The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

101. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (49)

Hadith, whom was the first to notice the approaching Jill, complained.

“Jill, from a while ago, Listeard has been terrible to me…!”

“I said stop calling me—!”

“It’s not something you can impose to him, Listeard. Especially when Hadith is in the position to refer to you as it is.”

“It’s different! He still has to refrain from doing so! After all, we’re the Rave royal family whom were directly acknowledged by the black dragon and the Dragon God!”

Hadith frowned at the patronizing Listeard, while Elynsia’s expression tightened.

“This guy sure recovers his spirit fast…”

As expected, Rave also showed a bitter smile. She didn’t disagree with him, but still, Jill smiled bitterly.

“Older sister, generally speaking, it’s not good to confuse kindness with irresponsibility!”

“That’s right, forgive me.”

“You know, treating him like someone of a higher stature than us is really exasperating! If he’s really our brother, then we must treat him as such! Even if he’s the Dragon Emperor, what are you so scared of? We—especially us, mustn’t be scared of him.”

After a bit of silence, Elynsia erased her vague smile—then, she said firmly.

“Is that so? Yes, you’re right.”

“That’s what she said, Your Majesty.”

“You’ve won one of them, Hadith.”

Hadith, whom was stunned, dropped his shoulders after straightening his posture.

“But, who would’ve thought that he’d be so noisy and persistent…”

“Hadith, what did you say?”

“You’re only two months older than me, and yet you’re so persistent—older brother Listeard.”

As Hadith threw his gaze away, Listeard’s eyes went wide.

Hadith’s cheeks were died a faint crimson—he was really cute.

“…Fu, fufufu. Alright, Hadith finally recognized me as his older brother! Which means he admitted that I’m older—I’m above you!”

“Listeard… even though the flow of the conversation was getting good, you absolutely had to say that…”

“What are you saying, older sister?! Once again, Hadith, call me ‘older brother Listeard’!”


“The two of you are both similar in term of persistency—Your Majesty, His Highness Listeard.”

“I was about to say that, how sharp of you, Jill.” Said Elynsia.

“Your Highness Elynsia, I entrust His Majesty to you.”

“Leave him to me. After all, you won’t be participating. Not to mention, with that height, you certainly won’t be able to see the parade carriage…”

“I can’t help it. I’m already 11-years-old, so I should be able to grow taller…”

Both the humans and the Dragon God in the room froze as if they were struck by lightning.

Jill blinked.

“What’s wrong?”

“…J, Jill, shouldn’t you still be 10-years-old?”

Ah—Jill turned to the shivering Hadith.

“I didn’t tell you? I’ve turned eleven!”

“Since when—!?”

“…Around the time His Majesty got captured, I think.”

The air solidified again. Jill tilted her head.

Suddenly, in front of her, Hadith bent his knees and collapsed to the floor.

“B, but, that was more than ten days ago… m-my wife’s birthday, I failed to celebrate her birthday—!?”

“Eh, you’re exaggerating. It’s not like we could have foreseen Her Highness Elynsia’s betrayal.”

“Guh…! Hadith, forgive me…!”

“O, older sister, get a hold of yourself, be firm.”

“Little Miss, for real?”

With a mysterious face, Rave moved from Hadith’s shoulder to Jill’s.

Jill, who never thought it’d have to be so important, nodded with a troubled expression.

“Yes, I’ve turned 11-years-old.”

“Ah… this is bad.”

“—Let’s cancel the parade!!! We’ll celebrate Jill’s birthday, instead!!!”

“As if we could do that!!!”

“What have I done!? An emperor who failed to celebrate his wife’s birthday deserves to get deposed!!!”

Hadith, who began to seriously mourn, realized that he had made a mistake in timing.

Camila and the others appeared from behind.

“Jill-chan, this is bad…~”

“Sorry, I didn’t think his reaction would be this extreme…”

“I wasn’t by her side for a moment, and this happened?! It’s all because of your betrayal, older sister!!”

“Y, you needn’t tell me that, forgive me, Hadith, Jill…”

Seeing how depressed Elynsia was, Jill hurried to her aid.

“I, I’m fine! Don’t worry, everyone! There were various circumstances, after all!”

“It’s alright, I’m the one who’s responsible for this… I didn’t expect to be backstabbed like that…”

“Your Majesty, don’t cry, don’t cry, we can always celebrate together later.”

“Yes, when the parade is over, Hadith. We’ll assist you.”

Jill crouched down in front of Hadith, whom was being soothed by Zeke and Listeard.

“Your Majesty, it’s alright. When the parade is over and you feel a little calmer, let’s celebrate it with everyone.”


“I will be happier if I could celebrate it together with everyone.”

They was her true feelings. In front of the sobbing Hadith, she spread her arms widely.

“Since we’re going to celebrate it together, please make a cake this big, with lots and lots of strawberries!”

“I… I understand. Yes, that’s right. Now that it’s been decided, I shall arrange it properly. We’ll hold the biggest festival, one which will bring together the cakes of the empire and the gastronomes of each kingdom…!”


Hadith kneeled and matched Jill’s eye level, before grabbing her hands.

“…Leave it to me, I shall make proper use of the emperor’s authority!”

“That’s definitely not the proper way to use it, but I will still support you.”

“I have to prepare a present.”

Listeard sighed and Elynsia laughed. Rave too, laughed while being perched on her shoulder.

“Isn’t that good, Little Miss?”

“Y, Your Majesty, I have a request!”

“What is it!? You can request me anything!! Missing your birthday is the biggest sin of my entire life!!”

“Please let me borrow Rave for a moment.”

Hadith and Rave blinked, both showing confused expressions.

***T/N: Your Majesty!!! You missed her birthday, not the birth of your first kid!!!

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