fine. Surely, everything’d work out soon.

The prince and the princess will be connected by true love, and then, a happy ending.

As the supporting character, I’d leave the front stage brilliantly.

“…Don’t worry, I will never hurt you.”

I mustn’t expect more than that.

Otherwise, I’d be expecting him to fall in love with me someday, even though I was merely a supporting character.

Before I started to fall, I had to be aware of my feelings and withdraw.

I bit my lips tightly and decided that was what I was going to do.


A ball was to be held at the castle that night.

When I heard about the ball, I remembered about that day.

The fateful night when Prince Francis and Ella met.

That day, I saw up close the dreamlike sight of two people whom were destined to meet.

Ella, who wore a beautiful dress with an aurora-like color, was like a true princess.

I was embarrassed for not realizing the girl was none other than my stepsister whom I met on a daily basis.

The prince then fell in love with such an Ella.

Unfortunately, Ella seemed to have fallen in love with the wizard who had changed her destiny, instead of the prince.

The pain of the prince’s love, which not only failed to bear fruit, but was also rejected half-heartedly, must had remained within him.

Maybe even now, he was still suffering.

But soon, it’d be over.

I was sure Prinecss Priscilla would heal him.

“Princess, what dress will you be wearing tonight?”

“Can you pick a calm one for tonight?”

I was merely a supporting character.

I mustn’t interfere with the leading role.

Let’s watch as the two tied the string together, and withdraw as if nothing had ever happened—

—of course, I’d get properly compensated!

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